Thursday, March 24, 2011

1st beach day of 2011

Sometimes I just want to get things done at home because the kids play so well together that they don't need entertainment.  But this week, one of my counselors gave a lesson to our Young Women about family time and about making the effort to do things that each of the family members want to do even if it means sacrificing.  My kids love their sand box, so I took them to a huge sandy beach.  We made a big sand castle with a mote around it and completed it with a feather sticking up on top.  Of course boys will be boys and they jumped on it and smashed it to pieces before I could clean sand off of my hands to get the camera.  Then some friends came and they played in the water.  It's like 74 degrees.  Too cold for me especially with the breeze.  But it really was a good beach day.  The funny thing is that Dylan puked that morning.  I already had a doctor's appointment for him because he had been coughing at nights and it wasn't getting better.  Dylan cried when we got to the parking lot because his last appointment 2 weeks prior wasn't fun - he got 'poked' to check his iron level then got a shot.  He was brave and stopped crying before we went in though.  He was ready to go to the beach, and the doctor said that's the best place to go because there aren't any Oak trees on the beach.  They are raining pollen and allergies all over our cars and into my nose lately. 
So that's our beach day story. 

Oh wait, I almost forgot. I lost Isaac. Baby Kate was eating snacks and dropping every other one. Eventually the seagulls noticed. I hate when they're vultures like that. I stood up and tried swatting them away. The kids started chasing the birds too. Since I was up and was sort of fed up with the birds and situation, I started cleaning up our sand toys. I looked up casually to count my kids and didn't see Isaac. I did a double and triple take then asked Dylan. He didn't know either. I said a prayer and saw him running the other way. And I mean running. It looked like he was upset. A man was sorta fast walking behind him and I could tell he was wanting to help but Isaac wouldn't stop. I ran. I ran after my little frightened baby boy. He's fast. He didn't hear me calling his name until I was pretty much right behind him. The guy didn't know what to say except that he tried having Isaac stop but he wouldn't. That's good I guess - that he didn't talk to a stranger. But it's bad that he got out of my sight. I have bragged that my kids don't run off and that they know to stay in my eye sight. Well, I'm blaming those dang seagulls. Of course I'm at fault for not counting my kids more often, but it was a good lesson as I carried him all the way back. I told him about finding him as soon as I said a prayer and about how he needs to always be able to see me so I can see him and we won't loose each other.
Then we went to Publix to get Dylan's prescription, we took a shower, then we took a nap before going to help the church youth rake leaves into about 25 bags.

Friday, March 18, 2011

2Dylan's party


2Dylan had a fun How To Train Your Dragon party at a park. 
We got there late b/c we were still feeling kinda sick and I couldn't get our act together.  So Dylan and Isaac clung to my legs while the kids played and hit the pinata.  Eventually they had fun on the playground and playing with their friends.  It's funny because 2Dylan did the same thing at Dylan and Isaac's party the week afterwards.  It's good to have cautious kids I guess. 

holiday parties with friends

We ate dinner at the ward Christmas party.  Tabitha, the party planner, does such a good job. 
The decorations, food, and kid activities are just perfect.
 Our youth helped the kids in Santa's Workshop while the parents got to enjoy a program. 
 Then it was on to our Festivus party.  The kids stayed with their babysitter at home. 
Steven participated in the "feats of strength," a cherry pie eating contest v. Brian.

 Brian won.  Steven will have to do something dumb again next year. 
 We sang happy birthday to Darren,
 then we gathered around the old aluminum pole for a game of dirty old santa. 
I'm so glad we don't do the grievances any more. 
 This Best Buy gift card went from this lovely couple,
 to Noah and his broken leg,
 to us.  I win! 
Happy Festivus!

Anna's birthday party

We went to a fun art party for Anna's birthday. 
 finger paints,
 window markers,
 lots of other stations, their back yard playground, sand and water tables, fun fun fun, PLUS cupcake decorating! 

Noah turned 3!

Poor Noah broke his leg on the night of our Festivus party.
So he was in a big cast for 6 weeks that was up past his belly button and down both legs. 
He didn't go have a big party for his birthday.  He just had his grandparents, uncle, and cousin. 
 We crashed the party.

 Noah is a lucky little guy.  He got pizza and cake!  His dad made him this table to go with his bean bag chair since he can't really sit or lay himself down in that cast.  He didn't seem to mind at all.  He could climb up and off of my couch, and could get around just fine.  Now (that I'm posting this so late,) he's fine - running around like nothing ever happened. 

isaac's candids of hair cut day

The kids hate it when I cut their hair.  Isaac is actually ok, but Dylan hates the hairs sticking to him and how long I take.  So occasionally we'll pay to have them get bad hair cuts.  (I'm not good either, I'm just sayin'.)
 Isaac's shoes,
 self portrait,
 Lifestyles box,
 [not pictured: 78 pictures total including of random other people and products]
Then it was sweet Isaac's turn. 
Then on to the rest of our Saturday of errands.

Isaac's first cavity

I took Isaac and Dylan for their annual check ups with the pediatric dentist.  I knew Isaac had a cavity or two because, of course I brush and floss his teeth, and I saw it.  The boys were both so good for that first visit (Dylan's 2nd.)  But on this 2nd visit, for the filling, poor Isaac thought I was going to go back with him like I initially had for his cleaning and exam.  Once I didn't go back with him, he got upset.  And he was still a two year old.  Most two year olds don't just calm down on their own with strangers.  So they sorta held him down, put the nitrous on, clamped his mouth open, and he cried and cried.  I'm SO glad they finally got me.  They wanted to give him time to calm down, but that was just wasting precious time.  Isaac was exhausted, scared, angry, and as we would soon find out, wanted desperately to tell us that he wanted to go potty.  I wasn't happy that the other DDS came in and threatened the papoose board and did the filling.  I wanted my friend/DDS.  I felt so bad when Isaac peed on their chair, but they had him back there for so long, and didn't give him a break while they were giving themselves a break from him.  So it was quite the traumatic appointment.  The next week, for the next appointment, he was great.  But that's because I went back with him, and my friend did the filling. 

We got smoothies after both times.  They have a drive through because Isaac was bottomless in his car seat after that traumatic day.  (I usually don't have a need for a change of clothes.)

Sick Days

So we were sick for a bit of Jan and Feb. 
If we need to take a break, that's sometimes what it takes. 
Actually, I was going to take a friend to church, and Steven was going out of town that same day. 
MAN did we miss him! 
We were a pittiful mess.   
 Luckily Isaac was pretty much fine and was SUCH a good sport even though his birthday came and went while we were asleep on the couches. 

Uncle JT on the mat

We went to "Senior Night" at my brother, Jonathan's school.  Here're the pictures from Isaac's point of view.
 My mom is like the team mom or manager or something, because she's the one who coordinates all of the meets/matches/whatever. She makes sure they're selling tickets, stocks the consession stand, makes sure there are volunteers there, made frames for each of the seniors with pictures of them on top, and organized the whole thing. Here she is w/ her pride and joy.  

 I took some pictures too. 

 my little photographer. gross.
 warming up

My mom hates watching wrestling.  I can't believe she really let my brothers do it.

 I do NOT want my boys to wrestle.  The work outs must be good, but look at their faces!
Anyway, Jonathan is good.  He went on to regionals and then to states.