Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Morning (posted by Steven)

Tiffany woke up at 5:30 this morning and ran a half marathon (over 13 miles). She finished in 2 hours and 27 minutes. Dylan, Isaac, and I met her at the finish line. I didn't have a camera on me so I had to use my phone. Amazingly, she didn't walk at all and was still smiling at the end. Tiffany is sleeping now.

Later added by Tiffany:
THANK YOU, MY STEVEN, for surprising me and giving me that smile!
You honked at me as you drove by when I still had 2 miles to go and it made me smile and run faster to pass some people. I had the camera, but it was in the car and I was too tired to go get it after. I ran with Brandon and Katie Carter, who are team mates for our race next month. They were much faster than I was, by at least a half hour, but I did it!
My knees hurt, but the rest of me is good. I didn't even know you took the finnish line picture! I love it:) I saw you take the one of me running at you because you had Dylan and Isaac and I kissed Isaac's sweet cheek before continuing to the finnish line.
Thank you for going and cheering me on!!!!! (And for letting me go to my PCDHA meeting without the kids then letting me take a long nap and waking up to delicious moist flavorful chicken you had grilled, and the sweet corn on the cob you grilled too, AND for the fridge being stocked w/ groceries and the laundry done and put away.) You're the BEST HUSBAND!

What should he be?

Isaac didn't know what he wanted to be for halloween.
a Nemo-headed-spiderman? A monkey? Nemo? or something with a cape?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Church Fall Festival

Isaac wanted to be Nemo this evening instead of Superman.
The decorations were really good. They even had a fun house for the kids in the Primary room.
Little boys love super heros
Abigail and Jason just had a little baby. How rude to bring a fake baby. What a tease.
The balloon artist was a HUGE hit and had the longes line. I spent most of the evening in line for Isaac.
Isaac didn't know about the cupcake prizes for the cake walk, but he liked playing along.
Little Bob the Builder baby won the baby age group's costume contest.
Fisher the pirate is Isaac's age. His dad was with him, and Uncle JT went up with Isaac for me.
Look, Isaac won 3rd place with Nemo. He really left the hat on! Dylan won 1st place with the same costume 2 years before.

The adults played along too. Some of our friends dressed up and performed Thriller.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

up, UP, & AWAY!!!

up,up, up,
Isaac swings this way all the time. He has been so hot and sweaty each time that I hadn't put his costume on him, but it's almost Halloween, so we put it on today and he flew like Superman!

faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, it's . . .

Super Isaac!!!
faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, it's . . .
the cutest little Superman Ever!
And Spiderman, he's pretty strong!
My Little Super Heros
And some of their cute friends, the dinosaur and cat
Spiderman Dylan, Superman Isaac, Dino Noah, Cat Malia, & Tinkerbell Olivia

(That was our Pumpkin Patch, Take 2)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bring your kids to work day

The other RDH (registered dental hygienist) at my office had unexpected jurry duty today that she didn't know about 'til Saturday morning. Luckily, when she called me to see if I could cover, I was at our PCDHA seminar with a bunch of other RDHs. I couldn't exactly find a babysitter for Isaac and Noah on such little notice so I could work, so I made an announcement to see if anybody there was available to work. A couple of friends came up to me, but my VP was first. She was so nice to offer to help me out. The problem was, that I hadn't been able to get ahold of my boss to see if it was OK. Dr. Brayer said that she would of course rather that I work, and offered her sweet in-office babysitter to me. We compromised that I would work for the first couple of patients, I would stay and would show my friend where everything was, then she would tag team and take over.

I was the first one in, so I sat my little guys down in the front so I could keep an eye on them while setting up all of the computers etc.

Then I took them back with Dr. Brayer's youngest two kids and the babysitter. How lucky am I to have the perk of free emergency day care! Isaac loved the baby. He fed her pretend bottles, then her real one. He kept petting her. The babysitter said that he deserves a baby brother or sister of his own. (He also probably deserves a dog, but Malia and Noah have one, so I don't feel an obligation there, and I take him around babies, so again, he can wait:).

He will be a good big brother some day though.
She really does love little kids. She was getting them a snack when I went back there to check on them, and was holding Noah on her hip. They were in good hands.
Noah fell asleep on the way home. He was so tired!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Photos, {Take 1}

10/13/09 I should put this photo in the body of this blog, in case I ever get around to making my blog books. That would be the BEST Christmas present for me, if you want to hack into my blog and make it into a book, I'll even pay. I'll pay double. That's the one thing that I can't seem to find time to work on b/c there's so much current stuff to do.
Dylan looks like Andre to me here. I hadn't looked at my camera settings so it looks way over exposed. He looks like a much older little guy, don't you think? He's getting stronger too:)
Here's Isaac's eye color. The sun was in his eyes, but that's ok b/c I like the picture, and he liked the pumpkins.
Look how silly Dylan is, and how cooperative Isaac is.
I wanted a back to back photo, and only Isaac was playing along. I'll take it.

When checking out, the church ladies give the kids each a sucker and a coloring book. I got a recipe book (and I attempted roasted pumpkin seeds but burned them.) See these baby pumpkins? Those are the ones we painted the next day.
This photo looks old to me, possibly b/c of the red tones. Isaac was trying to give Dylan kisses (he gives the best little wet-pucker kisses) and Dylan again wasn't really playing along. This is when we put the pumpkins in the car. I noticed that I was in love with the lighting, so we went back for more:) These series of pictures are so funny. Isaac likes corn on the cob, and Dylan pretended to eat one here, but was not amused when Isaac tried. Their interaction was so fun and so typical.
I'm so glad we went back. That's where I got the blog header. I got some real smiles out of them. And some laughs. I didn't invite friends this time b/c I didn't want costumes (ok, I did invite friends, but they couldn't go.) I just wanted clothes that would look good w/ the orange pumpkins. One year I had Dylan in an orange shirt which got lost in all of the orange pumpkins that were bigger than he was. I noticed somebody else's pumpkin patch pictures w/ green on the boys and dark purple on the girls. What a good idea! I loved the color combination with the orange blurry pumpkins all around. Orange would have been fine on these hay stacks, but I still like that it's not just Halloweeny, it's fun:) We would go back with friends and with costumes, and w/ less stress for the perfect pictures.