Saturday, April 26, 2008

Moving Day

It's after midnight, so it's officially our moving day now. No we don't have a house yet. We've made an offer on one, the seller accepted, but he turned it over to his bank for a short sale b/c he's upside down on it and it's pre-forclosure. We don't know if the bank will accept b/c we're offering a lot less. It'll be a really good deal on a 4bedroom 3bath w/ a pool if so. We should know in a week or so.

Anyway, we're moving in w/ my mother-in-law, Maria, although she's still in the hospital now. She's doing better. Steven's getting sleep in 1-2 hour increments b/c he stays with her so much. It's like he's back in law school. He's such a good son and always has been. He picks up the slack if there is any and helps her out. He's dealing with his stresses pretty well I guess.

So I'm just adding a little post b/c I'm procrastinating packing. Steven just left for the hospital for the night and the babies are sleeping so the house is quiet. Most everything is packed now. It's so interesting that life goes on even when there are huge obstacles. That was so hard to accept after Chrissy passed away less than a year ago. Nothing seemed important even though I knew otherwise. Now, I know so many people with various burdens. They can not be compared to each other and are all really big deals. One of Chrissy's sisters, Mindy, just passed away this morning. I'm happy that they can be together with their older brother. I'm sad for their family here though. We miss them. I've been praying a lot more than usual lately because I have a long prayer list. I say what I'm thankful for before I do the asking for blessings part; and my thankful list has also grown. I appreciate things and try not to take what I have for granted.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy

I added a texture to the top of this one. I can't really tell though. It's a first.

I need more light to reflect off of the dark fur. Steven said I should title it "Isaac on Daddy's chest." Steven always makes fun of his own chest hair.

Jake was my little helper. He also played advocate for Isaac. He told me when enough was enough and scooped Isaac up to give him a break.

My big baby in a swing, again

Don't judge a post by its title.

The swing goes up to 25lbs. Dylan's just 26lbs and it still swings him. I don't know where to draw the line, do I?

I want to get a good quality picture of Isaac pulling a silky blanket up to his mouth w/ two fists like he's doing in this video. This will have to do though b/c any time I try to put him in the right outfit, location, lighting, whatever - he just stares at me. It's when I leave him alone that he grabs the blanket. I like it. The boys were being so good so we could pack, and what do I do? Get out my camera to video them instead. They're too distracting, even when they're still. I love my cute boys so much.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, (Uncle) Stephen!

"Ooh, what a colorful scarf, you have there, Great-Grandma"

"Isn't that mommy's camera in your hand, Uncle Stephen?"

Sunday, April 20, 2008


When we go to my mom's, Dylan doesn't just want to sit around and talk like I do. Luckily, he has lots people who will play with him. My favorite thing to reply is "that's what uncles are for, go find one." Uncle JT was the lucky one for this game of ping pong. My mom also played w/ him.

Uncle JT found a small preying mantis that he's showing my grandma.

My mom watched him and Isaac over night* on Friday night so Steven and I could pack. We (I and my dad) packed until we ran out of boxes. Steven sold a broken TV and some of his heavy law school books on Craig's List. Anyway, my mom said that Dylan is realizing that he has a lot of uncles. Uncle Martin's been in Mexico for about 9 months now so he doesn't get mentioned by Dylan. Dylan talks about Uncles JT and Andre, of course, b/c they live here. He also talks about Uncle Matt. He played w/ Dylan a lot when he was here last. Uncle Stephen was here on Saturday at my mom's while in between semesters at BYU. Dylan apparently insisted on calling him "Uncle Daddy." My mom said it's probably b/c he knows his daddy's name is Steven, so they're homonyms. He interchanges "Grand-dad" and "Grandpa" too. I try to keep one for my dad and the other for my step-dad so I can tell which one he's talking about, but he'll use both. They sound like "ee-YEAH-dad" and "ah-pah."

*It was Isaac's 1st sleep over. He's only 2-1/2 months old. What was I thinking? I missed him but slept so soundly that night. I was a really motivated packer though knowing that if I stopped, then I was away from my babies for nothing. I looked at the baby monitor a couple of times and wished I could turn it on and magically see what they were doing way accross town.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Dylan is completely content mowing the lawn. He didn't get many leaves up so Steven had to finnish the job today.

Ni' night

I wonder what he's dreaming about. . .

