Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Fool's Day

Want a lollipop? 
My kids were not happy about the broccoli pops I made. 🍭Dylan ripped his paper off and put it in his mouth before complaining! Isaac threw it right past me into the trash. Tyler reacted the least and poor Julia saw the boys eating their real ones and wanted her "bee pop" so I had to fool her too. Aw, poor baby, #aprilfools ! First thing when she woke up. 
I had popsicle sticks from making cake pops (or because I am a bit of a hoarder and have something for every need.) 😝
I also gave the kids mazes to do which were unfinishable. So fun. 
Then I got new tired on my van, took Isaac to get pic retakes, and 
Went to watch Steven coach Tyler's soccer team to victory. 

Crappy Mom?

I posted the broccoli pop April Fool's Day college on my business Facebook page yesterday and a new commenter called me a crappy mom. 
The commenter is right in that I tricked 4 little kids, recorded me making the baby cry, then gave them candy with breakfast. Now I need to do something to be an awesome mom to counter it. (I was thinking playing LDS General Conference bingo with candy and craisins. Hm. I might rethink this...) 
Now, I am nursing my almost 2 year old
and checked my email and saw this article. 
I had my 3 other kids come in so we could read it together. It was Eiring's home teaching message for the month. It prepped us to focus on doing homework and studying and finding our to do lists from this weekend's conference talks. Better-than-crappy-mom even though we slept in until 8:30 when Steven had been up helping his brother move. He later dropped off a car seat to his cousin. I did zero service for others today. I did clean the living room, Tyler/Julia's room, and the pool
as well as made some bracelets for the Young Women.
Steven went shopping for us AND got a card and gift for his nephew's birthday tomorrow. Then he sat with us and our whole family was calm for both general conferences today. (We did end up doing conference bingo with candy and Craisins.) Steven had of course but those for me also.
Tyler and Julia did projects. 
Then Steven took the boys to the Rowdies Den for dinner and to a Rowdies game with all of the crews.
He is awesome so maybe our kids will be all right despite their crappy mom. :) 
(Is it sad that I feel accomplished because I read books with Julia and let her watch her Nemo and Diego a little bit and played Ring Sround the Rosies until I was literally dizzy and had to lay down and then let her play on my feet and gave her a bath and her medicine and brushed and floss her teeth and even used my scaler on her before getting her in bed by nine? Because I do :)