Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fishy Face Photography, drumroll please ~~~~~~~~

Alright, you're my friends, and I've already given the link out to some of you who have asked individually, so even though I have more tweaks that need to be done before showing potential new clients and ISR swim instructors, I don't know if I'll be able to do much more before my personal deadline of January 31st so why not show you today!

It'll be a work in progress and I'm going to continue my excitement into February to fix everything to perfection.  I've been staying up even later than usual because I have so many ideas for this, Valentine's Day, and Dylan and Isaac's birthdays!  Here's what I have going on before my "pie crust" deadline:  I work, have a primary presidency meeting, 2 photoshoots, a PCDHA board meeting to preside over, a PCDHA general meeting to do a powerpoint for and preside over, and Stake (Pinellas County church) conference this weekend AND am trying to recruit, verify, and organize volunteers to help with the national Give Kids A Smile program for Feb 12th.  So much for claiming January as "me month."  I have done things for me and at home too like reading scriptures daily, Steven made a sand box, we made rice crispy treats today, and I even got clear aligners braces (like invisalign) yesterday! 

So, only look at the new site if you're prepared to give me constructive feedback.  I'm pretty proud of myself for figuring it all out in less than a month.  I'd like to say thank you to my cousin Lacey with A Cherry On Top Photography (in Oklahoma) and her helpful husband who told me about hosting and templates and shoping carts and proofing sites and so much inspiration and courage and much more.  I  need to thank my supportive husband who has only rolled his eyes a couple of times at my enthusiasm and after all, he's the one who bought me my cameras!  He keeps talking about landscaping and a studio in our future!  I'm thankful to my friends who trust in me and who have let me take pictures of their adorable kids.  And thank you to my step-sister and her husband who designed my logo.  I'm so blessed! 
I know you probably skipped all of that and are looking for the link! Here it is.
As if you haven't guessed the website name:)
and the direct link to the blog if you don't want to go through that flash page is

AND b/c I think you need a fun picture, here's one of cute 3 month old Shaylyn.  My camera settings were wacky and it's a poor choice of background for her cute tutu, but she's so cute anyway!  (There's more of her on the new blog:)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Small Sneak Peak for Jolyn (just one)

Jolyn, I know I let you sit at my computer and look at all of the raw pictures and you saw some of my test photos and ones when your kids weren't looking.  This one should make you feel better.  I just got through editing them and posting them to my new blog.  I'm doing too many things at once so that and my portfolio aren't ready yet.  This is just one of the many that I loved enough to post on the fishy face blog:)  This isn't even one of them!  Look at that eye contact from both of them!  I think it's so sweet and a little bit silly. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Help the willing volunteers get to Haiti!

My dad is approved and signed up to go to Haiti.  The only thing holding him and the other volunteers of his additional plane is funding.  If you were wanting to donate some (or more than you already have) then you can help by donating.  The volunteers, (besides the six security officers, 1 USAID liaison, and 1 military liaison),  speak the language, and/or are medical professionals, and/or have a clean bill of health and will be construction workers.  My dad is the latter. 

I can't take 3 weeks away from my work(s) and family, but my dad can.  Let's donate something so the selfless people out there can do what we can't.  (This is a picture of him on a white water rafting trip down the Snake River last year).

Donations can be made at - during the payment process please click on the “Add Special Instructions to Seller” and note that the donation is for Utah Hospital Task Force.

Donations can also be mailed to:
Healing Hands for Haiti International Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 521800, Salt Lake City, Utah 84152-1800
Be sure to designate “Utah Hospital Task Force”.

Additional Info:
Healing Hands for Haiti has been around for over 10 years.  The group of people who are going are mostly members of my church, but it's NOT one of the church sponsored relief teams.  Our church IS providing each volunteer with a duffle bag at SLC departure.  It includes a blanket, pad, hygiene kit, a hand-crank flashlight, water purification bottle, camp towel, beef jerky, four packs of trail mix, 21 MREs (meals ready to eat), and 20 dust masks. They will be eating MREs for the entire insertion in country. Additional MREs will be provided to each task force member in country.  They plan to camp within a fenced, secure compound at the Healing Hands medical campus.

