Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear Tyler, You're 18 months old

Dear Tyler,
You're 18 months old. I got out my old blog books and read what I wrote when both of your brothers were 18 months old. You seem to be much like Isaac. click here for some of the posts I was reading. I like this quote from Isaac's post: 
Dear Isaac,
You're 18 months old now. Corrie and I think that this age is more dificult than the terrible twos. In fact, the sheet on 18 mo milestones from your pediatrician reads, "Parenting is hard work. Talk to a friend  Plan time for yourself. Eat regular meals. Rest when the baby does." I pulled the other months/years off of the wall and none of them mention tips for the parent. I think it's a frustrating stage because you know what you want but can't communicate so you resort to whining. You know some signs and words, but once you're worked up, you don't use them.
It's so true! You want to be either independent or held by me. You only recently started pulling my hand where you want me to go, before that, you directed me by shoving me or pulling my shoulders. I would go in a direction but it was always not the way you wanted. I wish you could speak in clear sentences! I pick up a bunch of items before I figure out what it is that you want. But before I get to it, usually you forget what you wanted, so you're frustrated at the whole situation, and there's no reason what so ever. I hear you're only like that with me. Why?!

You don't do many things on command unless you're in a really happy mood.
You love the helicopter although it's mostly broken. We just spin it and don't let it get too high off of the ground b/c it'll tip over and crash. You move the little chairs to the counters and play in the sink and get into things. We latched the oven closed and keep the dish washer latched. That frustrates you.

Your words:
"Cot" (helicopter)
ASH-uh ASH-uh (ring around the rosie... ashes ashes) (sometimes says that or "ice" for Isaac or Ivy)
Go go go
Ma (mom)
Da/Dada (dad)
Uh oh
AH nu (all done)
Uh (up, on, off)
Pop (lollipop or candy)
Ni' ni (night night)
Bah bah (bye bye)
ish (fish)
Whas iss? (What's this?)
aaaaaahoh (whisper "ouch" w/o the ch)

Your signs:
all done

Your sounds:
ssss (snake)
ruf ruf
oo ooh (monkey)
(I think you said gato for cat once)

You like the routine of me rocking you on the boppy pillow then you'll reach for your bed when I say "ni' night." Sometimes you wake up and are stubborn and won't go back to sleep, but luckily that isn't that often. 

You're the cutest silly sweet cuddler around.
I love you so much!
Love, Mommy

My kitchen smells better than your kitchen!

Isaac: "Tyler is getting into the cinnamon."
Me: [not really paying attention] "Ok."
Isaac: "Come see"
Me: "Ok." [gets camera]

 [gets worried]
 [realized this was a bigger mess than I anticipated]
[bath time!]

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Isaac, You're 5 years old!

Today I saw you placing a bunch of gold plastic pirate coins in an irregular connected loop on the carpet. Then there was one left outside to the right. You told me that the organized oval of coins represented all of the good things you had done that day, but the lone one represented the bad decision you had just made (for which you had just been in time out.) I had just held you and apologized for bringing so much attention to the one time you were not being so helpful when you are actually usually really helpful. I listed some of the times that you had made wonderful decisions that morning and told you that I should have let you know that I noticed and appreciated those instances.
The truth is, I get upset because I hold you and your other two brothers to a high standard. If you know right from wrong in a certain situation, I expect you to make the best decision. When you do not make the best decisions, it frustrates me. I'm not frustrated with you as a person, you're a wonderful person. I can often see that you were just not thinking, or you didn't see it the way I saw it, or you did not realize the severity of the possible consequences like if your little brother followed you example - he may not be as careful etc. And, I'm usually at the root of the fault. I should be right beside you more. I should teach you more consequences. I should be more watchful of your little brother Tyler who sets in motion the lunge of me from my computer to the situation. Like if you leave food on your table, by now I expect you to know that Tyler will make a mess out of it. Even though you did not intentionally want a mess made by little Tyler hands or feet, it happened because you decided to get up from your food or drink. Again, I should have been there watching Tyler and making sure you finished your food.
You play really well by yourself. You play with friends as well and have a magnificent imagination.

Happy 7th Birthday Dylan!!

On Valentine's Day night, Steven and I stayed up taking down the Valentine's Day decorations and switching them to new birthday ones for Dylan. We also wrapped the gifts and made the crown. 
 I hung balloons from his door THEN woke him up to go to the bathroom. (Poor planning.) But it worked b/c I carried him there and back and told him to keep his eyes closed for the short commute!
 This is my little Dylan
 and his little brother. My babies.
 In the morning, I heard him waking up. I was so tired, and can't believe I actually woke up, rolled over, turned my phone on, and took this picture of him opening the door! He had already gotten dressed. I love the "animal in the dark" eyes like a raccoon with a flash light in his eyes.

 I'm pretty sure he got Tyler out of his crib for me and we had some cuddle time before breakfast.
The other boys were impressed too. 
 Dylan appreciated the decorations as you can see by his blur/jump.
 Breakfast was waffles with blueberries and whipped cream!
 Isaac picked out most of Dylan's gifts. We got him a couple of others (including socks) since he didn't get a birthday party like Isaac did.

 Steven took Dylan to school since he worked from home that day. Then we ran some errands and took Chick Fil A to Dylan.

 His fun teacher stood up with him and had the 4 classes sing to him.
 We love Ms. Wolcott!

 He had donuts for his treat instead of a cake.
 That night we had a fun time with his Uncle Andre and Aunt Barbie, Grandma and Granddad, and Nana. They came over for pizza and cake and to play with toys.
 Andre brought gifts for both boys including some spurs for Isaac's cowboy boots!

 Both of Dylan's great-grandmas gave him cash. Singles seem like a million dollars!

 Andre and Steven loved the Nurf guns and Bay Blades as much as the kids.
 Nana liked the crown as much as the kids too!
 Tyler, like on Isaac's birthday, helped clean up the left over cake.

 The frosting got all over his clothes.
So I took them off.
But before his bath, he got back in there for some last crumbs.
Ni' night my baby boys!
A packed birthday!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

On Valentine's Day eve, I made Valentines and decorated a little more. I also made cupcakes, the unfrosted ones were for Tyler. 
 Who found candy anyway of course.
 I had to work. It was a little sad since it's a day that should be spent with loved ones. I got a long lunch break so I went to Wal-mart where the light up pillow Dylan requested for his birthday was. Not the best place to spend Valentine's Day when we had gone to lunch the year before on my lunch break. But when I came back, I was greeted with flowers and a balloon from my Valentine! I had actually caught him in the act of searching for a florist and told him not to get me expensive chocolates or to get flowers delivered. He didn't listen:) Lucky me!
 We wore Valentine clothes at work and tweeted about it since our boss was away at a CE course:)
Steven and I went to dinner and spent all of our $100 worth of gift certificates for Bone Fish Grill! We even got two deserts! We didn't finish them, but man did we eat like kings! 
We has planned on going to the MFA where he proposed too that night or the night before, but with sports activities, work, the hours of the museum, and the need to eat, we'll go another day. We also didn't do our family Valentine's Day dance. It's too hard to keep up with traditions, especially when I'm the only one who makes them up and tries to keep up with them. I'm learning to stop being so ridiculous. I love my family. We spend lots of time together. We make lots of memories together. And they love me - we are a happy family!