Thursday, January 31, 2008

2 years late

I started making this cart cover for Dylan after Corrie's mom made one for her. I didn't get enough fabric and needed to redo the elastic part. I wasn't in the mood until a couple of weeks ago while nesting. Anyway, I finnished it. I can still use it:)

We were at Babies R Us getting last minute items.

Pain in the neck

Waiting for this baby is a pain in the neck.

Steven and I decided that tomorrow would be a convenient day for me to have this baby. I was supposed to work today to get in the last bit of money I could. I guess I cut it too close. My body said STOP!

I mentioned pinching a nerve in my back. It's never been this bad. Corrie tried to massage it but that just made my shoulder and arm get more tingly and hurt. She said it's not a muscle. As my massage therapist, she said "just CALL IN to work." I did call my boss and warn her that if it didn't get better, I couldn't work. I prayed that I'd have the baby last night b/c that's a better reason to call into work, but that didn't work. Instead I was up most of the night b/c I could NOT get comfortable. I watched the news and heard the stupid breaking news about Brittany Spears going to the hospital or whatever. (Some day we'll get more than one channel and a DVR like Betsey.) My arm was numb (still is) and I was having spasms and it hurt so bad. I went into work to call my patients and tell them not to come in. I felt guilty, but I really couldn't work. I don't know why I drove. I just sat in my car wondering how I would change lanes or cross the intersection. There's no neutral position when sitting up.

Anyway, the chiropractor saw me since I'm an established patient (from my last pregnancy) even though I didn't want x-rays. He was nice and understanding and said that I have a "displaced rib head" at my 8th cervical vertibra. He actually had me get on the floor and popped something over a rolled up towel. He popped my neck too and then had his assistant give me an ultrasonic massage for a bit. They said to come back after the baby and they'll see what's going on in there. He said it'll get more tight before it loosens up (bad news). I paid my copay and bought a big ice pack. I took a nap and woke up with the same pain just now as I had this morning.

So, I'm complaining. Sorry, but people keep asking how I'm doing. I think I've been pretty good with keeping the complaining to a minimum this pregnancy, but I'm DONE. I've had a pretty good pregnancy. My body's finally telling me to call it quits. I'm going to my weekly OB appointment in the morning and I'm going to have them schedule me for an induction. Even if it's 2-3 weeks out, at least I'll have a date set. Last time they got booked before I could schedule it. (My doc was going out of town and I wanted him.) It all worked out and I went into labor the day before he left.

I have some things I'd like to get done like write thank you notes, a scrap book holiday project, or make fund raiser grass skirts, but I'm going to rest. We're going to go get some spicy food tonight at Tiajuana Flats b/c that's what we ate the night before we had Dylan. Any other great ideas? Corries pressure points aren't working either.

All worth it

My dad got Dylan this behind-the-bike carrier for his birthday a year ago. I'm sad to say that this is the 1st time it got any use. I bought a bike helmet and a rear-view mirror for my bike, but never had the courage to really go and use it. Maybe I'm lazy.

My dad, on the other hand, is quite the bicyclist. He rides all over town like it's his primary source of transportation. The only time he takes another vehicle is if he might have to transport another human or large items, or if the weather is really bad.

Aparently Dylan was laughing all the way to the park and back. They played in the sand and had lots of fun. I wish I could have gone along, but I was at work.
Only one more day of that! Thursday's my last day 'til this little baby boy comes. I'm so ready finally. I went to Babies R' Us today and got glass bottles, new nipples for my old bottles, diapers, and Corrie is letting me borrow a car seat head support. My body isn't appreciating this extra luggage. I have a pinched nerve and it's killing me while typing. I have to stop and try to switch positions. It's spasing too. I'll go to bed now.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Saturday Afternoon on the Island of La Gran Playground

I think Jolyn got better pictures, but the Dylans went to the park on Saturday. First they were on the swings until I got bored to death. (Dylan wants to go "uphigh" endlessly.) Then they ran, chassed each other, and jumped and jumped and jumped.

Then they ran to the water. Now imagine me the fatty wobbling over to make sure they don't jump in. Ok, got it? They didn't. They just wanted to see if they could find any fishies. Then they threw stuff in the water like little seads and even branches.

