Monday, September 29, 2008

My spoiled little baby

This is a favorite time of mine. Yes, I'm in the car. I'm in the car a lot and sometimes I have to just pull over. I wonder if people who see me get back out of the driver seat with him compare me to Brittany. This guy loves to nurse and it's so easy for me, besides the frequency part. He doesn't like baby food much. He'll take a bottle just fine, but prefers me. We'll get him to sleep through the night some day, I hope. I just thought I'd take a picture so I won't forget how cute he is at this phase of life in case he ever stops:)

Friday, September 26, 2008

GO RAYS!!!!!!

My friend from the Boston area sent me an email with this info. I knew about it, but this is more detailed in case you cared. I think it's pretty cool.

"Your Tampa Bay Rays beat out our Boston Red Sox and the Yankees for the AL East title for the first time in history. That is second to winning the American League Championship. The Red Sox got into the playoffs by winning the wild card, and the Yankees are out (yay!). October starts a clean slate and the overall winners of AL East, West, and Central divisions will be the AL champions. They will play the National League champions for the world series title. The Rays were my second choice after the Red Sox because they deserve it. Their entire team's payroll is less than some single player salaries on the Red Sox and Yankees. Nobody thought they could win the AL East because either the Sox or Yankees win every year. The Rays are good enough to be the World Series champions this year so even if you aren't baseball fans it may be fun to watch them in the playoffs. I can imagine Tampa Bay will be a fun city to be in if they go all the way."

Dylan absolutely LOVES everything Rays. He has been to a couple of games, not as many as past seasons though because the games are all sold out. People were giving away tickets all over the place before the Rays got this good.

Steven and Dylan scored some good tickets last weekend on their last winning home game of the season. It's where they clinched a spot in the play offs. Jake informed me that they just clinched the division. I really don't follow it enough myself. All I know is that if I ever have a question, I can ask any one of the Szasz boys and they'll give me more info than I need. They are number 1 super fans of the Rays for sure.

dad is an expert heckler. You can even Google him or "happy heckler" and will find articles about him. I just found that his name is in wikipedia. I wonder if he knows that:) He uses only clean language and lots of real stats to get under the "other guys'" skin. He even wrote a book about it. You can hear him in the background when you watch the Rays on TV.

Bonnie got Dylan this
outfit. We seriously need to get him another one b/c he wears it every time it comes out of the dryer. They also got him a glove (this one's from Uncle Andre), the Raymond doll, soft baseballs, the lunch bag, the cow bell, the batting hat, and the megaphone from the Happy Heckler night when Rob's book came out.

He needs a Rays sippy cup.
Thanks for the tickets Jeff!
Uncle Andre is hitting Dylan with the new bat he got that night.

more pool stuff

Look at the date imprint. This is the same pool, before my mom put up a fence. Same swimsuit, same month of the year, but different Feger baby. The swimsuit was too big on Dylan but it's a perfect fit for Isaac.

Now this is Isaac:
Dylan had some fun toothen relaxed:)

until Daddy came to be the motor boat:
Dylan is learning how to put his finger(s) over the hose to make cool designs. He helped Steven clean the pool filters.

Isaac is learning how he needs to reach over to be horizontal to move toward his goal. He gets so excited in the water. I had Dylan gliding between me and Steven at this age. Isaac is lucky that I'm not so into rushing everything. He'll swim when he's ready. He has been under, but doesn't like it. Dylan was so good from the beginning (4mo old).

The baby ate my homework

I'm so glad that Dylan doesn't have homework yet. I'm sure he can't wait though. He wears Jake's glasses in anticipation. We were helping Jake with his, but we're seriously more of a distraction than a help. Jake said he didn't think his teacher would believe him if he said the baby ate his homework. Then when it was bed time, we're still more of a distraction!

Isaac was wanting to climb onto and under everything. He kept bumping his head on things. It looks like one of the things he bumped into was Jake's knee. Actually, maybe that's just part of being a boy.

click click click click click click

We stopped at a glorified median for a little snack until it was time to pick up our friends.

