Friday, June 26, 2009

I Need A Massage. You?

Buy a Gift Certificate for
$10 off !!!!!!!!!

You probably know that I trade babysitting with my friend Corrie. She's Noah and Malia's mom. We both have bachelor's degrees, yet both work in fields that don't need them. I'm a dental hygienist, and she's a massage therapist. We love that these professions allow us to just work 2 or 3 days so we can watch our kids grow (and bite each other.)

She works for Spa Jardin 3 days/week, but also does private massages. I asked her if I could make and give a gift certificate to one of my friends b/c she was stressed out planning a big event. Then we had the idea to order a bunch of gift certs.

Now I'm pre-selling them for $10 off! She usually charges $60 for a private massage (she'll go to your house), but if you buy them through me, the gift cert is just $50 for an hour massage!

(She does pregnancy massages! And we could work something out for 90 min or has friends for couples massages. There's a blank for what you want, we'll work it out.) So, if you live in the Tampa Bay area, email me! I'll hand you or mail you your gift certificate(s) that you can use for yourself, or hold to give as gifts for Christmas or something. There's no expiration date! And yes I've used her. And I have an appointment for Wednesday - can't WAIT! Here's Corrie with her husband in Key West 2 weeks ago, (so she's not a stranger showing up to give you your massage!)


Brie Williams said...

What a small world! I used to work as a massage therapist and Manager for Amber at Spa Jardin!!! This is such a good idea Tiffany, I always have people asking me who I know in the area who can come to their home and now I can say I do!

The Fegers said...

I could also give you her business cards if you want.