Wednesday, March 31, 2010

fishy face photography, yes it's me!

It's funny that some of my friends hadn't associated me with fishy face photography, the Tampa Bay, FL underwater portrait and natural light photographer. I clarified on facebook, but reaize I didn't put it here. I now have 2 blogs, not just one, and I'm trying to keep up with both while paying the AAA membership bill, dying Easter eggs, working, and jogging. So, check out that blog too if you want. I'll naturally have some similar posts on both, but this will be for QUANTITY, and that'll be for QUALITY. I can't help but do both:)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why I go to Tball games:

Dylan is #5, I was always also randomly given #5 in sports, as was my mom.  I like it. 
Isn't this series so cute?!  He looks so little and so worried in the 2nd frame.  Then he makes eye contact with me, then he has a smile that he can't hide, then WHAMMO! 
"Go Dylan, Go!"

down to the grounders, then UP TO THE CLOUDS!

We started our morning off watching Dylan play Tball. 
He's so cute.  He uses a Rays glove from the Szasz family. 
Isaac had fun climbing under and over the bleachers.
Isaac didn't just play UNDER the bleachers the whole time, he likes cheering for his big brother too.  I heard him cheering, so turned the camera on him.
We took the treats for that game. 
Then we were off to MacDill Air Force Base to watch their annual free air show.
Lots and lots and lots and gobs and gobs and throngs of people went.  They all stood in this never-ending line to get on the other side of these heavily guarded cement barricades.  We didn't need the fair food over there or to wait in more lines to climb into and onto the aircraft.  We were content where we were, in the parking lot.

Isaac tried on Dylan's hat.  It was too big.  He's so cute figuring out how to fit it to himself. They didn't just sit quietly the whole time.  We were in a wide open space, after all.  They were free to run circles around us, which they gladly did! 
We were going to go to the Green Iguana there in Tampa, but Isaac was almost asleep when we pulled into the parking lot.  Instead, we went home for nap time, then went to the St. Pete one for dinner. 
and that's our sweet {& sour} day:)

St. Patrick's Day {Organized} Chaos

6 kids over for our green day (in our green sand box Steven made, have I told you about that yet?  Well here it is.)
Isaac kept sneaking our green foods from the picnic table, mainly the rice crispie treats, the only unhealthy thing there.  Silly little guy.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tee Ball Time!

Dylan started playing tee ball on a real team!  Here he is at his first practice.  He wanted to wear his new baseball pants. 
Can you believe that I forgot my cameras that I had already and charged?!  It was his first game!  I asked the mom with the nicest camera if she would take some pictures of my little #5 for me through the fence.  She did!  The next two are from Nicky's mom.  The parents get to be on the field with the kids. 
They get assigned MLB teams.  Look at his huge shirt and hat.  This is such a fun thing to watch each week.
And here's my camera - back in action for his 2nd game.  They are practicing a little before the game. 

Isaac really wanted to go out and play the first game.  He was so mad at me.  He has been good at watching or playing under the bleachers for the next two games though. 

Dylan is a little afraid to really smack the ball, but he is really good!
I think it's hard for him to run with the big hat on his head, but he has to keep it on the whole way around 'til home. 

I love how he is looking at me instead of at the high five in his face.  And I love the proud daddy in the back.  Steven does everything for tee ball.  He signed him up, sold raffle tickets, bought all of the gear, is the contact person for the team mom, knows when there are practices, etc.  He and Dylan are equally excited about this sport.
"good game, good game, good game, good game, good game, good game."  Dylan is the one in the middle headed to the right with no hat on.  He was the last batter so he hit a home run!  His grandma and granddad got to see it!
Isaac went to run the bases after.  He ended up just running all around. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

NC diet time

I made wilted spinach salad for dinner tonight b/c it was yummy at the Maccaroni Grill when I went with Laura a week ago.  I carmelized some chopped onions, added smushed garlic cloves, added the olive oil, rice vinegar and lime dressing I made, added some almond pieces then two big things of baby spinach and the rest of the dressing.  I wish I had only wilted a little more than half of the leaves b/c it didn't end up looking like much, but that's OK.  Everybody ate it all up!  (I added some sliced carrots too, but that's just random.)  We had delicious multi grain rolls with real butter too. 

I actually made a meal plan and went grocery shopping and everything.  (Usually Steven does all of the shopping, laundry, vaccuming, dusting, yard work, bills, etc etc.  Neither one of us is any good at meal planning, but we do eat some how.)  I hid our sugar cereals and am going to get my whole family on board this week.  Join us!

