Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday with Fishies

Steven took the boys to the Aquarium on Friday while I worked. He took them somewhere indoors b/c of the rain, and they got to play outside there too b/c it wasn't raining in Tampa!
Isaac's signing "fish" here (see the blurry hand?)

Steven got them dressed too. They were sleeping when I left. I love little surprises like seeing my boys so happy and a camera full of pictures when I get home. Steven said that Dylan loved the water cannons and would have stayed here for hours if Isaac hadn't started acting tired and cranky.

I love the pictures, thanks Steven!(I'm jealous.)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

1st Ladybug Encounter

"What's this that Daddy found?"
Note: I took that corn picker away from him.
(Grilled corn on the cob is yummy.)

. . .
yes he did.
With this first try before I could stop it.
(I didn't hide the corn picker well enough it seems.)
P.S. This is so opposite of Lacey's ladybug post about her sweet girls in the cutest ladybug swimsuits on a cute coordinating blanket. That was a picture perfect day. (I think all of Lacey's days are picture perfect though.)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Mom Day

Steven bathed, fed, and mostly dressed the boys while I slept in. I love his little smushy legs. They're irrisistable. Isaac's hair, on the other hand, is pretty rediculous. We don't know what to do w/ it. I'm pretending that if I do nothing, it'll fix itself. I'm glad I don't have little girls. I don't think I'd be good at keeping up with the bows.
I saw my beautiful mom at church on our Mother's Day. I gave her an updated version of the "Uncle Martin the Hero" book. We got plants from church - better than carnations of years past. Dylan picked mine out for me. (My own hair needs some help too. My mom's is beautiful as ever though.)
*The book is so Isaac can get to know a little about his uncle Martin who's serving a mission for our church in Mexico. Martin left when I was pregnant with Isaac. I sent Martin that Superman shirt since he wanted my boys to think of him as a superhero. He went with it, then I made the book.

Wordless Wednesday's view from my kitchen window

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Events

5/9/09 The day before Mother's Day, I decided that I would treat my mom to a pedicure and manicure.
This was 90% selfish b/c I have never had a pedicure so I had been planning this as a good excuse. I thought it would be nice if my grandma went with us, but she flew to my cousin's college graduation for the weekend.
More selfishness: My mom actually babysat Friday night - overnight b/c she took the kids with her after Dylan's preschool un-performance. Steven took me out to an adult dinner! We sat at a high top table where high chairs wouldn't have worked. Happy Mother's Day to me (more than to my own mom.)
I did go over to my mom's in the morning (it was still technically morning) to make her breakfast. My littlest brother, Jonathan, made her real breakfast in bed the next day on the real Mother's Day.
Jonathan and Don babysat some more while my mom and I left to sit in massage chairs and get our toes did. Don had Dylan in a fun mask when we got back.
When we got back, we ate lunch. Isaac's in a double (tripple/quadrouple/quints/octo-/nonstop)dipper phase. Nobody seems to mind when he's this cute.
My mom helped Dylan with kicking and swimming.
Thanks for splashing our picture, JT.
I love my mom. It's hard for her to take time for herself. She was in the pool to play with us for a little bit, then she was mowing the back yard in her swimsuit and pretty toes. She's non-stop being productive. She's a good example. I've been thinking lately that have no clue how she home schooled all of us. My own kid is already in preschool 2 days. Amazing.

Memorial Day Picnic at a Beach Park

Our ward went to a park for Memorial Day. There was a pot luck breakfast there. We got there later than planned and stayed longer than planned b/c Steven was playing basketball and I was having fun on the playground with my kids and the kids in my Sunday school Class.

Poor Dylan. He went up to a group of girls and asked, "Do you want to see my boo boo?" I don't even call scrapes boo boos. I call them 'owies.' Steven mentioned something about his cut making him brave/strong/tough/something like a bad guy or super hero. I think Dylan was showing off to the girls who wouldn't look.

I didn't think we'd be able to keep sand out of it or keep salt water from stinging it if we went to the beach (even though it might be medicinally good for it). AND we figured that parking would be a huge issue for the day since it's the first sunny day in over a week AND it's a holiday. We decided to just go home to hang out by the pool (and get a new grill).

