Thursday, September 29, 2011

1st day of work

I felt like I should take a picture of myself in front of our front door holding a "1st day of work, 9/28/2011" sign with my pump-in-style backpack on. I had the same feelings I had when it was Dylan's 1st day of kindergarten, (and his other 1st day of kindergarten.) I was leaving my kids for a while and it was the beginning of the next phase of life.
This week,
  • I went back to work (even though I was only there for 3-1/2 hours)
  • I went to my first book club meeting (even though I didn't even attempt to read a book)
  • I finished "The Entitlement Trap" by Richard and Linda Eyer - cover to cover, I really read it!
  • I will teach Joy School (actually we bumped it to next Monday)
  • Gunny Bag will make an appearance for the first time
  • I will have my 1st real photo session on Friday
  • It's conference weekend at the end of the week so that will give me even more motivation for a fresh start
(General Conference is where you can hear motivational speakers for free!  We don't have regular church services twice a year and instead, go and watch the broadcast from Utah at the church building, or streaming online here.)

So how was the 1st time I left Tyler, you ask?

Our morning was great.  I slept in a little then we went for a run before we got cleaned up, fixed his nursery a little bit, and ate lunch.  But then I was nervous. I packed up lots of pictures of him to take with me and I kissed him good bye.  Steven's "relax" mix tape was playing, so I listened to some Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet on my way to work and tried not to worry about a thing.

I walked into work and was greeted by my first patient who was really excited that I was there. He sees me every month, but thought he'd be seeing the other hygienist since I was still supposed to be on maternity leave. It was a good reaction, and I told him that Tyler came early, so I'm back early! I was able to show him the whole photo album of Tyler pictures. He had seen most of them b/c he's a Facebook friend. That was a good first patient to have because my other patients were new to me or hadn't been in in over a year so there wasn't an opportunity to tell them how lucky they were to have me back on my first day back. They didn't notice the new baby pictures on the shelves either. That's ok.

I wanted to call to check on the baby, but if he was crying, I knew that I would probably cry too, so I resisted the urge.  And it's a good thing.  Apparently he woke up right after I left and cried for about 2 hours with "moments" of being okay.  So sad!  But then he slept for over 3 hours.  He didn't seem traumatized when I held him.  I fed him the bottle that had already been thawed out for him and he drank it up just fine.  I took him to the book club meeting that evening then we went to bed.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Tyler, you're 1 month old

Hi baby, you're 1 month old.  You're so cute!  I'll start using these stickers to ark the months now instead of doing weekly posts for you. 
I made you a onesie b/c you're my little photography assistant! 
 You've been with me on one photo session, and you've been the subject of many many. You assist me by being my inspiration. And when I see other things, I get to try them out on you! Your great grandma Rebeck made this blanket for one of your brothers.  You have lots of blankets, and I love them all! 

 To celebrate your 1 month birthday, Dylan had the day off of school, so we went to the park in the afternoon.  We met my friend Rachael at the library and listened to story time then back to school crafts before we ventured to the park.  She introduced us to Largo Central Park and it's fun.  Your big brothers run around in the sunshine and climbed on the rock sculptures. 

 You and I hung out on your new blanket from my friend Abigail. 
 Isn't it amazing?!  I put the 1 month sticker on it and it's perfect - especially since your room is jungle themed. 

So happy 1 month birthday! 
I go back to work this week, just two half days, but it's sad.  I'm excited to show off your pictures to my patients.  I have a whole album filled already plus some in frames and the brag book, of course. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear Tyler, you're 4 weeks old

You still sleep a lot, but are awake for 2 hours at a time some times.

 You still will only go in your crib for naps, but rarely at bed time.

So you sleep next to me and the wall.  Your eyes look blue instead of grey now. 

Your baby acne lasted only for a couple of days a week ago but now you're back to being perfect. 

You have only spit up like 7 times in your life, have I mentioned that?  And it's always just a little that fell out the side of your mouth while you were sleeping.  You have the softest hair, head, feet, and skin.  You're still so tiny!  You have officially started getting bigger, both your daddy and I noticed you seem longer this week, but I wouldn't call you big yet.  I started running with you a day after you turned 3 weeks old.  You like it in the hot outside. 

