Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dear Tyler, You're 5 years old!

Hi my chico lindo cutie tico Tyler tico T. Your'e 5! Do you know that I didn't want you to start Kindergarten? You didn't want to start and I didn't want you to start, yet somehow we decided that you're smart and can hang with the big kids since that's sorta what you do for a living already, hang out with your big brothers as the little guy who can almost climb as high, can almost jump as high, and who can definitely wrestle daddy as much if not more. You are sweet and still like to sleep with your blankets. You used to like the white one, but since the tags have moved on with their lives, you like the monkey one and the elephant ones more. The elephant one is your favorite. You like your Curious George monkey and still sleep with a sippy cup of water.
You growl and hiss at Julia to play fight and although she usually plays along, you don't like to quit when she gets scared or screams. She does scream a lot, but you are having a hard time being a protective big brother. You sure do help her and console her when we're not watching, but for show, you two push one another's buttons and are not quick to listen the first time.
For school lunch, you like to take your lunch and like a pre-sliced apple in the apple coosie, a cream cheese and jelly sandwich, and other lunch snacks. 
You like play tattoos and can put them on yourself. 
I cut your hair before your birthday. It was making you hot. You can write your first and last names. You are well behaved in class and like your teacher, Mrs. Winston. She was Dylan's teacher last year. 
You are cute. You are sweet and smart and have very good questions. You think things out. 
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I love you, my baby boy. 
@kattilby he had a happy lunch but got sad when he realized how long he still had left of school. It made him tired and he didn't want to play outside for recess. He just sat there and put his head down. I went over and looked at him and he didn't budge. Sleepy boy would have fallen asleep on the way home. I texted Steven if I should bring our little man home with me but he said "probably not." So I left him. He had a good rest of the day.