Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weekend Events

 Wednesday I got Ivy a carseat because she has no respect for seatbelts. Don took Tyler and I did a lot of other errands. He bought Tyler a big monkey! Tyler did not want to leave it at their house. I tried. 
That night our friend Mike came in town. We decided to be spontanious and get a babysitter and meet him and his brother for dinner even though we had already eaten. Tyler heard our plans and made up a new cry/chant "I don't want Bayee to come over." Oh he is so sweet but loves me too much. He did not want Bailey. To cope with the situation, he actually put himself in bed! His first time! At dinner, we had fun catching up and reminiscing about our South Beach days which is where we met. Good friends. Tyler greeted us at the door at 11:30 when we got home. He kept waking up! 

The next night, I did not go to a dental hygiene meeting. It was too much. I did the dishes and went to Rachel's house to craft. 
Tyler cried when I left. But decided he wanted to sleep on his livingroom bed he loves to make. Steven said he went right to sleep! See the big monkey?!

On Friday, I took the kids to a school meeting at Panera. Then to the beach! I jogged then they played.
My jogging days may have to have to wait. My insides are bruised. The baby bounced on my bladder or something too much. It hurts. We took a little break when we found swings. Tyler left his shoes in the car on purpose so I left Ivy's. Ivy got a sand spur in her foot. Oops! 
I love coming here when the weather changes. The kids can not see the water so the long hike to the shore is not necessary but I can wear a swimsuit! The weather is a little breezy but warm. Too cool for swimming but perfect for this. 
We napped a little bit, got the other kids, figured out babysitting, and met Mike and his brother Rick. Tyler did his chant even though it was not Bailey. Olivia came. Anyway, we picked up our friends and went to one of the franchise locations they came here to check out. It was so fun to hear their stories and cool to think that they may be back, maybe with their kids, to come train at the Brass Tap Bar. 
The owner comped everything!
We dropped them off at their hotel and went to the airport to wait for Barbie's cousin! 
The next morning I took the kids to the VA hospital for a church service project. The kids colored thank you cards then delivered them and sang patriotic songs to them. Adult chirch members did all kinds of labor there toserve the vets. 
We went to Barbie's for her birthday. Tyler was sad for yet another babysitter but Myah said he was fine like usual. 
It was just us and the crews, pizza and little cakes. Perfect little celebration. 
Brandi just turned 30 so Andre got her a cake too. We took turns holding the baby. Nothing crazy this year:)
Happy birthday Brandi and Barbie!!!

Fall in Florida

I miss summer. Mainly for not being tied down by car line, having all of my kids with me all day, and warm light late evenings. I will get in the holiday spirit soon I am sure, and do love that I am getting energy back. I am excited to see family at Christmas too. Today I walked on the beach instead of running since my bladder/insides were still tender/bruised from the previous job. I went with a friend and met another there too.
I was so anti-social that first trimester too.
We decided to make the long walk to the water since Iwas there to walk anyway and the kids were not climbing on the playset. 
Ivy said "I can't walk" and pouted a bit both ways. 
Tyler ran ahead. 
Do you know how not optimal the month of October was? I did a bunch of photo sessions then got behind, did not do our own photos, did not go to a pumpkin patch at all, did not carve a pumpkin, steven was sick the whole time, others of us were a little sick off and on, steven was not getting paid because of the government shut down, I was so tired, the computer had a long slow death, I had to pay for a new lens and computer, I double booked things, and I am glad it is over! 
After getting all of the kids today, we made thankful trees. 
I should have made my own. I am thankful for all of my little problems and for my many blessings. My littlest brother went through monsoons, flooding, an earthquake, chicken pox, and a crazy Typhoon in just 2 weeks! He is safe. Wow. 
Now I need to calendar my days and minutes to make the most out of these short days. I need to pray and study God's plan for me and meditate and focus on what my priorities should be. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cravings and girl thoughts

I had a craving for Carmelita's that had to be quenched. We finished Dylan's creative book report and went. It was delicious! 
Tyler tried to embarass us by wearing his PJ pants and old birthday crown. But with his happy attitude and my craving quencher quest happening, nothing could get me down. It was so delicious! One of Dylan's vocabulary words was "glutton." I was being a glutton with the chips and salsa! ate most of my left overs that night. 

Today, I am feeling apprehensive about having a girl. I have been saying for years that I would love to have a little girl who looks like myself. I would love a newborn girl, but am scared a out all of the years leading up to her having her first baby of her own. That is when she will like me and my advice again. 

Today I feel the same. I do not like any girl names. I do not like how complicated girl clothes are. I still do not want to mix in girl toys with all of the boy ones. Having a girl IS more exciting, but I love my boys. They are the best. I don't want a spoiled little girl. I doubt she will be the innocent little doll that needs her brothers' protection. I am nervous about having the right timing and the right delivery when she needs me to teach her important life lessons. This is a whole new world. I am not sure I am ready!