Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Day In

Green smoothies for 8! 🍵
All but Isaac liked them! 
Other events of the day: a present for Ivy,

pool with crews
and neighbors and a mermaid tail,
Popsicles (2 each like @jennymsnelson 's kids do), @dbeckfl popping in, 2 AAA trucks came to help then take the car,
grilled cheese and Cups O' Noodles🍜,
@barbielang12 came with kids, workbook pages for everyone but Julia,
a Roku movie and popcorn🍿, backyard soccer, tree climbing,
2 kids napped (lucky!), FHE and treats🍪 since we got free eggs🍳 from Barbie, a birthday present for Julia🎁,
and we read some of The Jungle Book📗. Steven is up being productive studying for his ALJ test tomorrow, I might... 

go to bed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rain day!

On the best to last day of school, Tropical Storm Colin came to town. We got called and emailed to pick up our kids early. So we had a pizza party! 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Steven!

We got reservations at RumFish Grill!! 
A table next to us left then Marc asked the bus boys if we could have the leftover table decorations. Yay! It even included a crown! 
Barbie's babysitter fell through:( 
We walked next door and our friends told us to stick our faces through the holes and grab the handles. Pretty funny:) 🙊
My parents watched the kids ALL night for us-even Julia! No she didn't sleep through the night. Isaac took her to my mom to be changed. It was Fast Sunday in the morning, plus church starts at 9 instead of a normal 10 since 3 congratulations meet there but my mom still made pancakes! (I made French toast, egg salad croissants, then honey lime chicken enchiladas after the missionaries came over.) 
Your gifts: No photo shoots in June, sunglasses you picked out, a new Lifeproof cell phone case, a new grill brush, a surfboard raft, a Roku stick so we can watch free Amazon prime movies and lastly, Netflicks! We still haven't needed to sign up for it though. We're busy! My parents gave you a funny card and forgave us all of our debt. We owed them a significant amount on the house since it appraised for less than their asking amount. They voided our last payment and Said "paid in full!!!!!" Don said "happy year of the jubilee!" Wow. I was going to ask for $20 off for my birthday gift next month. No gifts from them needed ever again though! Wow!