We picked up Daddy and went to the Saturday Morning Market for some lunch. One of Steven's co workers sells tamales and ceviche from Peru - yummy! Dylan was tired after all that and was reaching for me. Thankfully Steven didn't give in. Dylan was moody and I wasn't in the mood to hold him just b/c he's a mama's boy. Steven's stronger:)

Filthy boy

Everybody has embarrassing babysitting stories of how they have to admit something when the parents come home (at least I hope I'm not the only one). It's funny when MY parent is the babysitter and feels a little sheepish that he has to tell ME - the parent, of what happened while he was babysitting.

My dad actually woke me up when he came over in time for me to leave for work. I dreamed my alarm clock wouldn't turn off even when I pulled the plug out of the wall and took the batteries out. ANYWAY, I didn't get anything ready for Dylan that morning. My dad picked out Dylan's matching clothes and was being quite the good babysitter. Until . . .
The story goes that he took Dylan in the garage to fix my bike so that they could go on a bike ride together. My dad was busy with allen wrenches and black electrical tape when he noticed what Dylan had been up to. Luckily he ran inside to grab my camera. Who knows what this black stuff is!

My dad said he didn't know how he got into that much of a mess in so little time. They didn't get to go on a bike ride that day. My dad said he had to scrub Dylan and the stuff still didn't all come off. I noticed that I needed to trim Dylan's grease monkey fingernails when I got home. The black bathtub ring came off amazingly easily with the right cleaner. The nesting part of me was glad for a reason to totally clean that whole bathroom. I hadn't cleaned the ledge with the baby shampoos in a while, so it's good.
I just think it's funny that my own parent had to admit something funny to me, the parent.

Steven doesn't even know what the heck the black stuff is in the garage. I just hope it's not toxic.

Uncle JT

My mom went out of town for my niece's baby blessing. My brother stayed here with us for part of that weekend. Dylan LOVED it. They played 'til they crashed. It was good b/c they both stayed home and napped while I ran errands and babysat for another family one afternoon. JT can watch Dylan, but he just shouldn't stay the whole weekend by himself. It's not that I was supposed to babysit my brother then had him babysit for me. That sounds irresponsible.

Dylan can say "Uncle JT." It sounds like "Uh-doo JT." He usually just says the uncle part since that's what my brother has been begging him to say since the day he was born. "Say UNCLE, UNCLE, say UNCLE."

Thanks for the Nemo blanket you made, Danielle:)


So does anyone really know all of the details of what it is to be godparents? Because Steven and I are our nephew's godparents. Coby is younger yet bigger than Dylan and just got baptised at his church. Steven and I stood up there with him for the ceremony then had a fun time back at his house for a family reception. Do you see how we look like we know exactly what we're doing - ha!

Look how cute little Coby is

Dylan was holding up two fingers (one on each hand) to show how old he's going to be next month. He's getting a baby brother for his birthday, and that's about it. That's what I tell him. He was playing with his other cousin, Raphael here.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hinckley's Legacy

My friend Daisy sends out family emails and was the first to inform me that President Hinkley had just passed away that day. She sent this link.

What a good example he was. He was the prophet of our church for a long time. He was known for many important things like building more temples, visiting more countries, great humanitarian efforts, etc. He was respected by great leaders of all faiths. He'll be missed.

We just had a large church (stake) conference yesterday. Usually, there is an adult session for the county on Saturday night. That stayed the same. But the Sunday session was broadcasted via satellite. There were three speakers who spoke to Florida, Alabama, and Georga for the 2 hour session. The keynote speaker was Thomas S. Monson. A couple of people noticed that he was not his normal cheerful self. I noticed that he seemed old, but maybe that's because I have listened to the past couple of conferences online instead of going to watch at a satellite church location. He seemed somber at the end of each of his stories and it was difficult to make out what he was saying completely. I blamed it on having Dylan trying to fit on my not so big lap while juggling his sippy cup, slippery blanket, and the quiet-toy-of-the-moment while in the back of the room. Now I'm wondering if it was in the back of his mind the whole time that he would probably soon be the next president of our church. He will be the prophet! I've always loved brother Monson. His voice is distinctive, his face is recognizable, and his stories touch both kids and adults alike. He gives more meaning to simple truths and has good morals with all of his life experience. It's not sad that President Hinkley died because he's now in heaven with his wife. We don't believe in "'til death do you part," they were sealed together for time and eternity.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

FULL day at the Zoo with Grandpa

Since Corrie has her hands full with Malia and the new Baby Noah, my dad has been watching Dylan on the days that I work. It's sooooo convenient! I don't even have to wake up my sleeping baby b/c my dad comes here! Dylan has gotten used to going to bed late b/c he gets to sleep in. When it's time for bed though, after we brush our teeth and he gives us kisses, we say "good night, Dylan" and he says it back and goes to his bed all by himself. I bet he could climb out too, but he hasn't yet. He's the best.