About this group of volunteers, A senior executive in the Haiti Earthquake Response Management Team of the U. S. Agency for International Development said, “What a blessing to live in a land where people so generously give of their time and talents. Your group appears to be more ‘put together’ than any team I’ve seen during my time here at AID.”

The UN relief coordinator says “This emergency is probably the most complex in history."

Do not forget that everything we will do will be done in the worst natural disaster suffered by humans in recorded history. Dr. Jeff Randle, founder of Healing Hands for Haiti, says the conditions are brutally harsh like nothing any of us have ever experienced. It will take all the faith and courage that we in the covenant can save lives and improve conditions for these suffering sons and daughters of God.

FINALLY – the cost of aircraft logistics is very expensive. Donors have been tremendous, but we need to continue this so that we can charter additional aircraft for all who have signed up but cannot be accommodated on this first plane. Every donation matters! All funds not used for travel logistics will be used for materials for Healing Hands for Haiti clinic reconstruction.
As quickly as we raise sufficient additional funds, we will charter additional aircraft. It costs about $300,000 to bring you round trip. Right now we have enough qualified people registered – and who are desperately needed in Haiti – to fill three additional airplanes.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I don't know if I like it regular or zoomed in better.  I like them both! 

STOP! or should I write STOOOOOOOOOOOOP!

Can you think of a better caption?  Please share.  This photoshoot is because I want to include photos with Dylan's preschool valentines this year.  I'll be putting my logo/watermark in the corner, similar to Olan Mills, remember them?  And I'll put my logo on my return address label so they should put 2 and 2 together:)  I'm all about the underground marketing, and I BETTER have my website together by then! 
There's a lot of noise in this picture, but it sums up my kids pretty well.  Dylan is aiming to please, and Isaac is pouting being cute.  He's got nothing to prove.  Tell me a caption for this one too.  I need Valentine's ideas.

My patient is a graphic artist and told me about this building. His friend is one of the 4 artists who were hired to each cover a wall. I will be going back to do retakes.  I really want good close ups of each Dylan and Isaac, and I didn't get any good photos against a really awesome wall in the back.  We got there as the sun was going down and I ran out of daylight. 

I planned on the photoshoot and packed their clothes, but b/c I took the boys to Corrie's house in their footy PJs, I forgot their shoes.  Isaac borrowed Noah's, but Dylan couldn't borrow Malia's.  I stopped by a consignment shop and got Dylan some Batman shoes for $3.99.  Isaac had a tantrum b/c I didn't get him anything.  I hand't thought about dinner, so we stopped by Taco Bell for some cheese roll ups.  We stayed as long as we could, but then it hit me that we were in a bad part of town, seriously, and the bus started dropping people off so we got the heck outta there.  I felt like I was there dangling bate or something and got a bad feeling.  I'm going to add it to my list of potential backdrops for daytime though.  Feedback please! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Dylan and Isaac are going to have a combined birthday party. 
Since they're into superheros, that's the theme, can you tell?!

This is the save the date email I sent out to his little cousins.

Dylan is into little superhero "waxin' Fegers" (action figures).  I want to make a shaddow box/shelves for him to store them in on the playroom wall.  I'm hoping Steven will whip one together one weekend.  I know Dylan will be excited to carefully stand each one up there.  They are both also into race tracks, like the Hotwheels one they got from their Aunt Kat.  They'd like more of that orange track to make it bigger and better.  They like the $.99 hotwheels too!  Isaac is really into the look-and-find books.  He finds the things faster than any of the rest of us, then he starts to memorize where they are and is really really fast at locating the items.  Both of the boys are into books, but we have a lot, especially thanks to the Wang and Szasz families.  I want them to get some new car DVDs or CDs that are educational.  I want them to start singing things that they should memorize,  like states, seasons, continents, months, 10 commandments, etc.  That's my little wish list for them.  I think I'll get them the marble race track from Marcie's Discovery Toys business.  They really don't need any more toys though. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fishy Face Photography - the logo!!!