Eat no crap.  That's it!  N. C. If it's processed too much, wait a week to eat it.  If it's candy, hide it for a week.  If it's an apple, eat it even if you're not in the mood.  Eat organic if you can find it. 
Someone once said you should move closer to the farmer and further from the baker.  I liked that philosophy.  I bought a bunch of fruits, nuts, raisens, craisens, Zbars, etc.  We won't go hungry, we'll just stuff ourselves with more healthy things instead of the usual marshmallows for bribes and kraft cheese singles. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green projects for St. Patrick's Day

We made rice crispies treats turn into green shamrocks for today!  The kids helped stir the butter, put in marshmallows, and stir until one of them touched the pot.  Then I told them to go play. 
Isaac did more than play.  His idea of green is the green floor mat tile that he colored with a crayon.  I love magic erasers!  Thanks for that tip too Lacey. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

sun oven VS. convection oven

My dad got me a convection oven with the hope that I would not buy a microwave. It worked. We do have a microwave in the garage that we occassionally sneak and plug in out there, but that's really REALLY rare.

My dad also got me a solar powered sun oven.

Today I made baked ziti in the convection oven. The top got crisp, and by the time Steven got home, it was cold.

The solar oven wins! It's moist and steaming hot for a long time and won't burn get crisp on top.

The funny thing is, that my dad got me the pots I use in the sun oven and the pan I used in the convection oven (and my Saladmaster other pots and pans). He's the skinniest guy around, yet he's worried how I eat.  I guess he wants me (and his grandsons) to be healthy.  He's making it easier.  I think I'll designate next week as another NC week, only I'll include my 3 boys which means I need to do a lot of planning.  I want to make a warm spinach salad (I had one at Macaroni Grill and I think I can duplicate it), grilled fish with either corn on the cob or asperagus, beans and rice (maybe made into a taco salad w/ no meat - just kidney beans like my mom makes), baked/mashed potatoes, and veggie wraps with hummus.  I'll also do organic pasta w/ organic sauce one day too.  That's the plan anyway, we'll see how busy I get and if I can get home for dinner. 

My dad would have liked this baked ziti recipie better than the one I did in the sun oven b/c I didn't go to the store to buy the meat, (even though it was organic ground beef or ground turkey last time), and I used whole wheat pasta this time. I don't like ricatta, so I use goat cheese, not much, but it's fun. Then I put some on our salad too:).

For those of you who asked where my dad got my "green" solar oven, it's

oh, and I updated my fishy face photography blog w/ cute photos of a girl's newborn.  I met them the day before.  (It was on that best random Thursday ever).  She seemed like she needed a photoshoot, and did it for free.  It was short and rushed unfortunately, but I think she got more than she paid for:)

Indoor energy

Sunday, March 14, 2010

networking with my fishy face photography

hi friends,

I'm getting ready to be the next big thing in photography and I could use your help. 

Besides hiring me to be your photographer when it's still just $50, could you "follow" my blog please?  I only have 2 followers, and that looks pretty sad.  You can even follow anonymously, however that's spelled. 

And I'm going to work on my fishy face facebook fan page more, so I'd love it if you would be a fan of me too! 

If you want to add my logo as a button on your blog, then you can go to your layout, click "add widget," select the photo one, and upload my logo (after you right click on it and save it somewhere like to your desktop).  In the link section, add either http:// if you just want the blog, but you can do the flash page that will go to the blog and to my portfolio by adding and saving it.

Of course comments on that blog and on facebook are helpful and loved!

I'm going to mostly make money off of my summer underwater swimming lesson sessions, so in order to attract those clients, I want to look like a lot of people love me!  I'm being completely honest letting them know that I'm just starting out b/c I'm only official as of 2010, but you all know that I've had a camera attached to me ever since I got my hands on one as a kid.  I used to only use the 1 hour developing services b/c I was afraid of the chance that my film would get lost if they sent it out.  I would always get doubles and would give coppies to friends.  I was hesitant to transition to digital, but of course that was a great move.  I'm getting better and better at both the photography side, and the business side.  Networking is the best way to start, so please help me out! 

Oh, and I have my first ISR underwater photoshoot on April 15th!  I just need to set dates with other instructors and find ways for them to advertise on my blog etc.  I'm so excited!

