Friday, November 25, 2016

D. C. Day 3

Sunday's happenings: Bagels from the Einstein Bagels in the lobby at our lobby level dining room table, Metro pull ups (I can only do 2), cold and windy weather as Steven predicted and planned for our Smithsonian day, no nativities at the visitors center or other gift shops, Air and Space, McDonalds and a Julia nap while my phone recharged, National Archives, Natural History, Metro, Dinner in the underground at our place, pack and showers. 
Gloves from Doe and Michael in front of the visitors center. 
Windy walks. 
Kid par core. 
Real live portraits. 
"A spider" -Julia
Highs and Lows 

Steven- Dinner at King Street Blues. He had a quesadilla Thursday and it was delicious but tonight's Nachos were gross and he only picked at them. Potato chips for the chips and fake cheese. 
Tiffany- the stress of waiting to see the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and leaving the National Archives right afterwards. And Julia stressing me out with her whining. I took her out of the DNA lab and wanted to cry. I told her. She hugged me and said sorry and we had a fresh start. I was going to take her to the little kid Q area. We found it but it is closed on Sundays. We looked in the windows then went back to the boys. And that we didn't get a family picture with anything cool except this flag as we waited for the Smithsonian to open. 
Dylan- (None)
Isaac- leaving the Insect Zoo before he could see everything. (We were leaving and Isaac was looking at stuff still and it was so crowded and we didn't know if he was ahead of or behind us. I found him still in there. I told him to come because we were looking for him and Dad was waiting.
He wanted to look at something else on the way out and I said no because Dad was standing ahead of us. I said sorry. Just now, when saying highs and lows, he told us this and Steven said he could have just told us. Well he did. I guess I could have said yes and answered to Steven myself or told him he could ask Dad. 
Tyler- looking at the cockroach in the bug exhibit. Dylan pet it! Tyler held a caterpillar. 
Julia- She said "the kid place was closed." 

Steven- the gem exhibit
Tiffany- listening to the tour guide talk about the Wright Brothers and getting to hear about their real flight where they did a coin toss to see who got to go first and they aternated and each went further than the last one. Their actual plane is there too! 
Dylan- Natural History Museum 
Isaac- Air and Space Museum
Tyler- Mummys in the Natural History Museum 
Julia- Seeing a scary bear

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Washington D.Ceeeeeeeee!

We did "highs and lows" of today. My low was when my camera broke as we went through the metro gates. (It's my old rebel and I fixed it.) 
My high was walking into the White House with my family. We were not rushed, secret service personnel are friendly, my kids had anticipated it the most, and the weather is beautiful here so the wait was beautiful too. Another high for me: some pictures of our whole family, taken my complete strangers whom I trust with my phone, ID, debit card, and hotel key. Sometimes they actually know how to press the white circle! (Not always.) 
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