Do you love it?! The logo IS the name. Julie is my step-sister, and is so creative. I'm kicking myself for not using her services more before. If we lived closer, I would have figured it out by now I'm sure. She did design my wedding invitations if you remember those. (I've seen many other wedding invites hers are still my favorite.)
Back to my awesome logo, I like the colors, the simplicity, how it is a fishy and a face, and they're underwater (the bubbles). It says it all! It's memorable, marketable, cute yet professional, and timeless. It translates to underwater and on land (b/c I do both). And I can't see myself getting sick of it b/c it's outdated. It's nothing like Julie's other work either, I mean it is b/c it's good, but I'm just saying that she really took what I had in mind and came up with it from scratch. She can fit to her clients.

On that note, and b/c I liked it so much I think that everybody needs a logo for branding purposes. My Pinellas County Dental Hygiene Association keeps developing new programs, and we're going to do websites for them, and therefore, I'm all but making the executive decision to use Julie for their logos. I've already plead my case and will bring it up to the rest of my board at the end of the month. I can't wait to show off whatever Julie comes up with for those if I can get approval. One is for our Head Start Caries Intervention Program, and the other is for our first ever Florida Oral Cancer Awareness 5K which will be this fall.

I also decided that my dental office needs a logo. I've actually brought it up before to Dr. Brayer, but we didn't go anywhere with it b/c I didn't think of Julie at that time. When I come up with ideas, sometimes I just go and do them, like with our office Christmas cards and teeth whitening promo (which is still going on - ask me if you want it!) So yesterday I told Dr. Brayer that she needs to use my logo lady, as I'm calling Julie. Dr. Brayer agreed (she's such a great boss) and she's going to use Julie!

Dr. Brayer did get a website years ago when we talked about it and I insisted on our photos being on there. I put mine up, then asked to take photos of the other providers. I'm big on making patients comfortable, and if they see my face on the website before meeting me, then when they see me, they will automatically feel a little more at ease. It's the same way w/ the photo of our street sign. If they see it on our website, then when they drive by it, they will feel more at home. It's like when i flip through my radio stations in the car, I'll stop on any familiar song for a little longer even if I dislike it b/c I recognize it. I learned back in my Humanities class that familiarity brings fondness. SO, that's another reason I'm really into branding. Do you have a website, business, association, or anything worth something?! Then use Julie. I also asked her to make something that I could put on my wall so i could remember the 10 commandments. she made 2 versions then put the one i picked in her etsy shop for me. Quick turn around time too! I asked another etsy seller if she could make one for me, and she said if she ever did, she would get back to me. Again, why didn't I think of Julie?!
(Sorry, no link to my photography website yet. I have some polishing up to do still, it'll be a while.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Said 3yr old Dylan to 1yr old brother, Isaac:

"Hold on Isaac, I'll wrestle you in a minute. I'm flossing my teeth first."
Gotta love it!

Dylan sings

We started out being dressed up, but because it was such a hot day, I hadn't tried on their sweaters yet and Dylan was swimming in his! Isaac was too hot for his little velvet jacket. I tried.Dylan gets stage fright and just starts crying. I had to go sit with him at his last school program. He practiced, and really sang some of the songs! Steven bribed him with "a prize" if he didn't cry and if he really sang.

Dylan's teachers, Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Prodey
Noah, Kirsten, Isaac, Matt, Danny, Dylan, and Malia

Steven drove us over to the Crew's house b/c he wanted left overs from Festivus. He didn't even let the Crews know, and we beat them there. Steven got out Dylan's $5 garage sale "big prize" he had promised Dylan for doing such a good job in his program. Dylan and Isaac were even more animated then the remote control robot! They were so excited! We put Isaac in bed at home, then let Dylan play with the RXD2 (or whatever his name is) with the door shut to the play room so Isaac wouldn't hear. It can pick up things! And it plays music so Dylan could have a dance party! It's so fun getting things for Dylan b/c he gets so excited!