It was your due date this week - that's fun that you've been with us for so long.  You squeeze in perfectly with our family. 

You are quiet.  I don't hear you when you wake up from your crib in the other room, but luckily daddy does.  I'm so in love with kissing you and cuddling you!  I'm getting nothing else done in life because I hug you and feed you, then change you, then hug you some more, then take your pictures while staring at you, then I edit those pictures while holding you.  Sometimes I look down at you and you're staring right at me wondering what I'm doing, I laugh and kiss you all over again. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Memoirs of a new mom of 3

I don't know how single parents do it.  Or people who live far from family (parents.)  I simply can't do it all on my own. 

It is easier to transition from 2 to 3 than it was from 0 to 1 (of course) or from 1 to 2.  From 1 to 2, I worried I wouldn't give my first child enough attention or if I'd be able to love another baby as much, or if the first would get neglected, but all of those worries have already been answered by the time the 3rd enters the family.  The harder transition is actually the kindergarten schedule.  I dislike that it's 5 days in a row.  I also dislike how it takes over my life.  I have to get up early, stuff a sleepy baby in a car seat, then we're all still tired so unless I pre-planned the morning, I'm not that productive.  In the afternoon, all I have time for is picking Dylan up!  Afterwards, if I grocery shop or go to piano lessons, the day is gone, heck, or if I make dinner, that takes up the whole rest of the day.  And, his car line is right in the middle of nap time.  I hardly nap now - there's no time!  I am supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps, right?  I do like his class, what he's doing there, and his school, but feel so bad when all he wants to do these days is stay home and color or play with toys.  He doesn't want to go to eat, or to the beach, or park, or store, or anywhere and he used to always want to go somewhere. 

I'm finding it more difficult to multi-task.  There's only one good example that I can think of right now.  Yesterday, we dropped Dylan off then went to Target.  Of course we were there for a while, so it was about time to pull over to feed Tyler before going to the fabric store.  I planned it perfectly so I could nurse Tyler while Isaac played at Lake Seminole Park which was on the way.  Isaac had fun but said he hoped other kids would show up (we were the only ones there.) 

I am not documenting as many things in my camera these days because I don't have another set of hands for the camera!  I mean, bath time with 3 boys would be a fun thing to document, but then again I'd have to take my hands off of a slippery baby - not good. 

Another good image for you (mental only) is me nursing Tyler in the sling while preparing spinach pie (with real filo dough - it was yummy!)  I almost had Dylan go grab a camera to take a picture from the back of me in my messy kitchen with ingredients all over (and under - my feet).  Isaac was next to me beating the egg whites.  But I didn't want to disrupt Dylan who was happily building a superhero city with blocks upstairs in the small hallway RIGHT where we need to step to go to any of the rooms up there.  I never want to forget these moments, so I'm writing them down here. 

I'd like to edit photos at night, my own and clients, but I am not as effective when I have to hold (and look at) a cute little baby. I have to use my toes to hold down some keys because processing takes two hands.  You don't want a picture of that. 

There are cute things too, like how Isaac is always coming over to give kisses, Eskimo kisses, and butterfly kisses.  I don't think those pictures would come out because it happens right in my lap.  So I just kiss Isaac's little head too. 

Back to needing family, Steven does all of the busy work around here, like laundry, pool maintenance, car washing, taking out the dirty diapers and other trash, and all that.  And my mom came over to save the day when I was in the middle of trying out a recipe from our new cook book, I took the lid off of the pan and smoke bellowed out and all over our house!  Yes the smoke alarm went off.  And yes it was hot oil and yes it burned my leg because I still only had running clothes on.  But we ate the Navajo Tacos, and enjoyed them because my mom came in to save the day and chop up the other ingredients and get it all ready.  So no, we did not have a camera on that stressful evening. 

My mom asked if she could babysit for us so we could sneak out for a good dinner last weekend.  We said yes, but to her dismay, didn't leave Tyler with her.  And I'm glad.  My dinner was pretty good, but my favorite part of dinner was when Tyler started to stir and we had the waitress bring out the check with the desert.  We shared that slice of tart home-made key lime pie while holding and staring at my tiny little baby boy.  Then instead of sitting in the car to feed him before going home, I put him in the sling and we took him for a walk on the beach in the moonlight.  Steven and I took turns flying a kite too - that was a fun surprise.  Somebody had tied a kite to the trash barrel on the beach.  We spotted the kite high up and found where it had been anchored then gave the string a tug - voila - we flew a kite!  I like that spontaneous delight, but there are no pictures.  Just fun memories of the first crazy month with a new baby. 