I took a lot of pictures of my kids. Maybe you won't click on the pictures to see that they're eating cookies and that Isaac's was all dirty by the end. I should be thinking QUALITY, not QUANTITY. Oh well. I was clicking away. Isaac's faces are so funny and I like snapping pictures so I'll remember them. Dylan makes funny faces too, of course. He showed me his food in one. Here you go, b/c what else am I going to do with these pictures?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1st steak

How old were you when you had your 1st steak?

Thanks Andre!!!

Not so relaxing trip to the park

We took Abuelita, "Dita," to the park. She thought it would be relaxing and good for her. It was pretty hot out, so we didn't stay long. To be thoughtful, I put my shopping cart cover over the swing so Isaac wouldn't have to touch as many germs. I thought that Steven's mom would appreciate that. The funny thing is, that I was pushing Dylan really high on the swing and it was stressing her out. I looked over at Steven and he was laughing with us, so I thought. He came over and told me we had to stop. really thought I was making everybody happy. So much for a relaxing evening at the park. ISteven took Dylan over to the slides instead. The squirls were also a stress, Steven later said. They are fearless and wondered if Steven and his mom were having a picnic I guess.
Here's Dylan having the time of his life. I really like this SOOC effect I was getting with the focus.

The sun kept getting in Dylan and Isaac's eyes, so I turned them around. You can see Abuelita and Steven in the back ground, but I should have turned the kids back around again once the sun went down a little for better quality of pictures. Dylan was sucking the water (and air) right out of the bottle. I love this face and now wish I had done it w/o the bottle.
Isaac just wonders why there's a camera still in his face.

Good memories:)

Soccer Mom

I played soccer in high school and liked it. I have wanted to play since, but it's a team sport, so I haven't played in 10 years! 2Dylan's dad was on a coed team, so I think that I invited myself to be on his team. This season, Andre is playing too! I'm not good or anything, but I love that it's my "me time" each week. Steven's been so good about supporting me in it since he knows that I've wanted to play for so long.

So I got my old cleats out, laced them up, and jogged over to the field. Um, they fell apart. Seriously, the whole bottom started splitting and falling off. So I played my first couple of games with slippery running shoes. Rediculous.
Dylan loves it because we get to see his friend, 2Dylan. Look at them run and kick.
Here's Andre, savingg a goal
The boys never stop running circles around Jolyn!

Yesterday, Jolyn watched all 3 boys by herself b/c Steven has 3 trials this week. The week before I had her watch Dylan. Mondays are always busy for Steven b/c he doesn't go in on the weekends like he swears he will when he wants to go home "on time" on Fridays. Thank you Jolyn!!!!!

Can boys play dress up?

I used to play dress up at my Grandma Rebeck's house but was upset when my feet got too big to fit in her high heels. What's a fancy outfit with the beeds and clip on ear rings without the pumps? She has some tiny feet, and I got my big feet when I was still young enough to play dress up.

She now has these wigs from when she lost her hair while treating her cancers. She's all better now and doesn't need them. Imagine if she had these wigs back when I was a little girl! Poor Dylan didn't know what to think when he looked in the mirror. Is this child abuse? I wonder if I'll ever have a girl?

P.S. Kat, do you see Grandma's new front door?! She also got a new one to her garage. I just noticed that you can see it in this picture over her blue chair so I didn't crop it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sandy Boys

My boys love the beach. All 3 of them. Isaac liked sitting in the shallow water eating sea weed while Dylan and Steven jumped over waves. Isaac liked it out in the water too, but my camera couldn't go out there because there were waves that could splash it.
Dylan remembered to take his squirt gun. He has a really good memory. I will tell him "no, when we go to the beach." Then when I tell him we're going to the beach, he will grab whatever toy he wanted to play with days earlier. He also remembers when he wakes up what I promised him (like to go see Jake).
This was on Sept 6th. When we got home, I wrote in Isaac's baby journal that he was at a cute phase where he was almost crawling. He could magically move around the room when I wasn't looking, but would stay on his beach towel on the beach for the most part. But then, later that evening, he started really crawling. I guess I'll have to update the baby books in the evening. Until then, I have it down here, September 6th.

We burried Dylan, then, not to leave Isaac out of the fun, we burried him too. I did say all THREE boys love the beach and sand, so we burried Daddy next.