2010 Resolutions

I'm resolving to write a post about my resolutions.
One should be to be more organized. I'm pretty sure my list is in the car but it's way too cold to go out and check. So, I'll just say the thing I'm most excited about:

I'm starting my Fishy Face Photography business!

I figure if my little brother can start some big businesses, then why can't I. I should stop admiring others who are brave enough to quench their fear of failure who start their own businesses, and I should just do it! So by the time I'm 30, I want to feel like I've started something and although I won't profit this year at all, I'd like to actually make some $ for my services. (I love it and spend my time with photoshoots anyway!) It'll all go right back into equipment and props, and if I'm lucky, getting my hair highlighted. (Don't worry, I'll keep my [part-time] day job.)

I've been working on a new blog and portfolio website, but I'm not ready to give you a peak yet. It takes a lot of time. I love my logo and can't wait to get the usable copy of it so I can put it all over! My step-sister, Julie, and her husband, David, are amazing and have designed it for me. You can check out her Primary Bird etsy shop (button on my side bar to the right). She designed our wedding invitations, and I have still never found another one that I would have rathered. I LOVED our invitations. Anyway, I'm so ready to do the underground marketing that I always tell others to do. I'm really good at fitting friends with other friends, sort of like a business match maker. Maybe that's called a networker:) I have such a good group of friends. This is so exciting!

So, once it warms up a bit, if you want a chance to be in my portfolio, email me! I think that $30 is a fair price for a session anywhere you want and for as long as it takes to get some good shots. I figure I should charge something so you will not feel bad for asking me. I do want to dive into this! I'll edit the good ones and will give you the smallish digital files and/or 4x6 or 4x5 proofs. We can pick ones to blow up really humongous, or for wallets, or for Valentine's cards, or whatever later.

To completely change the subject from Fishy Face Photography, I do know some of my other resolutions. I'm also going to read the scriptures every day. I gave a talk/speech for our congregation last Sunday. You should have been there to hear it:) It was a self-motivating talk really. I passed out reading charts (or had them printed with the programs). You can find one at So ask me how I'm doing, k. I'm on a roll so far this year!

My next resolution for 2010 is to run a marathon with Steven. I'm supposed to be training, but my treadmill-owning friend is out of town (I miss you and your baby), and it's too cold to run, so I'll have to double time the training soon.

I'm also going to do at least one blog book - my deadline is by birthday.

I'm writing so you can hold me accountable to my goals. That's how I work. I need to be accountable to somebody else. I do things for many associations/friends/kids/etc, but my own goals get pushed back. I know deep down that I need to get organized so that I can in turn be more helpful to those associations and friends, so that's the plan.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Festivus 2009

We had our dirty Santa gift exchange. I don't think feelings were hurt this year. Success!
and our feats of strength (the egg nog challenge). Steven was once again defeated so will have to challenge somebody else next year.

Am I a hypocrite?

I peeked in their prayer. Isaac and I had compromised with the whole PJs thing. He insisted on the shirt, so I let him put it over his footy PJs. Isaac is now saying prayers too. He is such a good talker and can repeat everything I say! Dylan likes things done the right way, so he kneels, bows his head, and starts out with "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this day . . .," and little Isaac copies it.
I may be a hypocrite, but I just know I might forget this sweet n silly moment. I love my little babies.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party 2009