I think I'll take pictures of me and my baby tomorrow.  (I wish I could have Dylan home because I need more "brothers" pictures.)  Oh, I did book OUR family photo session! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear Tyler, you're 3 weeks old today

Dear Tyler,
You're 3 weeks old today.  To celebrate, we took you to Largo Central Park.  Noah went with us. 

It was your first time, of course, but it was also our first time.  You slept almost the whole time.  You still sleep a really lot.  Right now you're in your crib, you've been in there for about an hour and a half already!  You usually wake up after like 5 min and I have to nurse then hold you.  I have put you to sleep in there a couple of times this week, and Daddy wakes up to your quiet cry and brings you to bed with us.  You usually wake up one more time before morning when I have to buckle you into the car seat to take Dylan to school. 

Your due date is in 3 days, that's crazy!  I'm sooo happy you decided to pop your balloon and come early.  You're starting to get baby acne, but it's not that bad.  Your skin started peeling a little more this week, but isn't noticeable much.  You had your first bath with both of your brothers today.  I didn't take a picture of that because I used good judgement for once.  You look longer today to both your daddy and me.  You fill out your newborn PJs today. 

I haven't had that much time to just rest and stare at you this week because I have been getting your birth announcements out, Aunt Kat was here for a couple of days, then Isaac started Joy School the next day, then we took over a 2 hour nap the next day after visiting with Great Grandma Rebeck at her house, then we went to the park today.  The time to pick up Dylan is right when you, Isaac, and I would like to take a nap.  Isaac has been napping in the car line. 

When Kat was here, I sorta wanted to take advantage of her being willing to babysit and the thoughts crossed my mind that I should work for a couple of hours either at the dental office or doing one of the photo sessions that are waiting for me to reschedule.  But you don't take a bottle yet, and we're supposed to be resting!  I still couldn't help myself, so we did cram in a photo session - of Aunt Kat herself:)  She said she could use a professional head shot, so I curled the front of her hair, put make-up on her, and put a jacket on her with some pearls.  Steven said that he could always tell when the girls in his office had a trial because they would be wearing pearls - plus before that, he told me I looked "professional" one day when I was going for pretty - and I was a little offended but am blaming it on the pearls.  Anyway, I think she looks both pretty and professional here.  Want to know another secret?  I could only find one of these pearl earrings. 
Sorry Tyler, this should be a post all about you.  You're filling out a little, but I still think you're teeny tiny.  I think I'll move the headrest and shoulder straps up a notch tomorrow in your car seat.  You're the sweetest little cuddler and I love how your legs still want to be up like a little froggy when I hold you up to my neck to kiss on you and burp you.  I love your little hand on me by your mouth when you nurse.  I don't like how you choke and can't breath until you have swallowed air and stretch uncomfortably then finally let out a cry to get some air when my milk starts.  So sad!  You get gas too.  You have only spit up like 5 times in your life though, and it is just a little out of the corner of your mouth that I notice later if I didn't try to burp you.

i need to pick 9 favorite pictures of Tyler for a tile board.  they say you take a bunch of pictures of your 1st child, then less w/ each other child.  not so at my house!  which should i pick?

You are still really floppy and are so relaxed and new.  You fall asleep before you are done eating most times.  You are still my tiny newborn and I love you!

This Tonka truck has been at my grandma's forever, probably.  I knew I would like to stuff a baby in it some day, thank goodness you're a boy!  She made you this blanket and booties, so I thought it would be fitting to combine them in her front yard. 
Here's a better shot of the booties.  Your feet are too small for them!
This is your Great Grandma.  She loves to hold you. 

You're so teeny tiny!
 And cute and sleepy.  I love having a summer baby! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

1st day of Joy School!

