Friday, October 31, 2008


Do you like to watch The Office? I do. Steven works at one, and they really get to have some fun like on that show. Here's Steven's Happy Halloween day good news.
Steven's friend at work surely wins "best dressed" in any yearbook superlative list. I've always loved Jerry's outfit combinations that are a bit loud, but always soooo coordinated. Not many people are that brave to stand out like that. He's really well known too. He took over Steven's position when Steven left that department. He is on all of the committees, sends out the creative emails for fund raisers and office events. Steven said he's even the guy they call when the fridge needs to be fixed. On casual days, he's still dressed to the 9's with cuff links, suspenders, pin stripes, cool color/pattern combos, and all.
SO, Steven went as his white twin. Same last name, but variation on the first name. They went to the mall last night to go shopping together and everything. Jerry will wear this again, but I doubt Steven's going to. I like it, and they WON 1st Place- A DAY OFF OF WORK!

My Zoo Animals

Where's Malia?
Peek-A-BOO! Where's DylanCarolina invited us to go to the zoo with her and her daughter with her pass. I have a hard time saying no, so even though I had 4 kids that day, we went! We were able to all fit in the mini van too. The babies started out in the stroller while the toddlers toddled. We saw the monkeys first.
After watching the big kids play, the babies wanted a turn. We stayed in the playground area for the rest of out stay. We've been to the zoo a lot, so it was fine that we didn't see tons of animals this time.
Get ready to laugh at the crazy group pictures.

We ate lunch there on the playground. Malia didn't like hers that much because of the granola bar and grapes she found in the diaper beg earlier. I love how she fed Isaac. Look how she and Dylan are opening their mouths to try to get Isaac to do the same. Some kids do that when opening and closing siscors too. I love it. Isaac doesn't gag on lumpy foods like this. Honestly he only eats food food about once/day because it's easier to nurse him. Well, Corrie feeds him breakfast and lunch, but this was a suprise to me. He ate it up! They're growing too fast, stop it, babies!
The trip was pretty short because of nap time and the rest of our busy day, but it was so fun and worth it!

It's freeeezing here!

A cold front came through. It got really cold to us, but you know it's not THAT cold if . . .

2Dylan is wearing sandals when he watches his dad and me play soccer
and if . . .

we still are in the mood for smoothies:)
It's fun to bundle up, but then it was hot again today. 'Tis the season to be outside!


Our church had a fun Halloween party. They have trunk-or-treating in the parking lot after the dinner, games, and costume contest. There are prizes for how decorated the trunk of your car is. It's fun and safe for the kids.
I took Dylan around while Steven and Isaac passed out the candy from out trunk. We didn't decorate out trunk, maybe next year.
Uncle JT already changed out of his costume here. He and my mom wore Don's Navy uniforms. They both fit, pretty cool last minute costumes if you ask me!
My kids were the primates.
Isn't this little gypsy girl so cute?! She's just a little younger than Isaac.
There was a chili (or soup) cook off. I actually made my own version of white chicken chili in a crock pot. I felt a sense of accomplishment. I dressed up my kids and made the chili, and remembered candy for our trunk. I figure I'll dress up and decorate my car next year. Isaac ate a lot of the chicken noodle soup.
Kid costumes are so fun. McKenzie loves Isaac. She has a little brother a little older than Isaac, but much skinnier. She always begs me to hold him when we're in primary because I have to take Isaac with me.
I loved this family's costumes. They were Alvin and the Chipmunks. The mom was Claire and the dad was Dave. They even sang the chipmunks song for us. The adults dressed up too. See Claire and Dave in the middle? How about Sheera, and the crayons family.Isaac was entertained by the pumpkin flash light.

It looks like he's telling ghost stories, so let's pretend he is. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Standing Tall

See, some of you didn't really get how Isaac could stand on those legs. So I've covered them up so they're not a distraction and got it on video. He was clapping and dancing before and even looking all around. He has ballance!
He can also push around one of those walk-behind-push toys. I'll spare you that boring video though. Maybe another day:)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Painting Pumpkins

We bought a couple of pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. I had old shirts for the kids to wear as smocks, but Corrie came over early and said Malia would be fine if we took off her dress. I decided Dylan's clothes weren't anything special so he could stay. He didn't get any paint on his clothes anyway!
They were so careful and particular with their projects.
Noah and Isaac just hung out. We all got a little sweaty because it's still pretty hot out here even in the shade. See the sweat "Rayhawk" Isaac has? We joked about shaving our kids' heads into Rayhawks for the Rays, but then we realized we would look back at pictures and say "What were we thinking?"

Friday, October 24, 2008

World Series 2008 - GO RAYS!

2008 World Series Pictures, Images and Photos
It's so exciting around here. Our Tampa Bay Rays are in the World Series! And the cool part is, that the

World Series is here!
The stadium is here in St. Pete. Andre won the chance-to-buy-tickets-lottery and sold them for double. The cool part for me, is that the Szasz family bought one for Jake and one for me for Game 1! (They have 4 season tickets for their busy family of 5 and can usually get another ticket when they all want to go.) Jake and I had so much fun in our own section. We didn't sit in his usual VIP seats behind home plate, but it was still so fun. Everybody was so into the game and Jake and I were cheering our heads off. I was laughing with a big smile the whole time. It was so exciting just being there being a part of history. We were at the WORLD SERIES!!! They brought out the biggest American flag I've ever seen, then had fire shoot up as they announced each player. Steven stayed home with the kids so it was just me and Jake. It was wierd but I got used to it:) Jake knows so much about the Rays and baseball in general that the people around us were impressed. He booed or stood up before the other fans. There was a lot of security. Some Phillies fans got escorted out really early in the game. They didn't do anything wrong that I could see, but they didn't sit down when asked. They were ejected right out of there. I felt bad because they know they spent a lot on their tickets. All of the Rays fans were lovin' it though. We bought some World Series things and Jake even got a FOX had and shirt because a FOX camera was in front of Jake's parents' seats. I also got Dylan a new shirt since his is so worn out. It was a great experience and I'm so lucky that I got to go with Jake. Thank you Bonnie!! If only we had won that night.

World Series GAME 2

Andre and Steven got to go. It's funny that Steven and I both went to the world series, but we went on different nights. They got there early and tail gated way far away from the stadium b/c they found free parking. Steven was giddy and they had a lot of fun being a part of the craziness. Steven said the plan was to high five each other 'til their hands were bleeding. They were high fiving for every happy thought: every catch, every run, every out, every inning change, whatever. They saw the Sting Rays touch tank, just in case you wanted to see it. They didn't touch the Rays though.
The Rays won that night, so the Phillies fans left early. Steven said those guys kept getting pop corn thrown in their frows. They must have had enough. Our fans have Rayhawks.

Dylan and Isaac showed their support by wearing Rays outfits. I found Isaac's in a box of 9-12 month clothes, who knew!

I had Isaac hold on to Dylan for a standing up shot and Dylan stepped away. Isaac stayed standing! Then he did it again 'til he noticed. Then he hovered down. I'm guessing that he'll walk before 12 months. He can scale around the coffee table. Noah can push toys around walking behind them. The best part is the fat rolly polly legs. Don't you just want to squish them?! I can't believe they hold him up at all, they look like they're just mush. GO RAYS!!!!!!!

Rays Pictures, Images and Photos