And I'll be glad to help you market your business or skills too!

Pictures to come soon, gotta unload the dishwasher real quick first:)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Impromptu Thursday (the long version, don't feel obligated to read this journal entry)

Today was the most random day of 2010 so far.  I loved it. 

I got up way too early (6:45am, not early for most of you I'm sure) after staying up way too late (being productive designing and ordering Fishy Face Photography gift cards and photo prints of the church nursrey kids etc.)

I got to the preschool to switch kids as if it were a Monday b/c Corrie needed me to have the day off b/c she had the first mandatory meeting at her work ever.  I ALWAYS work this day of the week, so it started off different.  I took Noah and Isaac to Publix where we got stuff for dinner b/c I was asked to take a meal to someone in church who recently had a C-section. 

Once home, I got the random newspaper out of our yard and instead of throwing it right into the trash like usual, I saved the bag so Steven can put it over his broken finger bandage in the shower.  Something caught my eye and I started flipping through the paper.  I noticed a "networking events" section.  One of the events said "Thursday March 11th, 11:30-1."  It's the one that Andre has been telling me I should attend, but I can't b/c I always work Thursdays.  Then it hit me, TODAY is Thursday, and I'm off!  And it's only 9 something in the morning!  So I asked Steven to come home for his lunch break.  He's busy, so he can't.  I asked Don if he wanted to watch his grandson and a napping Noah, and he could!  He even came to my house instead of going to him.  I was going to go for a run, but had a lot of phone, email, and diaper distractions so I skipped that and went right to the shower.  I got a message that Dylan and Isaac's little cousin's surgery went well.  Our prayers are answered.  We're still praying for his continued healthy recovery. 

So while Don made memories and paper airplanes with Isaac, I passed out over 30 Fishy Face Photography business cards at a networking lunch!  I got over 30 business cards too.  I think I'll call the girl who does hair:)  I'm also going to call the UPS guy b/c I really don't even know how that works but he said he'll package everything for me and insure it for free.  I asked a lawyer if he was hiring, and he said he'd have coffee with Steven, but not really.  He'll rent an office with Steven when he's ready, so I'll save that business card.  It was so much fun, and I met someone who may call me to take photos of his little puppy, or if I can get a wide angle lense, maybe he'll use me to take photos of his waterfront properties.  (He was one of like 5 realtors there.) 

I got so excited that I finally made a Fishy Face Photography Facebook page.  (I later realized that I didn't put my watermark on any of the photos, so I have some work to do).  The lunch was really motivating.  I've already been really motivated lately, partly because of all of the Team National motivational speaker CDs I've been listening to.  I'm so blessed!  I mean, so many people can't find work, and I'm turning away job offers!  (I don't want to though, I want to do it all.)  I love helping people find work or people who can help with their businesses.  It's exciting because I'm finally one of the people benefitting directly.  I finally have my own business! 

Ok, so when I got home, I put Isaac in his crib then after a little while Noah woke up (not even knowing that I had left.)  He and I sat at the computer putting my facebook page together and returning emails.  Then I cooked dinner for the C-section person whom I had not yet met and for my own family.  I made simple enchiladas with easy fridge-dough cookies.  There was time to cuddle the two babies when Isaac woke up.  They are so sweet.  They shared both a blanket and me.  (Sometimes Isaac is jealous.) 

Dylan was supposed to have tee ball practice, but it was rainy so it was cancelled.  Instead of taking Isaac visiting teaching with me, it was just me and my grandma.  First, I took dinner to the cutest sleepy tiny newborn little baby boy!  Because of the really (and I do mean really) sad situation and the extreme cuteness of this baby, I asked if I could go back and do a newborn photo session for free for them.  They were so happy!  I am too b/c there's NO stress and it'll be fun practice. 

We went to find a lady on our visiting teaching list, and found out that the person never lived at that address.  I think she gave a fake address, it's pretty funny to me, but only b/c I don't know the person I guess.  So we were early to the church for our next visiting teaching appointment (which was so good). 

Since it's Thursday, the family history center there is open late.  It was on my list for either this month or next to go get Chrissy's paperwork ready so I can go through the temple for her.  We had some time, so my grandma said she'd help me!  How exciting!  We did it!!!!!!!!!  It was so easy.  I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but just didn't go.  Now I can't wait to go to the temple for her!  She's probably so happy!  I wish I could call her and talk to her.  I have so much to tell her.  I tried calling her dad to tell him, then her sister to tell her, then my sister to tell her.  I was on such a high after such an unexpected productive uplifting happy surprising giddy day.  I called a couple of other people too, and one friend finally answered but I was already almost home.  I didn't want to just blog it, I wanted my friends to feel my excitement. 