I took the boys out of preschool for the summer so we could have a real summer vacation.  I thought I would put Isaac back to the 2 days in the fall, but we are doing Joy School instead. It's a little like a home preschool coop.  I love the other 2 families who are doing it with us and am excited about it!
 Yvonne taught first.  Alicia and I stayed the first day so we could see what works and how we will adapt the curriculum.  She and I nursed our babies a lot. 
 Afterwards, the 3 played and didn't want to leave.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1st Beach Day!

When Kat was here, we went to the beach.  I took Dylan for one of his first times with his aunt Kat too.  He wore these froggy shorts and tiny green sandals too, so did Isaac.  (The hat is from Aunt Tina for Isaac - it has a frog on it too.) 

Which reminds me, when I opened the umbrella, a frog jumped to the sand!  Isaac loved on it for a long while before I guess it got away. 

This was the only time little Tyler was in the sun, don't worry.  He was held, covered (from the windy wind) under the umbrella most of the time. 
 Isaac played in the waves with his Granddad, then we hunted for shells and treasures, then he threw the football with Granddad.  Lucky kid. 

 Here's the tiny little guy. 
 Jennifer Martin and Kat thought it was necessary to take a picture of his little feet sticking out. 
 Can you believe this was Kat's 1st time to the Candy Kitchen?  We did a U-turn when I found that out!
Dylan, that morning, walked himself into school and got out his water bottle, Friday folder, planner, nap towel, and moved his lunch Popsicle stick.  It was the first time I dropped him off in the car line and he did it!  (Isaac had forgotten his shoes that morning, and I didn't want to look ridiculous carrying him and Tyler into the school.)

Friday, September 9, 2011

pull back of newborn session

It's fun to see how other photographers set up the shot to get to the final image.  
I took Tyler outside today for his 2 week photo session.  I wanted him under the shade tree on the green grass.  This isn't so much to show the how to, but to show how to go with the flow when I have a bored little 3 yr old who misses his big kindergartner brother. 

Dear Tyler, you're 2 weeks old today!

Dear Tyler,
You're still so cute!  You still squeak some.  You don't cry much.  You slept through the night twice, and now you only wake up 1-3 times/night.  You still sleep next to me, but I do let you nap in your crib, on a blanket on the floor, or in the swing in the day time.  Your jaundice is gone, but you have some discoloration in the scellera in your eyes.  The doctor said it's just stained and will go away with in a month.  You weigh 7 lbs, 3 oz now.  You have a big belly but still have skinny legs and feet.  Your skin is so soft!  You still get cold easily so we keep you swaddled or wrapped in a blanket.  Your Aunt Kat came to visit you today all the way from Salt Lake City!  You slept through most of her visit, and she held you most of the visit too.  You're very loved!  I got your birth announcements in today.  I didn't order that many b/c I'm sure I'll put your photo on our Christmas card this year.  I also got my brag books in and gave one to your grandma already.  You still look a lot like Dylan.  You are really sleepy still but you do smile some!

I love you!
love, Mom

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer is over {results of our summer to do list}

I made a list of things to do over the summer because I wanted it to be fun for my kids.  It's our last summer before school started, and before we had a family of 5.  I wanted to have some goals but wanted it to be fun, relaxed, and short term - easier to check off then New Year's resolutions. 

I thought the summer would end when I had the baby or when Kindergarten started.  It kinda all started at the same time, and now that I'm settled, here's the outcome of our list. 
Some of the ideas we didn't do b/c I got more pregnant and big and so hot that I didn't want to do the outdoor golfing, lemonade stand, or pick up baseball game.  We still may do those things later . . . We did a lot though!! 

