Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Matt + Hollie = ♥The Newlyweds, Mr & Mrs Gille♥

(taken from S. Cornejo's facebook album)

On the twenty-fifth of September two thousand and nine, in the Houston LDS Temple, my little brother, Matt, was a groom. He looked so happy as he walked out of the temple doors.

He kissed his bride, Hollie, who was also so happy.
Her wedding shoes were Nikes.
I like that Matt had no clue until she showed them off outside. He also hadn't seen his ring before they exchanged rings in the wedding.
I didn't get my bigger camera out of the car because they had a photographer, and I was busy with my boys. These are from my little camera, from the back ground.
And from the back. My dad was so well pleased with his first born son.
Here he is between his other 2 sons.
There were lots of photos after the ceremony. Hollie's mom sewed soooo much for the wedding. She sewed the bow ties, the bride's maid dresses, her outfit, and lots of other things including more outfits and table covers and chair covers. Amazing!
While we waited for Matt and Hollie's photos, we took some silly ones of ourselves on the side. These are Kat's bride's maid flowers that I borrowed real quick.Here's Jason and Lindsay. They are still newlyweds. They had the same wedding colors back in December. (Green and purple.)
I'm not fond of my hair here, but I keep smiling at Isaac's face. He's wearing one of my bracelets, and Dylan has another one on his head. I have some silly boys. They're so cute.
Here's a blurry one of my dad and his 2 girls.
We are sad that Holly, our other sister couldn't be there for the wedding, but she's about to have a baby, so couldn't come. And MY baby insisted on me holding him. (A good example of why I didn't get my other camera out.)
Look how thoughtful Matt was. He brought out the snacks and ice cold waters!
See how sad Isaac was when anybody but me held him? There's a perfect place for him to stand in the front row. Oh well.
Then we went to have lunch at Zios (Thank you mom and Don.) We got there early, so my mom's Aunt Penny (and crayons) kept Isaac and Dylan busy.
AAAAAAAAAAwww. Look at the newlyweds! (Hollie's mom made this dress as well.)

Then we all took a nap before the reception. The groomsmen brought over Max, the shih tzu to our room. We kept him in the tub while we went down for more photos. Dylan and Isaac LOVED him.

Here's the story: Hollie has a girl shih tzu, Sophie. She wants to breed her with another dog. Matt claimed not to even be fond of the idea of having a dog at all and flat out told her NO to another one. She saw a sign for pure bread shih tzus and Matt again said NO WAY. Matt went back and bought little Max, hid her at his place (Hollie's grandma's), and told the seller to say that an old man bought him for his niece or something like that in case Hollie went back anyway. Hollie DID go back to check out the puppy and was sad to hear that he was no longer available. Matt surprised Hollie with the puppy, about a month after purchase, at the reception after about an hour of being in the receiving line. What a good wedding gift from a groom to his bride!Wasn't that cute?! Hollie had Sophie in a coordinating outfit, so Matt had Max in a dogie tux.

Ok, back to the photos before the reception. Again, there was a photographer, so I just took a couple of pictures to remember the events. I'd like to say that these blurry photos were my idea, but really I'm sure the photographer would have done it anyway. (And I'm sure she didn't have an Isaac on her hip so she surely got crisp photos:)
I did tell Matt to go in there with his groomsmen for another photo. I'm not sure where little Jonathan was for these.
We were wanting Max to be outside for these photos with Sophie, but it wasn't the perfect time yet. I like the little flower girls and bow tie boys. These cousins don't get together enough, but they still have fun together.

I'll post some reception photos later, when I download photos from my big camera. I'm just antsy to blog something, so here's right to the car. I was not out here while they did all of this, but my camera was.
Matt actually made them go and cut the saran wrap when he heard b/c that was too much. He still had to peal away spider webs etc to let his bride in.
They headed right for the car wash b/c of the Oreos on the paint. Good job groom's men/bride's maids. The cans on the back were good too:)

Congratulations Matt and Hollie!!!!

So if you know Matt, then you're invited to the open house this Sat at my mom's. Ask me for the details.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

busy busy {just saying hi} busy busy

It's been over a week since I've been on this (or any) blog.
I have good reasons. Really good reasons:)
I love family, weddings, vacations, and old friends.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A boy's idea of playing Dress Up

We hadn't been over to the Szasz house in a while, so Dylan went NUTS!

Superman Cape

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome, baby Ada Lily Foley!

I got to be the first visitor to go meet little sweet Miss Ada Lily! She hadn't even been taken away to be bathed yet. She was a healthy 9lbs, 5oz and was 20-1/2inches long. I've been waiting to share the news, b/c it's her news to share, but she asked me to guest blog for her, so since I did that, I can share the news with my readers too:) She was actually in labor while I was posting her last maternity pictures. I couldn't sleep b/c I was so excited. Do you know how much I was tempted to mention that she was in labor less than 12 hours after those pictures had been taken?! She had Ada on her due date, September 19th!

Look at her smile at her daddy! She'll be a daddy's girl for sure. Don't worry, she barely cried. She's so sweet with that baby cry though, isn't she?! She was just hungry. She's a good eater, so that's a relief for everybody. Isn't she so precious?!
I had to unswaddle her little feet real quick. I love that they still had the ink on them from her footprints.Lindsay had been in labor all night, then had her a little before noon. She and Ada were exhausted, so it was time for me to leave.
I guest posted these and a couple more for Scott and Lindsay here, FYI.