Monday, May 25, 2009

A New Grill! (Happy Father's Day/Birthday/House Warming/Memorial Day)

Steven has been drooling over grills for so long, but it's gotten exponentially more intense. We've gone window shopping multiple times with the whole family where we have almost gone home with a new grill. Today, there was no stopping Steven. All signs pointed to "YES." We had planned on going to the beach after our church breakfst picnic, but yada yady ya: hot dogs, burgers, and corn on a new grill! Yummy lunch.
We didn't really invite anybody b/c we have no clue how to grill and don't have lawn furnature yet, but Lindsay and Scott (and baby-to-be) went shopping for us. They were going to go to the beach with us, but were okay with the change of plans.
Then some other friends brought their own food for the new grill for dinner. Seriously, we didn't buy any food. I think the moral of the story is that if we have a grill, they will come.

Yay! I can't wait to get set up so Steven will give me the "all clear" to actually invite everybody over. (Until then, anybody reading this is invited over any time, we will just keep it to being an unformal standing invite like today was.)


Fun with Brent, Jake, and Marc (and a random salesman), toy snakes in Isaac's pockets, almost all of my seatbelts full in the van, Isaac sleeping in his car seat, and smoothies.

Gotta love it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


We got to hang out with 2Dylan the day after Jolyn came over to my house. We had fun playing with all of the trains, cars, and toys over there, then we went to the pool.
Nice poses, Dylans.
I let them go over by the pool finally, and they were much more happy and natural.
Dylan tells me that his best friend is Malia when I ask him.
I think he'd like it if the other Dylan lived closer.
I bet they'll be friends for life. Daniel came home on his lunch break and saw us at his pool.
Dylan got his confidence back b/c of the warmer baby pool. This was the first time that a pool was warm enough to really stay and play outside. He had room to explore by himself, and with a little bit of direction, he attempted to swim. I got him to swim in the big pool, and I've already posted some of him swimming accross the pool. I'm so glad we got to go over. It's just funny that the Dylans get to play a lot, but Jolyn and I don't. Some day:)
Isaac liked the top step - just like at our house.
It was a nice big step for him.
They're so happy, outside or inside.

Dylan and Malia's Preschool "Spring Sing"

Dylan and Malia are in different classes now. The classrooms are next to each other, they have lunch together, and play on the playground twice with each other each day. By the time I go to pick them up, their classes are combined too.
Dylan tells me that his school friends are "Malia and Finn."
For Mother's Day, each class sang some songs. We practiced and Dylan knew them. He was so excited to see us when he walked into the chapel with his class. Look how proud of himself little Dylan is. He's sitting with Finn. But he started crying when it was his turn to go on stage. He inherited Steven's stage fright. (Steven got over it from being in court every day, but he tells me how terrifying it used to be to stand up in front of class or any group of people.) I had to go sit up with Dylan. I calmed him down where he could stand there, but he didn't sing one word or do any actions.
Steven was so frustrated with this back up camera we were using at the time that he took me to get the new camera the next day.
Isaac and Noah were good.

Malia sang loud and did all of the cute actions to her class's songs.

She's fun and fearless.

Dylan, Malia, and Olivia (Malia's cousin) are so cute hanging out after the performance.
The kids:

Darren and Corrie came w/ Noah; Darren's brother Mike came and brought his daughter Olivia; Darren's dad, Ron, came with his wife, Vicki; and my mom and Don came. Dylan's still cute even if he froze on stage. He didn't sing in church for Mother's Day either. He sat up there with Uncle JT (who was up on the stand b/c he gave a good talk), and I lead the kids in their Mother's Day song. I couldn't even see Dylan b/c he hid in the back. Maybe Dylan will sing at his Christmas program.

Thank you, Jolyn and 2Dylan

Jolyn was nice enough to come over so I could go do a powerpoint presentation at work. I had texted her the night before, and in the morning she drove all the way up to babysit at my house. What a good friend. I picked up smoothies for lunch for us and we went outside to play in the pool. This was before I got my new camera, so I didn't get lots of pictures. Jolyn took some, and blogged it weeks ago.