Friday, July 31, 2009

no picture, so 1000 words.

I got some fabric in the mail today again, so I'm working on some things before I do the dishes and pack stuff for Dylan's 1st real dental appointment and the beach tomorrow, but I wanted to say something on my blog.
No time to go through pictures although I attempted my first photoshoot with my boys last night. (Pay a photographer, people, they're worth it. Isaac was so moody for me.) I deleted at least half of the pics, but it was fun none the less. You'll see soon enough.

Are you addicted to facebook or blogging? I'm not sure I'm addicted b/c I don't have an addictive personality. I'm too unorganized I think. There aren't many things that I do every day. I check my email every day, but only one of them consistently. I don't always check blogs and only log onto facebook if my email gives me a good reason. I certainly got a lot of facebook comments on my birthday, that was fun, and I'm keeping up with some facebook groups and events I started, mainly for my PCDHA. Anyway, if you're addicted to blogs, check out my cousin Lacey's if you haven't already. I'm in love with it. And if you travel to Oklahoma, book a session with her! She's amazing. I mean she used to be good and 2 years ago Steven flew her out here to do a family photo shoot for us. (He loves and knows me!) I didn't think she could improve this much. (I mean I thought she was good then, but she keeps impressing me even more and more!)
So put her on your daily reading list. No reason except for the fact that I want everybody to share my big smile when I see her new posts. She's amazing. She's inspirational. Her babies are so pretty (and I want to meet the newest little girl while she's still a baby.) So here's Lacey's photography blog so you can have the same almost addiction that I have:
I want to tell the world! Maybe some day my blog will make your eyes as happy. It'll take years and years though.
I'm off to the sewing machine now!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Need Practice, but I love it

here's the first picture out of my camera. It was late, and I just had it on auto, but it's still fun.
The 2nd picture:
Snap shots I could have taken with my other camera probably better b/c I'm not used to this one yet.
This one is funny to me. I've been pretty lucky that my kids don't mind me taking pictures. They were all sitting watching Sesame Street. They never all sit in one place like this, so I turned back around out of the room to grab my camera. The funny thing is, that Dylan knows that turn-about I did and called to me "Don't Take Our Pic-tu, Mom." So I waited a while then snuck around the corner and zoomed in. I've always heard that photographer's kids run from the camera. I'm no photographer, but how is it that once I get a "real" camera, the first chance of daylight, Dylan requests his privacy? I love it, maybe I will be a photographer some day. I'm NOT going to be one of those people who think that as soon as they get a good camera they can start charging people and calling themselves a photographer. I would love practice though, so if you can find babysitting for me, I'll play with my camera. I'm not going to take it to the beach though - ever. I know that sand gets in everything no matter how hard I would try to be careful. Just so you know:)
Malia is in her swimsuit waiting for me to put Noah to bed so we can swim. Dylan took his shirt off so he could wrestle one of the other 3, and I must have changed Isaac's diaper and gave up chasing him to put his clothes back on. My boys were ready to get swimsuits on soon, so maybe that's my excuse for not having them dressed. Anyway, again, it's just a snap shot that I could have taken with my waterproof camera, but I needed to start somewhere.
Instead of dressing the kids up in cute clothes for a photo shoot, I waited 'til they were all asleep. Yes, they were ALL FOUR ASLEEP! I was so tired and wanted to nap too, but was excited to read through my camera manual a little more so I settled on the couch with it and my water bottle. I was laying back and played with some of the settings in my manual for the first time. Isn't it cool?
Not worth printing or even posting except for the fact that it was my first time using the manual settings.
And this is my 2nd time. I had all 4 kids again today but wanted to capture their "water park."
Did you see it? I tried opening up my aperture and had the lowest F-stop number and still didn't get much better than this black picture. They were all 4 laughing, take my word for it.
So I upped my ISO to the highest it would go but still didn't get what I wanted. Then I made the shutter speed go way slow, knowing that the kids would be blurry. The picture wasn't black any more, but I still couldn't see my Dylan. He's too fast.
I kept playing around with the settings just to experiment, but the kids found something else to do.
The reason Dylan calls it a "water park" is probably because where we went for my birthday. He's making big water slides out of the couch cushions even though he was only brave enough to go on the froggy slide. (Visit us, Abbey!)
The funny thing, is that he pounces from one to another (and on the coffee table and couch arm rests etc) trying to escape the alligators or sharks (depending on what kind of water/carpet it is for the day.) I love it b/c that's exactly what I used to do with my siblings. Seriously, we would jump from fire place to the big blue chair to the couch then we'd walk the plank (piano bench) and hopefully someone would throw us a life saver - a couch cushion so we wouldn't get eaten by the sharks. We would try to walk through out whole house not touching the carpet by scaling the window sills in the hallway too. If there was an area that was too far to climb on existing furniture, we would use the couch cushions.
Anyway, back to my practicing:
Not blurry, but too dark, and a shark is about to bite his toes.
Better, but not focused and they're headed up the stairs. (And I really need to order a larger print of something to go on that wall, or two frames at least. That's really bothering me - above Prickly Pete.)
I finally turned it back to auto to see what the camera thought I should be doing. It wanted a flash. That's the thing I didn't want. And by that time, the kids had found something else to do, so I still didn't see them in the frame.

