Monday, March 25, 2013


On a Monday, I went to go drop off a print order in St. Pete. 
There was a crash so we had to take a detour and look what park we found! 
It was in the middle of a neighborhood and I'm not sure I could find it again, but I took note then we went there after dropping off the prints and CD. 

 I called a friend who lives close and she and her son met us there. We talked while the kids played. Perfect.

 Tyler and Ivy are miss matched b/c I had to wake Tyler up and just put his clothes in the diaper bag. But maybe I dropped his shirt on the driveway b/c I couldn't find it. (It was buried in the diaper bag, oh well.) And Ivy leaked on her clothes so that's why she changed.
 After nap time, I noticed Tyler's eye was pink. It had been crusty in the morning but I was hoping it was just sleep in his eye. I got Malia, then Dylan, then we went to our doctor's office. They said that he had an ear infection too, so they gave him the pink stuff instead of drops. (The pink stuff isn't pink any more, in case you're wondering.)
 It was Tyler's 1st time taking antibiotics. I accidentally skipped a day and his eye got yucky again. So they called in stronger Amoxicillin. We got a babysitter right after  we gave him his first dose but in the morning he had a couple of patches of small bug bite looking areas. We dressed him, gave him his morning dose, then after his nap, he was itching his belly button or something. I lifted up his shirt to see that it looked like he had more bites on his tummy and back! I replaced his bedding and clothes. My mom thought it was an allergic reaction. I didn't know what to think but an hour after he took his night dose, he got the small hives/bumps around his hair line, then on his chin, and other patches. I called my cousin's husband, a pharmacist, to ask him for advice. He said to keep a close watch on him and call 911 if anything started swelling or if he had dificulty breathing. He was fine over night but I called in the morning. I was supposed to go to the beach and instead waited for the doctor to call back. The nurse said not to give him the morning dose and to wait for the doctor to see if we needed to take him in or not. I called at lunch time to ask if I should give him benedryl b/c some more popped up on his face even though I hadn't given him anything since the night before. She said yes then called an hour later to say that they would call in a 3rd Rx. They called in Cefdinir in. That night, he took it, then an hour later, the rash popped up again! So in the morning the nurse called me back to tell me to just be done with antibiotics. I'm not sure what he's allergic to, but Isaac got a couple of bumps a couple of days later, they were smaller but on his face. Wierd! He did puke on Tuesday night and we had a movie day and stayed in our PJs. And Dylan puked last night and had a PJs day today, but he got hungry and ate dinner and was fine after his 4 hour nap. Isaac napped on his puke day too.
  I took the Crew girls to their dad then we went to the mall for some Easter shirts and pants. The shirts were on sale for $3 each!
I would have finished shopping but I didn't have a stroller for Tyler and I didn't want to wake him. My back was killing me! It's worth it though, I took the infant seat knowing that it would be a long day for my baby. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tyler's 1st hair cut

Steven has been bugging me to cut Tyler's hair for a while now. Although part of me appreciated when somebody told me that my kid needs a hair cut (since Dylan had a ridiculous long spot of hair on the top of his head that I wish somebody would have asked me to trim), but I also really liked his blonde locks and liked the messy natural surfer baby hairs. 
 When Steven told me that it was in Tyler's eyes, I caved and cut it right then.
 Tyler was okay for a minute, like literally for 60 seconds. I just HAD to go and get the camera. He let me take a picture, but then was wiggly. So we had to get him a "pop." And do a REAL quick job.
 Eh. He's cute. The hairs on the exact back of his head are a bit fried looking still from the rubbing, but at least it's not bald from the rubbing!
 I dislike that one of his words he knows is "pop" for lolipop, but it works! And that's what I give the other kids after THEIR tears from my really long (time wise) hair cuts.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Field Trip: Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

My friend Alicia took the kids on a field trip to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary last year for Joy School. We decided to do a reunion and go back this year. Alicia took her daughter out of school for the day and everything, but they got sick that morning. Yvonne and I still went, and I invited my friend Dori too. Her son plays with Isaac and they're about the same age and are both a little bored sometimes. We have been hanging out a little more lately. They spent most of the time feeding leaves to a dumb friendly bird. He didn't eat the leaves, and I think he even had other fish/food in his cage, but he kept taking the leaves from the boys. How kind of that silly bird. 

 Tyler ventured around really wanting to find his own bird to feed, or something. But he chased the smart birds who would go into the "Employees Only" restricted areas so I had to keep playing fetch with my Tyler, carrying him, squacking, back to the other boys.
 Everest woke up and we got to watch the Pelicans get fed big fish by hand!
 We had a picnic on the beach
then I went to a photo shoot while Yvonne kept my kids.
He had transition glasses, that was a curve ball. We took some w/o glasses, some dark, and a good close up  where I took the dark out.
Then it was the regular piano and gymnastics day (although I went to a baby store and we were too late for piano lessons). Still a good day!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Uncle JT/Elder Gille, we miss you!

 My brother Jonathan is on a mission and asked to see pics of his nephew's gymnastics skills. I'll forward this email to him. (You can enter your email in the "subscribe by email" box to the right to get this in an email once I post if you're that big of a blog stalker.) I'll only forward posts occasional  but that way he won't have to wait for the 3rd world country's computers to download individual pics of my boys.
 Isaac is a good kid, which is out of the ordinary for this age group I think. Notice his coach in the pictures, he usually doesn't pay attention to Isaac much, even when he's working directly with him. I don't expect Isaac to go to the Olympics with this, so I'm used to this now.
Did you do your dancing/flipping at LaFleure's? That's where Isaac goes. 

The boys started Tee Ball and Baseball too. 
The first game was on a cold Saturday. 
 They're on different teams now. Dylan is on "coach pitch" baseball where they keep score and they do "3 strikes you're out" and switch at 3 outs.
 Dylan took a turn at being the catcher! I'd be scared.
 The next game was on a COLD Wednesday evening. Isaac, Tyler and I bundled up. This is Tyler signing "Coooold"

 This past Saturday was a beautiful day again. Steven helps with Isaac's team some. Isaac usually hits w/o the tee, but after 3 pitches from his coach, they get out the tee.
 Then we go watch Dylan. Steven is the assistant coach there. Mom and Don came to watch both boys.

 Oh, and Tyler is officially old enough to be in the nursery now. So he wouldn't be with you during Sunday School any more, so it's okay that you're on your mission now I guess:)
 And this afternoon we rode bikes in your old cul de sac.
 See the bags behind Mom and Isaac? They had a replacement kid come over and rake and bag over 30 bags of leaves! He was over for 9 hours yesterday!

We love our Uncle Elder JT!