I got home in time to see my little guys in PJs with their teeth brushed watching Diego for another couple of minutes, then after tucking them in bed, I watched the Office.  I do like that show, but it brought me down from my high for some reason.  It seemed dull in comparasson with real life.  But then the dishes still had to be done, so that's my end to my real life day. 

So my thoughts on the day:  Why is it that I normally would have had to be sitting in an office, not talking on the phone or facebooking or emailing, but I was so busy doing that and all of the other things?  I do love my job, honestly - LOVE it, but I feel like I did in high school when I had a pass to get out of class early for an away soccer game or for a club meeting.  I LOVED those days even though I had more make up work to do.  It's such a good feeling when I'm in control, am making things and people better.  It might be awesome b/c I know this day can never be duplicated again.  So many things worked together and every one was at the last minute - and that's my style:) 

our new hang out

ok, so we've only gone once, but this place seems MUCH better than chuck e. cheese for when it's yucky or too hot or too cold outside. 
it's $8/kid, but free for the adults.  So if the 4 of us go, it's $4/person!
We went with Daliah who was better at climbing the "rock" walls than Dylan b/c she has been there lots before. 
AAAAH! The aligator was eating her!

It's a cute place for jumping, climbing, and sliding.  I went down some big fast slides too!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

{Baby} Steven's Finger Surgery

Steven broke his finger playing flag football. He tore the ligaments and his finger looked so deformed. He couldn't move the end of his finger at all. He went to a hand specialist who splinted it and told him he needs surgery. This is Steven's FIRST BROKEN BONE ever, so you can imagine his distress.
We went out for a last meal at Leroy Selmon's the night before. Steven's surgery was supposed to be at 8:30am, but they moved it to past Steven's lunch time, so he had lots of time to pace in the morning. I don't think he was hungry though, he did a good job prepping at Leroy Selmon's:) We took all 4 kids to drop him off. He doesn't look nervous!
But he almost passed out when they were setting up his I.V. He can't give blood either. It's always the tough guys who almost pass out:) He doesn't know why, b/c it wasn't the pain, and he didn't look. They had the anesthesiologist rush in to give him something to calm him down. I told him they he should have called in some valium or something for him. Oh well. That was the worst part of it, he said. Then he woke up well rested, pain free, and happy. Luckily my brother got out of school early that day, so he came while all 4 kids slept. (They really did sleep the entire time I was gone - easiest babysitting job ever!) I went, waited, and listened to the post op instructions while Steven tried to eat with his handicapped hand.
He felt a little sick on the way home, and couldn't focus (or maybe he didn't care what the docs and I had to say), but settled in on his couch nicely. The 4 kids and I had rented the entire 1st season of "24" for him since he started watching it last season and likes it. He has gone through 2/3 of the season I believe in less than 2 days. I took the day off yesterday to baby him, but I don't think I did a good job. I sat and watched some "24" with him and made him a sandwich. He is much better of taking care of me when I need it.
He was feeling well enough to watch the kids while I did a Team National presentation (thank you Andre and Barbie - exciting right?!) and while I volunteered with Head Start kids this morning. He also took Dylan to Tee Ball practice this evening. (I need to blog that, huh - later I guess.)
My new friend, Dr. Hedrick, let Steven borrow a cool pillow that keeps his hand propped up. Maybe I'll get a pic of it later. The pain meds don't seem to give Steven much relief, but he's doing well. I think he hates that he can't see his finger for 2 weeks. It's a bulky bandage, so he's definately handicapped, my poor baby Steven.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free Busch Gardens passes for kids!

Free preschool Busch Gardens pass for this year! 
To promote the new Sesame Street area, our kids 5 and under can get a free pass! 
Print it out, then go show the birth certificate when you go. 
Click here to register!
I did. 
Now somebody tell me how to get my own free pass so I can take them. . .

Do I have something on my cheeks?

Isaac loves dip, which could be ranch dressing, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, etc.  I made cheeseburger pockets.  To add some healthfulness to them, I added tomatoes and bell peppers.  Isaac loved it, Dylan did NOT.  I loved Isaac's face!