It was a good first lesson on child photography though:)

I already want a camera with a higher ISO, and a lens protector/filter, an extra battery, etc. I know why it's tempting to charge people for even starting out with photography. This could get expensive, so I'll just stick to what I have, knowing how incredibly blessed I am to have more than one working camera and fun kids to mess up my house and bring back childhood memories.

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Birthday Cakes

Steven, Dylan, and Isaac woke me up with breakfast in bed. I said "you made eggs?!" then woke up a little more and realized he had gotten up early, gotten ready, and had picked up Perkins for us. Then, he picked me up from work on my lunch break and took me to Pei Wei. After my delicious tofu pad thai, we had time to go to Best Buy. You know what that means . . .
He (and my mom) got me a new camera!!!!!!
It's a Canon Rebel "starter" one. I was so excited to read the manual that I opened the plastic as soon as the cashier handed Steven his reciept.
I took it in to work to show it off and to charge the battery. Dr. Brayer had gotten me a carrot cake and a card that told me not to work too hard. I didn't mind being at work on my birthday. I talked to my patients about periodontal disease AND my new camera that was sitting on the counter instead of toothbrushes.
After work, I picked up the boys and Corrie had made me frosted brownies with Strawberries on top and gave me my present, including one of her gift certificates for a free hour massage! After finally getting home, Steven gave us Tropical Smoothies and I read through my camera manual. (I had left my camera battery on the charger in my operatory and we had bought the wrong size card for the camera so we had to wait in the return line at Best Buy. Good thing Steven picked up smoothies b/c we were all antsy to get home sweet home.) I got packages in the mail, a tripod from Kat and Matt, an oats grinder from my dad, and a lot of fabric for some projects.
Some more of my family came over for cake, and they brought babysitting gift certificates and buckets of Rita's Italian Ice! Luckily, I had figured out the self timer on my Rebel for this cake picture. I'm so loved! Home Made Strawberry Short Cake + Carrot Cake + Frosted Brownies with Strawberries + Strawberry Chocolate Mouse Cake + Rita's = tummy ache the next day and a big smile on my face now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cancer Emotions

Did anybody else tear up in that breast cancer dance last night on So You Think You Can Dance? I'm not even pregnant and I did, out of the blue while Steven was trimming Dylan's toe nails on the floor in front of me. You had to be there. I'm not sure what it was, but I know or have known too many people with cancer. That's the same for everybody I guess. I don't really know what to say to them, I just do what they want. It doesn't have to be sad, but it's kinda the unsaid stuff that people wonder about. Interresting.

It's good to have a great attitude, like my friend Sarah. We don't get to go out much, but we did last Friday night to show her cancer that it's not going to get her down - not now, and not ever. That's what she wanted. Marcie, her BFF, is a MUCH better story teller than I am (ask anybody,) so I'll let you read about our night here.
And I would have dressed up in more than just that glove, Sarah, I'm wearing scrubs right now for you:) Good luck Sarah M., Shannon M., baby Maddison C., and others with cancer, we pray for you each night!

FHE at the Water Park

For Family Night, we went to Highland Family Aquatic Center's night rec. We used Martin's rec card and all got in for a low family price. Scott and Lindsay came too. Since it was my birthday eve, Martin made me a crown. It felt like I should go sit in the corner and write what I will not do 50 times, but Martin said it was a Harry Potter hat. I like it. I held Isaac in one hand and my camera in the other. I think everybody else was jealous of me:) Or they were too busy having fun to worry about pictures.
My family helped with the boys b/c dispite lifeguards, there needs to be at least 1:1 ratio of kids:adults and Steven had to work late.
Again, this green frog slide was a hit.
Isaac slides down AND around each time so he's usually backwards at the end.
Then they played in the warmer pool with my mom. Isaac says "two two." (He's a choo choo train.)
Dylan liked hanging out near the steps here but I had to remind him that there's a whole area for kids to play in b/c we have an even warmer pool with steps at our own house for free.

Back to the froggy.

Even I took a turn on it when Isaac started getting tired.

I didn't go on t his slide, this is my brother. I went on the swirly slide and it's fast, long, and fun! All the adults went on it. This was swirly enough for Dylan.
Martin took Dylan under the rope to go play basketball. Open your eyes, Martin!Again, Open your eyes, Martin:)
How does Lindsay look skinny and pregnant at the same time here?

My mom and Don got out early to get the home made strawberry short cake ready. And I mean home made. She made the pound cake, cut up and mixed the strawberries, and whipped the cream. Best birthday cake EVER!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Push the coffee table over. Dance Party Time!

Poor Noah tried to barricade himself with pillows. Corrie walked in on this. She was early. She joined us:) Then Steven got home in the middle of another good song after the Crews had left.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I fwedge aweegance to duh fag of the Umided States of duh Merica . . .

