Thursday, August 28, 2008

Play Room

We did not know what to do with this room. We were going to make it a guest room, but then our guest didn't come. We stored boxes and paint supplies in it because we could.

Until, I was hanging out in the living room with tons of toys all over. It seemed like all of the home improvement/Oprah kinds of shows talked about living rooms where the kids have taken over. I looked around and realized that I had fallen into that rut when we had barely moved in! I was going to buy a huge nice furnature-like trunk from TJMaxx or something for the toys and pretend the swing and jumpy toys were ok. Steven had a better idea. While I was out, he put the play flooring down and moved my living room toy-clutter to this extra room. He saved me!
Dylan loves it and asks to play catch in the play room. He goes in there and throws a ball up and dives for it with his glove. He will hang out by himself if we're busy. He will ask for a specific puzzle or want to read a certain book (over and over again). He knows the words to this one.Dylan likes to "clean up clean up" with me too. He knows which toys go where. The room is a work in progress, but it's comming along. I made curtains and Steven hung up blinds. Luckily the paint that Maria picked out wasn't purple or pink! It's just right.
Moving around, but now quite crawling

Don't you just wanna come over and play?!
You're invited!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting Ready, and 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!

Dylan helped get ready for his first day of school.

He has to keep a clear shoe box sized container with his name on it in his cubby. It's like his first locker - so cute! He painted the lid all by himself. He was really careful with it, then finished painting the paper plate that was our pallet. I'll take a picture of the finished product at school, I forgot today.

Then he picked out a pair of undies, consignment store shoes, socks, and an extra outfit to put in the box. We also picked out his clothes that he would wear because he always wants this Rays baseball outfit from Bonnie. We got all excited about his 1st day of school. We talked about getting to see Mrs. Debbie, Malia and new friends, and going on the playground and playing with trucks and reading books.

He woke up so happy and ready for school! That made it so much easier on me too.

We got up earlier than I ever get up. If I were a well-rounded mom, I'd make Dylan's favorite breakfast, but he had a breakfast bar, as you can kinda see from the pictures. Dylan and Malia were funny about seeing each other on their special day. They wouldn't hold hands. "Summer Vacation was too hot, too hectic, and too short!"They remembered which way to go, but it was so funny because they both walked into the first classroom and didn't want to leave when we tried telling them that it wasn't their class yet. They found their yellow door.Look, their names are glue and a note pad. I was so happy to see their names on the door, don't ask me why. There are only 10 kids max at a time in the room. There are a lot of names because the kids go part time.This is Mrs. Debbie, holding Isaac. See Malia in the long mirror? Malia was right at home in the kitchen area w/ her mom and baby brother.

We stayed and played because I didn't want to leave. Dylan liked the monster trucks and was so happy to see the reading area. We had talked about his staying with Malia and not with me, so he was fine with it.

The babies both fell asleep about a half hour before it was time to leave. It was an interruption to go pick up the school kids, but that's A-OK. Noah and Isaac were so good and continued to sleep the whole way there. Isaac slept through the pick up too and didn't wake up until everybody was loaded up again. I was busy with Noah and Isaac, so I didn't call to check up on the kids until I was already on my way back. I got a big smile and was rushing to get to them. They were eating lunch and hadn't cried at all, according to the director.

Dylan and Malia were going potty when we strolled in. It was so cute watching Dylan trying to do the top button on his shorts by himself before he saw me. He was so excited to see me and gave me a big hug. Malia saw me next and I picked them both up for a group hug. They they were happy to see Noah next. I told them we should go back to the class and they wanted to go bye bye instead. That was so cute. I wanted to talk to their teacher to see how the did though. She said they didn't have any accidents and were good and happy. She said that Malia wanted to take her shoes off a couple of times on the playground so we should tell her that they need to stay on at school. That's a good first day if you ask me!
We made it!!
They took their shoes off before I even unloaded the babies
They'll do another half day this week then maybe we'll do 2 full days the next week. We'll see.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Baby Sling

I highly reccomend this thing. I have a ruptured disk in my neck and it flares up so bad sometimes. I'm not supposed to lift anything over 10lbs. Is that possible for anyone? NO! Especially when I have a big spoiled baby. I put him in one of those snuggli front back packs and was in such a bad mood for the next couple of days because I was in a lot of pain. Who knows exactly what caused that pain, but I bet carrying Isaac in that didn't help.

