Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Cards Display

I feel so loved.
I did not get one from my mom, but maybe she thought I kept one for myself since I did them for her. 
The winner, as if it were a contest, is by my step-brother. It completes all of my "best Christmas cars" check list. Mine did not even have the year this time! They have their letter and family photo on the back.
I thought Baby Clara fit so well in a snow globe so put her inside w/o asking. I love the color on the back images too. I love them all but here are some that stood out. Stunning in style, color, and size: 
Creative because it came in two parts from Afghanistan and Oklahoma, you would have to see the other side too: 
Really cool from a client (they did not use me this year and I love that they still send me cards anyway.) So fun! 
More clients, I like the colors and how they blended with their beautiful families and outfits (which you can't see on this iphone pic, sorry. There are a lot of cards with Fishy Face portraits. So cool that I am a big part of spreading holiday cheer. 
 Lacey's looks like a magazine cover. 
I just got one from my Grandma Millie. That was really unexpected since she passed away. The included Christmas letter explained (by her daughter) that she had signed the cards a couple of months ago so we would know she was thinking of us. Wow. 
Happy New Year! 
P. S. I just found 4 more cards to put up before taking them down. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The Phoenix of the month is Isaac!!
Isaac is an amazing classmate to all of his friends. He is forever kind and helpful. Isaac helps to set high standards for our classroom academically and behaviorally and is truly a student who should be proud of himself! 
Great job Isaac!!
Dylan was the Phoenix of the month the month before for his grade. His teacher didn't do a whole page for him though. My sweet boys:)