Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Fight

Isaac and Noah had their first fight and it was so cute! Maybe they're just getting their male competitiveness at an early age. It's amazing that Noah is only 3 weeks older than Isaac but is crawling all over the place. Isaac is sitting up by himself, but when he decides to move, he plops over and isn't good at getting his hand/arm out from under him. Just because he can roll over, doesn't mean that he does. He likes to sit still. Anyway, all that to explain why I still back him up against the couch and put the Boppy pillow around him. It also keeps his toys rolling back to him.
Play by play:
Looking at Noah,

looking at the ball,

looking at me as if I'm going to help,

As you can see, Noah and Isaac were after the same ball. There was more back and forth stealing before I reached for the camera and I was laughing at them.

It's funny that I didn't notice the spit up until it magically appeared in front of Isaac. Now I see from the video who is really to blame. (Any good suggestions on how to remove spit up stains from the carpet? Stain remover and soap and water don't seem to get it all out.)

Here are the two friends after their fight. I just LOVE them.

Isaac is bigger than Noah. He has his 6 month check up Friday to see for sure, but it's easy to see. My boys have bigger mouths than Corrie's kids too. Bigger smiles too:)

I'm going to take him for his 6 month photo shoot some time. Steven will see the bill for the professional pics over the year and we'll get a good camera some day. When will it be a need instead of a want? I'm in no rush b/c I don't have the time to figure it out just yet. But, Isaac really does just sit there and smile. Any photographers out there want a perfect blob-of-a-model for your portfolio? Lacey has said that this is such a good age for pictures. Babies will just sit there and smile at you. They are into toys, but won't crawl away so fast. You can position them in fun things like tea cups if they're girls. I want a big yellow dump truck to dump Isaac in for a fun picture or maybe a big metal bucket like for washing puppies in outside.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Still in my twenties

My family loves me:)
It's not a milestone birthday, so I didn't plan anything. My family is so good and wanted to take me to dinner so we went to a Greek restaurant. Yummy! My brother made me a crown, per tradition. I haven't kept up that tradition since getting married although I did make one for Dylan's first birthday. I'm worried I won't be able to keep it up like my mom does. JT adorned the crown with snowflakes because he knows I love them. It's not my fault my birthday is in the summer. He even made one flake with capital "T"s in it! I got a gift certificate for a convection and/or infared oven from my dad. We aren't going to have a microwave here. My mom got me two sets of matching frames. I ordered family pictures, thanks to your suggestions/favorites, and can't wait to hang them in a collage! My mom also got me the kitchen mat for when I'm loading the dish washer. She indirectly got me the dish washer too, I guess, since it was hers and we're living in her old house. We went back to our house for cake and ice cream. Look at the cake Steven made me! The sell exact replicas at Publix:)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Paying attention to Uncle JT's skimboarding skills

Red Bull Flugtag

We went to the Red Bull Flugtag. It's where crazy people make a man powered air craft, do a little skit, then shove it off the Red Bull cliff into Tampa Bay. Some fly out a little, but most just plop over the edge. I liked the parachuters that landed on the Red Bull flight deck before the first craft went over it.

This was a Flintstones pterodactyl

Isaac sat in the semi-shaded grass. He got hot in the snugli.

We were hot and tired walking back to the car

But still laughed when we saw that we had a flat tire. We had run over a nail. This picture should have a good title. I can't think of one, but all 3 boys are hunched over for different reasons. Andre is rolling the flat one away while Steven rolls the spare into place. I think Dylan is looking for bugs. I think this is how I learned how to change a flat, casual watching. I got a flat a little over a year after Steven and I were married. I was about a mile or so from home where he was. I called him but he didn't answer. I thought he would want to help his damsel in distress. When we were dating he got offended that I had called my step-dad instead. It was my step-dad's tire that time. Anyway, when Steven didn't answer, I jogged home to get him. I was in a lifeguard swimsuit, shorts, and flip flops because it was after teaching swimming lessons. Steven was napping. He was so tired. I told him I had a flat tire and asked if he wanted to help me. He said no. I said, "so you want me to run back instead of drive back?" He said yes. Then I persisted, "so you want me to run back and change the flat by myself?" He said yes and rolled over. So, I got a shirt and jogged back to the car and changed the flat. Pretty funny. He claims not to remember that conversation and doesn't think I tried hard enough to really wake him up. I love that memory. He was in law school, so he wasn't sleeping much. I didn't mind b/c I knew I could hold it over him forever:) Sounds like something for Tara's website.

A Short Field Trip Friday

Two short days, actually.

Dylan always falls asleep on the way home. He would love some big brothers.

Pease Porridge

Pease porridge hot,
Pease porridge cold,
Pease porridge in the pot,
Nine days old;
Some like it hot,
Some like it cold,
Some like it in the pot,
Nine days old.

-from Wikipedia, yes, there is something called pease porridge, and it's spelled like that. I was wondering myself. I thought it was peas [COMMA] porrage. I thought it was a mixture of oatmeal with peas on the side or something, but it's oatmeal-like-mush made from dried peas. Probably as gross as the baby food.

Oh, and Isaac's eyes are all brown here. They still have a bit of blue, but not for long.

Isaac ate his first Gerber Food. The organic peas were on sale. He likes them! This is a really long video, the pictures say enough.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swimming Progress

Dylan has been at this stage for a while now. He's not afraid to jump in to us. He can use his arms and he can use his legs to kick, but he likes to give a good push off and glide. He's good at that, so why not. He's ready to learn how to take a breath. That's my goal for him for this summer.

He is also good at holding his breath. We had only practiced getting something from under water once before, at Abuelita's house. He just did it, and even counted as a bonus!

Uncle Matt's here

My brother Matt came in town for the weekend. His plan was to teach JT how to be his Florida associate for his Echo Media business. He also wanted to spend some time w/ his nephews. We went to the beach.

For some reason, when they saw the posts, they had to teach Dylan the karate kid pose.

"Hey uncles, come play! Come a little closer."

kicking with uncle Matt
JT was skim boarding, then pushed Dylan on it.
My friend Marcie told me I need more pictures of Isaac's cankles before they start to thin out. It's hard to imagine that they ever will.

Burried in the sand. Dylan loved it. Isaac loved being able to touch the sand, then taste it.

A Fun Field Trip Friday

Brent hung out with Dylan the whole time. They were having so much fun together at Chuck E. Cheese. They're in a roller coaster simulator here:

Brent tried squeezing INto a ride.
then ONto some:
Jake played some games, but also played with Dylan and even won him a ball with all of the tokens. Dylan is into popsicles lately, who wouldn't be, it's hot in the summer time here!
And this is why I love Chuck E. Cheese. This one-token-picture-taking-machine. Why do I always insist on squeezing our faces in it? I can't explain why, but I love it:)