I really wanted a hip hammoc but didn't get one before Isaac was born so thought I could mannage. I went to a baby consignment store to get one finally and saw this. I was able to try it before buying it. It's I just checked and they're having a summer sale where they're half price for some. They cost $60 though and that's way too much for me. I found it for way less than the sale price. I made one in a different color b/c it's easy to make if you have one to copy.

Here's the one I made. I nursed Isaac in it in the mother's lounge at church. When I was done, I carried him to Primary where I teach the 7 year olds and had somebody take a picture of us b/c it's a different way to wear it (and the baby).
This thing is so comfy and folds like a blanket so I can keep it in the diaper bag. Way better than the bulky straps and bucles! (I tried on a hip hammoc in the store and some other adjustable sling w/ way too much fabric.) That's the good thing about the packages already being opened.

Just thought I'd share!

Saturday Work

Growing up, before doing anything fun, we had to do our "Saturday Work." We had to clean the bathrooms or vaccuum or mow part of the lawn. All of the weekly jobs like that were divided up among the kids.
Anyway, I need to start that!
Steven was so good to me and had Dylan help him. I love it when Steven includes Dylan in activities like when the two of them go grocery shopping. Dylan was all dressed and ready to go. This is what he looks like about every other day. This is his favorite outfit of all time. He knows how to put on the hat and shoes by himself too.

Crumby Toast

I know it's messy, but they have so much fun with it. I don't even know what this hard bread sold as small toast is for, but Steven got his mom the wrong kind and instead of returning it, he brought it home.
I think Noah is old enough to not appreciate this dry stuff.
He likes real food.

Steven's Trick

Steven has tried a couple of things, but he now swears by his method of how to put Isaac to sleep. It's a combination of listening to "Pineapple Wine" and "Last Mango in Paris," and playing spider solitaire. Watching the olympics seems to help too.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Final Field Trip Friday

It's time for school to start. Didn't it sneak up too fast? It always does.
We started the day off with breakfast and had fun 'til past nap time. Dylan had already met his teacher this morning, actually. Busy day!
We went bowling and had lunch at a really cool bowling alley
all 3 boys help Dylan. It's so cute. I'm glad Dylan's not competative just yet. He lets them go for him sometimes too.
Cute bowling shoes, the smallest they had were still too big.

Who has my camera?

Then we walked accross the street to the Florida Aquarium. I think it was Isaac's 1st time. Doesn't Marc look like the dad here. These boys are the best.
I love this picture. I took a million pictures of the boys as I pushed the stroller. I think Isaac thought I forgot about him.
Mommy and Isaac time!
Isaac was trying to drink from Dylan's favorite Diego "bup" (cup). I doubt he got any water, but he sure tried!

Isaac is the perfect age and size for the silly tourist trap photo op

I feel bad for all the pictures I make these boys sit through, but not that bad.

Jake found when the scuba diver show was. I've never even attempted to look when the shows are b/c I thought they would be too crowded. He timed it so we were front and center.

He even timed it so he could sit and feed Isaac while we waited for the show to start.
Front row seats!

I'm not sure if Dylan was really tired, or if he was really into what fire coral is and all of the other facts the scuba diver lady were talking about, but he sure paid attention.
Isaac was just happy to be able to explore on the floor.
Sleepy head Dylan. He waited to fall asleep 'til the way home. He didn't even act tired. He's in such a good mood around Marc, Jake, and Brent.
We thought about going to the Imax theaters, but just got smoothies/ice cream instead.

So today was the following Friday from these pictures. I wanted to call the Szasz's to see if they wanted to play b/c we have had so much fun this summer, but Dylan isn't himself today. He says "I sick, Mommy." He wants hugs and to watch "monsters." He likes monsters on cartoons and thinks puppets like on Sesame Street are monsters. I hope he feels better, or he'll miss his first day of school! He got it from Malia who probably got it from either nursery at her church or from her cousin who's in day care. That's another thing I'm worried about. I don't want Dylan getting sick from his preschool. That will be totally counter productive. At least I'm not needing the preschool and if he's sick, he can just stay home with me (or Corrie).