Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easy Fishing

My 3yr olds Sunday School lesson was on being thankful for fish (and sea/water creatures.) These lessons are so fun. Thankfully, Marcie had given Dylan one of her cool Discovery Toys "ABSeas" games. It was a good activity that I worked into the lesson. It was fun having my cute smart niece, Ava in my class!

Email me for info on how to contact Marcie about Discovery Toys things. Good birthday gifts, if I didn't wait for the last minute, I'd use her all the time. I honestly can't wait for Isaac to stop putting things in his mouth so I can get a marble race track. I remember loving that loud sound.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cousins in Town!!!!!


Our cousins came in town for their spring break. We were all in Utah for Lindsey and Jason's wedding, but they were sick so we didn't get to see them. I love having a big family!

The Beach with Granddad

I kept Dylan home from school so he could hang out w/ his cousins. We still went and picked up Noah and took Corrie to take her car to the shop. We then went to the beach for a little while.

How well do you know Isaac? The kid in the orange shirt is a twin. His brother was in the surf w/ their dad. Their mom asked if my babies were twins. She thought it was a stupid question and assumed they were. Sometimes it's just fun to pretend. I can't imagine what it would be like to have twins. Fun most times, but no sleep, right Marcie?!
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Little Jonathan on a Big Blue Slide (or his little me)

3/13/09This was our 1st time at Freedom Lake Park b/c we were early to meeting Daddy for his lunch break. The kids liked the park dispite the not-so-nice equipment.
Ready for a picture of little Jonathan (Uncle JT)? Here it is:
It doesn't look like Dylan at all to me, I only see my little brother. I guess Dylan is growing up now. This is how I think of my little brother. The fact that he finnished his Eagle Scout project, has a driver's license, is training to be a lifeguard and swimming lessons teacher, and has his first job all this month blows my mind.
And here's Isaac cheezin' it up.

I like the way Dylan cuts through the shot. And Isaac wants to find himself a bird. They were so excited to get out and chase the birds
Dylan scared them right into the water.
Like a lifeguard (or tough guy).
Isaac ran and ranuntil he would trip.
Dylan downed my water. Breath, Dylan, breath!

New Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Behind The Scenes!

After the Freedom Lake Park, we picked up Steven from work so we could go to lunch. The Szasz' new Tropical Smoothie Cafe is close to his work and we hadn't seen its progress in a while. Bonnie was there getting ready for the Grand opening the next week but was excited to show us around. She showed Dylan the big freezer, the Coke machine boxes of syrup, her office, and everything. He and Isaac got to see everything both inside and out, literally! Then we went next door to the Courtside Grill. I got to meet some State Attorneys who Steven has wanted me to meet for a while now. They happened to be there too.

Don't worry, everything is clean in the back now. That's the last time Dylan and Isaac's little feet will be back there:) The new Tropical Smoothie is next to the Carillon Publix. Check it out!

1 shoe on . . . 3 shoes off

Friday, March 27, 2009

Is it pool time yet?

The pool has been holding between 74 and 76 degrees. We're anxious for it to get warmer! Jonathan wanted to get in a pool once before his WSI class. The city pool was closed and his still has the cover on it, so he came over. The pool is pretty cold so after taking a loooooooooong time inching in, he just sprinted accross and scurried right out.

The next day, we were playing outside and Dylan and Malia asked if they could go swimming. I was cleaning the pool so told them they could. No need for swimsuits, they were so dirty, so it saved me giving them a bath before nap time!

They didn't get all the way in, but they splashed and played lots and lots. I was wishing that they could be in the sun. I'll be happy for the shade once we're in the pool every day.

And I decided I like this picture. It's how I look any time you look at me unless I'm at work or sleeping. Isaac is really outgoing with kids, but just wants me when he wakes up. He clings to me. This is what he was doing when I was trying to clean the pool a little when JT came over. I love it, but now I finally understand what moms talk about when they say they look forward to nap time. I used to think that moms should miss their kids and they were being selfish. Boy was I wrong! Moms need a little time to be able to move w/o a cute little leach to trip over at least once/day. There are still days that I miss my boys when they nap and I even wake them up sometimes just to play, but I'm either productive or nap when they do. I'll always love to nap:) I wish I could take a long nap each day and stay up really late every night. That would be ideal.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jake's new blog about his experiences with Dylan and Isaac

Dylan's Favorite Things

Not just bad-eyes and monster frucks. towers, Batman towers, new PJs, and of course, those old Rays Shorts.

Dylan's new word is "fink." The other day, we were at my mom's and he asked where Uncle JT was. I told him maybe he was at work. JT came home for lunch in his swimsuit w/ no shirt. Dylan took one look at him and said "Um, I don't fink he was at work." It was so funny. JT was at his Water Safety Instructor class at the pool. Dylan can't be fooled, he figured his uncle was out having fun somewhere.

I wrote this quote down on a smothie menu when we were in the car. "I'm finkin' about it . . . you are a chicken nugget!" Malia had just called him some sort of silly name. They were cracking each other up like usual in the back seat. Steven pretends that Dylan's toes are chicken nuggets and pretends to pour katsup on them so he can eat them up.

Here's what I wrote down after we dropped Malia off. "Mom I'm super smart and super handsome and super frong and I wrestle Daddy."

I agreed.

Other cute things he says are "amen" at the end of a book, and "ex-kOO-zee" for excuse me. He also says "you WU-kum" when I complement him. He should probably say "thank you," but I'm not going to correct him just yet.

Meet Elder Feger

I think that Elder Feger's cute little face looks a lot like Isaac's. They love saving for their own missions like their Uncle Martin the Hero (in Mexico).
Thanks Liam and Owen!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Bars, in More Places

This picture reminded me of that from the Alltel commercials. I think you had to be there though. That's all I have to say about our Clearwater Beach sunset outing.

Marc and Jake's Baseball Game

The day after Brent's game, we went to the other two boys' baseball game. Dylan was still just as excited. This time I was warned that they shouldn't cling to the fence b/c their cute little fingers could get pounded with a baseball. It was hard keeping Dylan away from that fence though. We stayed for the whole game, so Dylan found a stick and a dirt hole after a while. Isaac was kicking a ball around. I think Isaac will be my little soccer player while Dylan and I can't wait 'til he can play baseball. Jake and Marc won. Jake played the whole time b/c he was first at bat and was the catcher!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Brent's Baseball Game

Dylan stayed right here at the fence watching every move. Isaac stayed by him most of the time.He would ask "why he not slide?" when a runner got to a base. When somebody did slide, he would shout at me, "he did it! He did slide! He's safe!" He would say "aw, he missed, he will try again" for a strike. No matter which team, he would be so proud of the batter if he hit the ball. He pointed out the catcher, the thrower (Brent), and the batter. When I told him that they were running in a circle around to all of the bases, he looked at me and told me it wasn't a circle, it's a square. I should have gone ahead and called it a diamond, he's too smart. The funny part was when the kid next at bat would stand in front of us to warm up. One of the bigger kids on the opposing team stood in Dylan's way. Dylan yelled at him, "hey, I can't see!" The kid smiled at Dylan then at me, said sorry, and backed up.

(This is Brent, he stayed out of Dylan's way.Ü)Brent did such a good job! Marc and Jake came after their own game so we all got to play a little.