Friday, January 21, 2011

rain rain, go away

I like that it's not cold and we haven't turned on the air or heat in days.
I like that I can be home w/ my kids today.
But why was it a beautiful day on the days I had to work and rainy today? 
I need sunshine!
I got out the "choo choo" balls from the Thomas the train ball pit we got almost exactly 3 years ago from Bonnie when her family came to meet newborn Isaac.  (They gave us the couches too.)  Only the balls remain.  We haven't seen them in about 2 years, but what a fun indoor activity for my spider men! 

We also made our own pizzas Wednesday, today they made their own PB&Js on this same round bread - they made smiley faces on them (cut out of the top piece). 
We did go for a run a little while ago when it was just misty and not raining.  And I do mean WE.  I had Dylan run beside me 'til he got tired, then he rode for a while, then he ran twice more!  He probably ran at least a mile all together!  I feel bad that I'm the only one getting exercise when I run.  Isaac napped in the stroller.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Beach Day!

When Julie was here with her family over the Christmas break, it was so fun four our kids to hang out.  They love the beach, so it warmed up for a day and we were there:)  We ate PB&J and found treasures. 

 When we got home, Steven had been doing lots of yard work and was about to do a polar plunge into the pool to get a toy and big palm frawn out.  It took him quite a while to talk himself into it, but he did it!  No pictures of that, but you can imagine our butterflies in our tummies to see daddy really do it!

living room wars

We really do LIVE in our living room. 
This includes army wars, break dancing, homework, books, TV, movies, wrestling, dance parties, races, tantrums, reading, coloring, and all sorts of toys.  I'm liking that Christmas came before the cold weather around here because these boys are SO good at entertaining themselves. 

On a side note, we read scriptures each night at the dining room table.  Dylan reminds us in the evening.  So what if it's because he wants to prolong going to bed - I'm happy.  We started reading there so we could light out advent candle before Christmas.  Now I have battery candles when the boys are too jumpy/excited/slap happy for fire.  Anyway, Dylan got his OWN Book of Mormon in Primary today AND his own red scripture marking pencil.  The kids at church were given a challenge to read the whole Book of Mormon this year.  He's so excited and showed Andre and Barbie when they stopped by today.  So this evening, I decided to let him start reading where we have left off.  It was "And they me . . ."  We've been working on reading, and letter sounds etc.  He read up to the word "me" and I was determined to let him sound it out.  He said the M sound, he said both of the E sounds, but it was so frustrating for the both of us that he didn't know what the word was.  He started crying because I knew he could do it and I was being strict - too strict I'm sure.  I even asked Isaac to put it together but he started crying because Dylan was.  Yes we were all tired so that didn't help.  I want to be able to teach my kids and have such high expectations when I know they can do something.  I need a better teaching method (and better time than after bed time.)  So I carried him upstairs and let him lie on me while he wiped his tears and calmed down and I apologized.  Thankfully Steven came in to console Isaac until I could climb in his bed with him too.  The sweet part of the story is that Dylan was able to communicate with me his own feelings.  He, before fully calming down, said "the teachers at church said that if we can't read it that our parents can help us."  Wow.  He had told me that in the car, and I thought I WAS helping him.  He wanted to read more than just one part of one verse.  We usually read about a chapter.  In the car, he was already telling me of his concerns with not being able to read it like he was told, but his hope and trust in me that I would be able to help him achieve that goal.  I'm so happy that he is able to talk to me and is able to be honest with me.  I want to help him to be the best that he can be.  I guess I feel some stress with the fact that he'll be starting Kindergarten this fall and that he's not reading yet.  I know he doesn't need to be reading yet - I KNOW that.  I just want to be able to spend more quality time teaching because he really is in a teachable section of his little life.  He aims to please, he loves to laugh, he loves friends, he has the self control to behave the way he should in various settings, but he's also so creative that I let him just play with his army men or be in his Spider Man outfit all day for days at a time.  My mom laughed and told me that when it was time to put me into kindergarten, she interviewed so many principals, and teachers and finally put me in a private little red school house that was just for kindergarten.  I must be more like my mom than I thought:)  Everything will be wonderful - but it's because of him and despite me.  I love learning from my kids:) 

Friday, January 14, 2011

The grass is always greener on the inside

The grass is all brown outside.  Yuck.  I like green backdrops, but that's ok.  Uncle Andre gave us some wheat grass seeds he had already sprouted for us.  The boys love waking up and looking at how tall it has grown each night.  Today we cut and ate some.  (I'm not going to juice it.)  He loved it and asked for seconds and thirds and later for fourths!
Thank you Uncle Andre, and Happy Birthday today!!!
I saw a "boredom busters" blog post today about marshmallow creations.  I got out the marshmallows, raisins, and cheereos.  It's a little less healthy than the wheat grass, but it lasts longer. 
 We also played checkers (Dylan beat me), memory match with Isaac (I played both games at the same time which may be why Isaac won at that too.)  They played with super heros, then cars, and now with clay.  We'll play with Jake later then they'll go to Grandma's.  Are they lucky or WHAT? 
I just wish it wasn't so freezing outside so we could play out there too. 

Planet JUMP!

Kat and Preston hung out with us on Preston's last day here.  We went to Planet Jump and to Tropical Smoothie Cafe. 
 Isaac started to cry in here so Kat went to the rescue.  Then he did it by himself lots. 
 We're going to have their birthday party here this year.

It turned out to be a beautiful day after all, so we ate lunch outside:)

Martin & Katy's Florida wedding open house

Here are the beautiful newlyweds, Martin and Katy Gille.
They started with a receiving line. 
I went to see the cute babies who were there:) 

 Sister Emery brought them home made bread.  I still have yet to taste it, but I've heard all about it . . .
 Kat's boyfriend flew in to surprise her! 
 Katy wanted a pic w/ my boys, but Isaac was so shy around her in her beautiful wedding dress so I had to hold him.  He really wanted to look at her, but was scared to really go too close.  So sweet. 

 The chocolate fountain was a hit as usual. 

 Isaac was loving the attention with his super heros look and find book.  When Katy got up to say goodbye to somebody, I sat there only to be shoved away because "that Katy's seat, not you seat." 
 The dads. 

 Thanks for throwing the party Mom and Don!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a Baby Shower!

Dr. Brayer throws fun baby showers for the girls at our work.  This time, it was for her brother and sister-in-law.  They both work with us.  I'm so excited for them!  Here's a little diaper cake I made her as one of her gifts.  She's so tiny with that little baby bump sticking out.  I love it:)
 We played some fun games - it's dificult to come up with new games.  There have been 9 office baby showers since I've been there!  But we did.  It's funny, looking at all of the pictures I took, I mostly got pictures of Dr. Brayer's 3 kids having fun.  They're a part of our office.  (My kids were napping.) 

 They don't get group family photos much, so right before I left I took one of all of them.  They'll have a new baby girl in their next group shot! 
I took maternity photos for Michael and Tu Anh and am going through them now.  I really hope she calls me to go take hospital photos for them!  Dr. Brayer got them a fishy face photography gift cert for newborn photos too:)