Friday, April 18, 2008

1st time swimming

First, Isaac slept in the shade. When he woke up I was excited. Steven came with us so that meant that I could take Isaac in! I got him all dressed up in his froggy stuff. See, Aunt Tina, I told you you would be seeing this hat you got him on the blog! It's so cute:)
Then I couldn't get a good picture of him by myself so I used the Bumbo seat. Isaac took a turn being a lifeguard for us. Um . . . he's sleeping on the job! Then he finally got to go in. He really liked it!

Check out this video: Isaac’s 1st time in the pool

He didn't mind it when I had him float. Isn't he so cute?!
Dylan was pretty cool too. He and "2 Dylan" had some swimming lessons
with Daddy
and with Mommy
Then we picked up some lunch to eat pool side. Dylan's into the phase where he can do things all by himself.

So it was a fun Saturday. Thanks, Jolyn, for letting us play in your pool with you again, and thanks for all of the future times too:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Play date at the beach

Having Fridays off is the BEST. Corrie and I can both hang out together w/ our kids. Jolyn usually has Fridays off too. I didn't call her 'til I was on my way to the beach b/c it was kinda last minute. She met us out there. I really try not to take it for granted that we live this close to the beach.

This is our set up. My stroller doesn't even have to go through the sand. We take turns feeding our kids in the shade. Notice how close it is to the snack bar if we hadn't packed food for ourselves?! And my feet are in the water taking this picture.
We also took turns being lifeguards for the 3 big kids. The water is so beautiful. Come visit us!
Then I did both lifeguard and feed Isaac. I got sunburned on my right shoulder and arm only b/c I had the sarong draped over my left arm while I was out by the water.These two took turns napping in the shade. They're livin' large and lovin' life.
see my reflection in his eyes? I do.I wish this picture had sound when you clicked on it. Dylan was roaring at Malia for no reason. I guess it's ok b/c it's his "outside voice." Well, then she climbed over and into his chair. So he should have yelled at that point. We stayed too long, it was nap time. Corrie's car broke so we had to wait for AAA in case I needed to give her a ride. Thank goodness we had each other so we could take turns paying for parking and meeting the AAA guy etc.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baseball Season

We caught Baseball fever after going to the Rays game.
We went to Brent's game the next day.
Brent's the catcher here in green.
Dylan was waiting at the dugout for Brent, #13, to finnish putting away his gear.
Brent's good at bunting the ball. Here he is on 3rd base w/ his dad/coach.
Not long 'til Dylan will be the one on the field!

Monday, April 14, 2008

1st Rays game

I happened to put a baseball outfit on Isaac last Wednesday. Little did I know that I was foreshadowing our fun evening to come. His eyes have some blue in them in this picture. (detail of his eyes)The Szasz's have the best seats in the house for the Rays Baseball games. I got to take the boys last Wednesday. It was Isaac's 1st time. We went a lot when Dylan was a baby but only went to like 2 games last season. I'm honestly not into baseball, but I love hearing the boys talk about specific players. They're so smart. They have me watch for some signature move that certain players will do. I bet Dylan will be into baseball. Look at this next picture. Everybody behind us has their jaws dropped, their necks straining, and concerned looks on their faces. One guy is even standing up. I'm looking at the camera, but Dylan's face matches those behind us. He sees a camera in his face every day, but rarely gets to see a live baseball game.

Even when we went upstairs to eat, he would run to the glass to get a look. He barely ate! There's lots of good free food upstairs, but Dylan didn't care. He wanted to watch the game. It's funny b/c when we finally got home, he acted like he was starving and ate a lot. He was too distracted before. After we went upstairs, Isaac woke up. Marc and Jake are great with him. We took another group shot since Isaac was out of the sling. Notice Dylan again, following the ball!I wanted to get a picture of how close we were to the field. Dylan looked back real quick, but I wasn't fast enough. He was turning back to see the game.
See? Again, Jake is getting Isaac to smile. How does he do it EVERY time?!And again with the smiles Look at Jake in the corner. Dylan's being so sweet too.
We made this lady's day. She saw me walk past her a couple of times and finally asked if she could hold Isaac. She asked if all of my boys were mine. That's a funny thought. I would have had Marc when I was just 14 years old! Isaac seemed pretty content to be with her too. I don't think either one of them really cared about the score of the game. He was perfect the whole time, so were all 4 of my boys there.

We stayed later than I had anticipated b/c the time flew by. We had so much fun, even though the Rays didn't win. Maybe next time!