On Tuesday, while with a patient, my phone beeped once (instead of being silent). I could see that it was my dad calling. I thought for a moment that something might be wrong. Maybe he couldn't find the diapers . . . or Dylan wouldn't stop crying . . . or something. So I explained to my good patient that it was the babysitter and de-gloved and answered. Um, it was my dad wondering what sign language Dylan was doing. As you can see in this picture, Dylan was clapping his hands on top of one another. I said "Alligator, that's the sign for an alligator." My dad laughed and said "Oh, yea, big ones. We're at the zoo looking at alligators!" They went to the zoo! I didn't answer the next time my dad called. Apparently Dylan was pointing under his arm pit and flapping his elbow. They must have been looking at the monkeys:)

I left my camera for them and it had lots of fun and funny pictures from Dylan's excursion with his Grandpa. It's crazy b/c they did every single exhibit there I think. Usually I'll see the monkeys (they're centrally located) then I'll branch out in one or maybe two directions. They went to places I still haven't even ventured to yet. I guess they got their money's worth! My dad said that Dylan wore him out. Poor Dylan fell asleep on the way home but didn't stay asleep when my dad made a stop at the health food store there in that city. So Dylan had a long field trip and a 10 min nap all day. He and I both fell asleep cuddling watching the Jungle Book at about 8:30pm. (I didn't get a nap that day either.)

What the heck is Dylan doing in these next three pictures???

I told you they did EVERY exhibit. -In January:)

I didn't even notice Dylan in this picture until it was uploaded on my computer enlarged:

What a day! Thanks Dad/Grandpa!!

Quality Time

Besides putting baby swings together and sewing new head rest covers for Dylan's infant car seat, I've been spending quality time w/ Dylan. I'm kinda feeling bad that he won't be a spoiled only child for long.
We went to the park last week, and here's a glimpse of how cute he is. He had the banana in his hand and pointed to the tree. He had the banana in his left hand the whole time then finally handed it to me. I wish I had gotten a picture of my little monkey climbing his first tree.

We ran close to the water where Dylan found fun shells and things to splash into the water. Dylan's so full of fun energy. I got a video of him running, but b/c I'm following him and I'm waddling, it looks like a scary chasing scene in a low budget awful film. I'll spare you. His running is so cute, so I'm saving the video for myself:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ramblings on stuff I'm up to

I am feeling guilty for not posting in a week. I have pictures on my camera, and maybe I'll post them after I check off a few more things on my list tonight. It seems like there is so much that I need/want to do before this baby comes, that I haven't made the blog a priority. So here are my excuses:

Even though I LOOK like I'm ready to pop, I don't think my body's ready. I haven't started swelling yet, and I remember w/ Dylan that I was scared to wear my wedding rings for fear that they'd never come off again. I sleep pretty comfortably except when I have to roll this big body of mine over. I wake up for that.

I'm trying to get lots of things done before I have to carry the baby in a heavy car seat instead of my tummy. I just bought stamps in anticipation of baby announcements. I don't have a brilliant idea yet though. I'd kinda like to have everything done so I just have to snap a photo, add it to the template, print, and insert in the envelopes. I finally typed in all of my addresses since they should be accurate from the returns from Christmas cards. Now I can print address labels.

Our tenant just gave us notice that February is his last month here. What timing he has. I just posted the listing on Craig's List. If anyone wants a studio apartment in our back yard, it's available!!! It's private w/ parking right there for him. I never see our tenant. In fact, I was carrying a box out to the garage the other day and we saw each other for the first time in a LONG time. I know that b/c he said "wow, you're pregnant! It's been a while since I've seen you!" So it's not like we bother each other. If nobody rents it, I don't know if I can go on maternity leave! I was already only going to take one month off.

