Monday, January 26, 2015

Colombia: Museo De Oro

Julia was so hungry but there was mo place to eat when we were shopping and walking. She hets really slap happy then really sad then eats to sleep. She was sad but i was spinning her in barbie 's tula and she would laugh. We walked around a little and saw how jewelry was initially made from gold by pounding it into shapes. 
Then I stopped on a bench in a corner to feed Julia. She was all better after that :) 
Clara got out of her stroller so I took a photo of her, not realizing it was in front of a funny looking statue :) Funny.

There were all kinds of gold pieces and shapes and interesting facts there.

Isaac liked the shadows they placed around to depict where the ornamental gold was placed on people. Some people wore when they were alive, but some was placed on them at burial. They showed frogs and birds, explaining that those were symbolic for showing how people can change forms too.

This arc is the prized most expensive piece in the museum. 

This is the laguna we almost went to. The next room had treasures that were found in it.

After a long day, we were ready to sit down. (And Julia was ready to stand!)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Leo's home

Flat Stanley sightings in South America



Downtown Bogotá

The boys had just gotten done whispering to the kids not to talk as to not draw attention to the fact that we are tourists when this clown jumped up shouting "hello! Goodbye!" And insisting on shaking each of our hands. Nice. Leo held Julia again. She fell asleep 1 minute later and he held her for hours. Hours! 

He negotiated lunch for us. It was yummy! Steven and I shared what is pictured.

We continued our tour of the big downtown congress area with Leonardo as oir tour guide.
This old church was huuuuge inside.