Thursday, January 29, 2009

Temple Square

Isaac was so cute in the car making funny faces. He kept his hat on too, probably because it was freeeeeeeeeeeeezing in Utah. He and Dylan were good sports. They slept at different places the first four nights. Dylan would get tired and would ask to go to the car to go to sleep. That was so sad because he knew he didn't have a designated place to sleep. We were on the go and nap time was limited to driving time. Did you know it's possible to nurse while the baby is strapped safely in his car seat?
After the reception, we went back to the hotel for nap time. The problem is, the boys didn't nap. Then when we were ready to go see the lights at temple square, they were pretty much ready to go to bed for the night. I took them because I thought we shouldn't waste our vacation in the hotel room.
It was pretty.. . . pretty COLD, that is. We went in one building to show Dylan a statue of Jesus, but they were closing so we turned back around with Mr. Dissapointed Dylan. It was warm in there for that 10 seconds. We listened to the Christmas story as spotlights shined on different parts of a life-size nativity scene. Dylan liked that.
Then we all split up. We went with a group, but no group picture because we were all so cold. We lost my grandma for a little bit, but she knew where she was and she was just accross the street from us. We could see her, but it was a little stressful because both Dylan and Isaac wanted to cuddle in my coat with me. They didn't want anybody else to hold them. I don't blame them because they were exhausted and cold. It really was pretty. They should do it in the summer time so we could enjoy it more:)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lindsey and Jason's Utah Reception

Matt drove us to the amazing La Caille, where the reception was. It's so bright outside that he uses some random swimming goggles to see. I offered him my sunglasses and he said "nah, I'm good."
Then he accepted. He likes to make me laugh.The reception was in the early afternoon, which was such a good idea at this place. The restaurant wasn't open for dinner yet, and the tropical atrium was beautiful. The place was surrounded by snowy trees and mountains, so the natural light was so magical. Here's a father-daughter dance picture or two- so sweet.
The cake wasn't quite as sweet. I mean it was sweet, you know what I mean:)
Lindsey, Kat, and our grandma
I asked Dylan to smile for me. He was being pretty silly, making me laugh. He decided to strike some poses out of no where.
Who is this kid? He's mine - all mine, nose-picking-silly-poses and all!And the cardboard cut-out. Not quite as good as having the real "Uncle Martin The Hero"
Matt and Kat swing dancing. Look outside those windows at the snow-covered trees. I love it!
The Dads

Martin almost caught the garter!
We pretended that he did.
Matt made their slide show that's showing over Uncle Bruce and Aunt Carol's head. (Remember that snowboarding Echo bunny? He's not all play, he does work too.)
I like this picture. I'm so glad that I got to see so much family!
Isaac slept a lot of the reception, but woke up happy in this beautiful reception party.
The 5 Gille kids

We switched out of Kat's fun boots. Jolyn said we look so much like each other except for our hair. We don't really see it, you?
Lindsey said she always pictured an outfit like this one for her exit. Here're the 4 Beckman kids. Everybody got to go except for Martin-the cut-out missionary, Steven, and Julie's sick kids and selfless husband. We still didn't get a good family picture of all of us. Too much fun I guess!
I really like this bigger-than-life-sized nut cracker guy.
Off to Mexico for their warm honeymoon week!

*Again, I stole some of these from Stephen Beckman's facebook albums, thanks!

My Baby Sister's Wedding

My step-sister, Lindsey, is married now! She and Jason got married at the Bountiful temple. I still think our groom's men would argue that our August wedding in Florida was worse weather than their December wedding in Utah. They were both extremes in temperatures, but Lindsey wasn't cold at all. She was so beautifully happy! Jason and his brothers. One is on a mission so they had a cardboard cut out of him. We also had a cardboard cut out of our brother, Martin, who's in Mexico serving a mission for our church. He took a "normal" picture with his suit, but my mom had this funny one printed instead. We loved it.
Bride's Maids

Kat ordered us matching dresses too. She got me the scarf from Spain! Both boots are hers, also a recent purchase from her trip to Spain. (Lots of people asked us where she got them.)
Lindsey's parents are above and Jason's are below
Congratulations, newlyweds!!!!!

*Some of these pictures (the good ones) were taken by my Stephen Beckman, my step-brother