(no pictures, maybe I'll add them later.)
√ sunrise breakfast on the beach - idea from Daisy Crawford We didn't do a sunrise, but we did do breakfast!
√ Disney in May
√ Southwest Pool so I can swim laps and Dylan can do THE swim test (25 meters)
   Family group sheets
     Steven no, but I did find one that I had started to fill out w/ Steven's mom and I did send requests to Steven's family but didn't get much response
   Lemonade Stand - idea from McKinzie Emery I still want to . . .
   Gatorland - idea from Brendon Black Steven will take the kids sometime soon
√ Planet Jump - we have 1 free visit 6/30
√ Gator Fred's - we have Gator bucks 7/28 w/ Paige
   Glass blowing at the art center in Gulfport - idea from Holly Moons' patient
√ Paint the nursery - maybe greens 8/21
Decorate nursery - Hawaii/Jungle theme started
√ Camping maybe go again though . . .
√ Rays baseball game 8/6 w/ the church
√ Threshers baseball game 7/2 w/ Pagie, Grandma, and Granddad
√ Fireworks 7/2 and 7/4
√ Finish Kindergarten books w/ Dylan 7/16
√ Dylan - ride bike by himself
√ Isaac - swim length of pool 8/3 and front flip!
   Driving range w/ Szasz boys
   Put put golf
   Baseball pick up game w/ friends
√ Decide on a name for our baby boy 8/26 at the hospital while having contractions
√ Figure out what I need
   Sew/make something for the baby boy I still need to make curtains
√ Slip 'n slide
   Have Dylan and Isaac memorize scriptures
   Have Dylan and Isaac memorize stuff w/ fun songs (need to find some)
√ Plan Joyschool 8/10 started, then 9/8 we had our planning meeting finally! 
√ Eat freezer pops 6/11
√ Sidewalk chalk 7/17
√ Canoe
√ Dylan - take piano lessons 9/7
√ Dylan - start karate so he'll ease into the after school fun if we do that 7/11 It's actually Tae Kwon Do, and Dylan loves it!  I'm glad we enrolled in it, and they did pick him up after school twice for after care (before we changed Dylan's school.) 
   Dylan - memorize phone # and address just phone #, and he knows what street we're on.
   Picnic at sunset on the beach I saw lots of sunsets for photoshoots though
   Family service project
   Pencil pals, maybe w/ Finn from school His mom didn't email me back w/ their address, and neither did one of Dylan's cousins:(  He did write two letters to each of them though.
√ Maternity pictures of me 6/26 I didn't get the "cravings" one I wanted (date night w/ Steven eating ice cream or something cold outside of the Candy Kitchen or at John's Pass or something)
√ Maternity pictures w/ finger paint and the boys 8/15
   Pictures of Isaac's kiss face
√ Letters to missionaries (actually mail the letters we have written) Does count?  I hope so.
√ Something w/ geography for the kids 8/10 stuff from Barbie
√ Summer craft Kissing Hand craft, and canvases for the baby room
   Plant stuff (landscaping)
   Have Dylan mark the majority of his Book of Mormon (when reading it) not the majority, but since schoolstarted, we've been reading a chapter/story from Just So Stories and the Book of Mormon each night. 
√ Glazier Children's Museum 8/13 hooray for $5 day!!
√ Tampa Tropical Smoothie Cafe 7/20 after Steven's office baby shower
√ Clearwater Beach 7/3 w/ Andre and Barbie after dinner at Frenchy's
√ Indian Rocks Beach
√ Reddington Beach 6/26, 6/27, 6/30
   Madiera Beach
√ Treasure Island playground 8/13 w/ Daddy and Snowballs
√ St. Pete Beach 7/4 fireworks at Upham
√ Pass-A-Grill Beach 7/29 w/ Jolyn and her kids and friends
√ Ft. De Soto Beach 8/8 w/ Paige, Emerys, and Jeffra and Cannon
√ Siesta Key Beach w/ Paige and Jolyn and Emerys and Renee

We added to the list the following:
√ Zoo 7/21 w/ Paige
√ Busch Gardens
√ Make cupcakes for Darren 7/16 this happened to show up on the list after the Crews came for a swim
√ Edile Playdough 7/11
   Ted Peter's
√ fire station 7/15 w/ Liz Walke (her idea), the Yvonne, and Rachael (and their kids)
√ Snowballs on TI beach 8/13

Get rich so I can:
Order canvases
Order Blog Books My mom and Kat got me some for my birthday!!
Lighting in bedrooms we did it!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm sorry

I need to apologize in advance to my poor boys. It was so sunny that even under a huge umbrella they couldn't open their eyes.  They were good sports there, but I didn't get the picture I wanted.   
 Instead of giving up, I tried under our big tree where they could open their eyes if they wanted to, but Dylan refused to lay down in the grass, so he went to time out. 
I'm sorry. 
I'm also sorry for all of the pictures in the future that I'll make you sit through ...

Because I'm not stopping.