Steven hung some things on the wall and put up a light under the cabinets today for me. He's such a good husband. One thing that I've been wanting to do ever since he was officially an attorney is that I wanted to go see him in action. I wanted to see him argue in front of a live jury. I got to do that today! I was too scared to take a picture of him standing up there b/c of the bailiffs behind me. I wouldn't have used a flash, but I could picture them clearing their throats and giving me the evil eye. Steven won! He said maybe I was his good luck charm. I think it was our little baby boy. Actually, it might be his co-council. It was his 2nd trial being 2nd chair to Steven and they won both times.
I haven't been able to go watch Steven in trial b/c it's been when I've been at work or babysitting other babies. I had poor Corrie watch Dylan and her two so I could sneak in and watch Steven's direct of his defendant and the closing arguments. His job is a lot more exciting than mine.

Also, I'm the president of our girl's youth program and finally got some counselors to work with since Danielle decided to desert me:( (I miss you.) We've been having presidency meetings and emails. I'm trying to get everything in order so that it will just coast along while I have the new baby to get used to. The counselors are great and we have good activities and service projects and fund raisers lined up. We have to get the girls ready for Summer Camp, so there's extra work to be done.

Last year I launched a county-wide fluoride varnish program for all of the Head Start kids in this huge county. I'm supposed to get new students to kinda take over for me this year, but I don't have any yet. I need to organize a million dental hygienists b/c we got a lot more parental consents this year. I've started getting the ball rolling on this since the dates for it are this spring. Everything is getting so close!

I also need to make sure that I have all of my continuing education credits in by the end of next month b/c my license is up for renewal. I already renewed it, but it's just another thing to do by February.

One of the hardest things is saying no for me. There are volunteer opportunities and seminars and cool classes that all seem to be in February. I love that I have so many opportunities in my life I guess.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's a . . . . . .

(Click to view larger)

Malia is a big sister!

Darren and Corrie had a baby boy a week ago! Noah William Crew was born on January 7th. They didn't know it was going to be a boy until they handed the little guy right to Corrie. How exciting that must have been!

Dylan keeps asking to go see the baby. It's so cute b/c he gets to get a taste of having a baby around before we have our own all of the time. When we visited Darren and Corrie in the hospital, they had baby Noah in the nursrey the whole time. We had to stand up at the glass to see him. Dylan didn't want to sit in the recovery room and talk to Darren and Corrie. He kept grabbing my finger and saying "bee bee" while pointing down the hall to the nursrey. I held him up and he just stared. Noah was the only baby in the nursrey at the time, so we had a clear view of the little guy. I wanted to hear about the delivery and the reaction to finding out it was a boy, but Dylan just wantet to stare at the little baby in the window.

Dylan and Malia love baby "No-nuh" as they call him. They go over and pet his soft head, then they go back to playing. They were wrestling on Andre's birthday. Do you think they wanted attention?

More Life jacket Fun

Dylan is in such a cute phase now.
He doesn't go to bed 'til we do, but that's fine. When it's time to go to bed, we brush his teeth, say a prayer, give Mommy and Daddy kisses, then I tell him to climb in bed. He climbs up and flops in. Then he'll wave bye bye and say "ni' ni'." (No "t" sounds.) He wakes up around 9-something in the morning but happily hangs out 'til I go in and get him- often not 'til about 10. I have a video monitor and will watch him organizing blankets or rolling around or looking up at his feet.

He likes to pick out his shorts and shoes. Even though it's pants weather, he insists on shorts. I pick my battles.

He knows how to make me laugh. He'll look at me sideways and question me. I realize that he's mimicking me. When he says a word that I don't understand, I'll repeat what I hear and ask him "really? bla bla?" He now does it back and we both start laughing. The face he makes is so funny and grown up. He thinks he knows the complete English language, and that I just don't understand him. Sometimes I'll figure out the word and it really is what it sounds like. I just didn't know that's what we were talking about. Like he was saying "back" and I didn't get it until he pointed to his then to my back.

He also knows how to give me a cheesy smile on command. That's what he was doing on the boat here. We went hung out with Steven's friends and significant others who are in his division at work. We got to go on their boat before the delicious dinner they made us.
We were going fast here, so it was hard to get a steady picture. You get the idea though.