He used to say "Publix" instead of republic which I liked, since that's our grocery store. He self corrected it, but I would have liked him to continue saying that. I do love the way he usually says "indivisible." I can't spell the cute way he bounces the sounds on each other. He just mumbles something quietly in the video.

On Mondays, it's fun to remember the last Friday.

These are the unfortunate pictures that will never be printed.
Pretty funny now I guess.
I didn't take pictures of the cupcake in the tub. It was white, so not cute messy chocolate and smiles, just floating potentially-drain-clogging particles. Any other day of the week I would have had my camera handy and would have made lemonade out of the day's lemons.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Patriotic Dylan

Dylan can recite the Pledge of Allegiance!
I'll video it some time for you.
We practice every time he spots an American Flag.
I love it.
Happy Weekend Everybody!!!!!

I Love Mondays ♥ ♥ ♥ . . .

Fridays should be my free day.
I should be able to do everything on my list.
We should do something really fun with friends.
It's finally just me and my two babies.
People know that and schedule things that day.
I know that and schedule too much that day.
I know yet forget to schedule appointments.
Steven comes home on time and I don't think I have much to show for my day off.
The day flies by, then I haven't planned our evening and just want to shove the kids off on him so I can clean the bathrooms and re-clean the floors.
Friday = Guilt.

I used to hate being home and I felt lazy if I didn't do something out and about in a day. I was more on-the-go than at my house. I looked for things to do like going to the library, aquarium, zoo, parks, pools, walkways, waterways, beaches, running, strolling, biking, soccer, friends, play places, family, Chuck E. Cheese's, church functions, other organizations' functions, eating anywhere but home, sporting events, the Grand Prix, anything! Our house was smaller and had a lot less upkeep. (Or was under construction and we just left it and enjoyed life outside of it.)

Now, I feel like I'm not home enough, even though I'm here more than anywhere else. I still want to do all of that fun stuff, but it's hard to feel productive so I don't plan that stuff much. I wish I had a day to myself. I see everybody around me getting so much done, and I can't keep up! I have lots of projects that don't have deadlines, so they get pushed back. I keep saying that I want to cook more, and I kinda am, but it's possibly the hardest thing for me. I can't plan. I'll even have free time to plan w/ a computer, the phone, cook books, and everything, but I can't get it. I'm so blessed to have a husband who's understanding and could care less about my lack of cooking/meal planning skills.

I hate messing up nap time now. Isaac doesn't even have a real nap time, and Dylan has always been so easy that his nap wasn't ever a factor in my outing planning. Wierd.

Today, I slept in - I LOVE to sleep in. Steven was up before the sunshine, I don't think I opened my eyes for that; I just nodded when he said something. Isaac woke up and Steven brought him into me. I went back to sleep. I'm not sure if he did. Later, Dylan ran into our room and asked to put on his Rays clothes and told me he wanted tiny green cereal. We ate cereal along with the watermellon I've been meaning to cut, cleaned the play room (after playing with Batman) with the thought of big lolly pops as rewards, changed out of Rays clothes for picture clothes, took not-so-good rushed pictures, and went to the grocery store. We came home and I made mushroom, onion, and pees (why did I include pees???) wheat quesedillas. We had grapes too. Why was I stressed about making lunch? Perhaps because it was past lunch time and we were all so hungry and Isaac was past the hunger phase b/c I kept offering him applesauce and grapes and fruit snacks because I was taking so long at the stove and now he was at the tired phase? (Long thought, sorry, it'll happen again lots though.)

To be a fun mom, I gave them mini cupcakes, but I was sick of cleaning up the full cup of water spill, the upside down cup of applesauce on the tray, smushed pees between Isaac's toes, and my own pots and pans now running in the dishwasher, so they each got their cupcakes nude in the tub. While I was trying to multi-task, Dylan tells me that Isaac made a mess. I expected water to be on the tile, but no - the entire mini cupcake was floating in soggy pieces around my two cute brown boys. Why hadn't I remembered that Isaac was DONE eating?

Anyway, they're in their beds now. Isaac is still crying. He only goes to bed for Steven and Corrie. Waiting 'til he's overly tired isn't working, he's just more tired, snotty, and upset. He lays his head down and is quiet for a little bit, then stands up to let me know the protest is still on.

On a lighter note,
I LOVE Mondays!
Noah is here to keep Isaac company.
I'm not sick of kids b/c we had a weekend with Daddy who helps a lot.
I didn't plan anything for Monday, so anything I get done is a bonus!
I am so happy to see Dylan when Corrie brings him back to me.
Steven brings home dinner, grills, or if we're lucky, I made something.
I don't feel guilty napping w/ Isaac, so he and I both are rested.
No stress!
Oh, and Isaac is curled up on his tummy with his sippy cup of water and I think he's asleep!
I win!
Post Edit along w/ the title:
And I love our house. I love cleaning the pool. It's just that Isaac no longer just hangs out on the steps and occassionally falls in. Now he glides in every chance he gets so I have to stay right by him once I initially jump in to surface him.
I love having a big kitchen. There are so many good things about the house, that I really like staying here. Why go to the park when our back yard is closer and useable?!