We were invited to an annual Ugly Christmas Sweaters Party. Since December is packed with reasons for babysitters, we opted to pay a babysitter for the event. My mom was out of town anyway. To keep her privacy, I'll just say that it was so convenient and lovely to be able to pay a girl to come to our house to play with the kids and to brush and floss their teeth and have them in bed when we got home. It was the kids' first time with a "real" babysitter. I took a picture. They were a little skeptical, but did fine. Last year I didn't go to the ugly Christmas sweater party, so I wore the sweater that Steven wore last year for free! Steven got another good one at the same thrift store from the year before. The turtle neck is connected to the sweat shirt! Barbie happened to be the proud owner of a perfect light up Christmas tree hat, which Steven wore since it coordinated. Dave had a DJ, tons of delicious catered food for dinner, and servers. We saw some old friends and danced and had fun for a while, but we left fairly early because time was literally money when you're paying a babysitter. It's funny being on the other side of the babysitting job. I still feel like (and am) a babysitter. If I had $, I'd for sure pay somebody to hang out with my kids, or to come over when the kids are napping so I could go for a jog or to the post office or something. Some day maybe. I LOVED babysitting when I was younger.

Downtown St. Pete in December

We went downtown at least 3 times in December. We can see Santa for free, there are free movies on the museum lawn, there's an ice skating rink, and a random area of sand. Some days were freezing cold, other days were warm.

We watched Prancer while we waited for 2Dylan and his family to come hang out.
We took the boys out on the "ice." It's actually plastic, but the ice skates work on it.
We were there so late that we got to say hi to Santa on his way back to his sled (that looked like a truck.) Dylan had already sat on his lap (see below), but he told him again that he wants superheros and bad guys just in case.

I'm not sure why there was so much sand here, but they practically buried themselves in it.
We ran in the annual Jingle Bell Run downtown too. Darren ran with some people from his work and took a waggon w/ Noah and Malia. I was going to run, but there were so many people that we let the runners pass (much like the Turkey Trot.)
We got to the park early, so we visited the life size manger scene. You can tell it was a warm night.

Here're pictures from our first visit to the park downtown.
Dylan and Isaac wrote letters and drew pictures for Santa and mailed them here. They each got letters back, and Isaac's said "nice picture" or something too!
This is Dylan's first year being brave enough for Santa. He went right up to him and told him what he wants for Christmas. We took a picture of him, then inserted the crybaby. Dylan told me that he was on the nice list this year for not crying but Isaac is on the naughty list b/c he cried. Who tells him these things? Not I.
Steven and I had a fun time watching the kids run around like crazy. We got ourselves some crappy hot chocolate and had the vendor guy take a picture of us. I love it.
Then we took Dylan glide skating. He was slipping and sliding all over the place. Totally worth the $5!
Isaac wanted on the rink so bad too.
so we put Dylan's skates on little Izy. He wanted to let go and have fun on his own. So cute!
And you can see that Dylan and I ended up shedding our coats.
Dylan was jumping off of the back of these bleachers.
We love it here!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Isaac's New Year's Resolutions

Isaac started his new year out beating some big hurdles.
Yesterday, New Year's Day, he
  • didn't wake up 'til 8am, and
  • woke up happy from what my mom tells me. (My mom watched them overnight for us.)
  • He sat through a whole movie quietly and
  • either sat still in his chair or on a lap then fell asleep (in the Princess and the Frog which my mom and Don treated us to!)
  • He took a long nap, over 2-1/2 hours! And
  • woke up really happy!
  • He didn't drink any milk or mention it (a good thing).
  • He didn't throw any tantrums that I saw even when it was time to leave 2Dylan's house.
  • He didn't get whiney when he got tired either time (the movie and when we were at 2Dylan's house 'til after 11pm.)
  • He also shared toys and
  • took turns and
  • play-wrestled happily with Dylan w/o either hurting feelings or getting his feelings hurt.

Side note: just now he woke up after almost 2 hours of sleep crying "pee pee, pee pee" and I went up expecting him to have wet the bed but he was dry and just wanted to go potty! Then he said "ni' night, ni' night" so I put a fresh diaper on him and put him back on his pillow, covered him up with kisses and blankets, and closed his bedroom door again.

Happy 2010 to me!!!!!!!!