Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The "Big Juice"

Kat wrote about Dylan's love of his new "big juice." I found a really cool surf shop that has baby surf clothes. I put their link on the right, it's Bent Frame Kids. They even had matching daddy stuff in time for Father's Day, but they were out of either my boys' sizes or Steven's by the time I found the shop. The owner could have ordered things for me in time for Father's Day, but not in time for me to find time to go pick it up before we left on our Keys vacation. These Etnies were half off and oh so worth it. They're velcro, so Dylan can put them on himself. I thought they'd last so Isaac could use them too, but I'm not so sure now. Dylan is wearing them to death. He even insisted on wearing them to church. Yea, he looked like a little punk w/ his messy hair and shorts. He is still a little angel on the inside though and went up in front of the congregation at church to tell everybody that he likes church and wearing ties. I added to his first testimony and said a few words on why I like church and have faith in Christ. After all, it's our last testimony meeting before we move into my parents' congregation.

I was early to church so we had time to kill. (I'm on time, maybe, but never early to church!) We pulled over when I spotted this kodak moment. We only spent a max of 5 min b/c I didn't want to start to sweat, oh yea, or be late to church. I would have prefered a skate park, but this did the trick for me. It's at the end of a street right in this neighborhood. I'm not sure if I like the first picture or the one where he's pointing better. What do you think? Vote Now!
Pic your vav pic on the right there where he's pointing!

It's so hard for me to get him to look at my camera. I've been trying to get a picture of his light brown big eyes. I won't give up, but I'm not going to push it. Also, why is his shirt so blown out white in every single picture? I have way too much to learn.

Birthday Bliss

It's birthday bliss for me. I took Dylan and Isaac to the twins' 1st birthday party and Jake went too. He entertained Dylan or Isaac for me! I got to see the little one year olds take some 1st steps! They're only a little bigger than Isaac. They wear the same size clothes!
What a fun family:)

Happy 1st Birthday, little Matt and Danny! (Last month, I'm late I know)

Sweaty Head

Last month we went to the park with Abuelita. Dylan explored while we watched.
Then we walked over to the play ground. Dylan ran there, and back, and there, and back while we walked.All that fun leads to one sweaty dirty boy.


Dylan wakes up in the morning and asks about Malia's house and "watch boots" (a Diego/Dora character). Dora is usually on when I drop them off or go over to watch the kids. I go there every day since I'm not in our new house yet. Dylan and Malia are like brother and sister. They know how to get on each other's nerves, but they also know how to get along together. Sometimes they are too quiet and I go hunt for them. Sometimes Dylan is happy that Malia knows how to plug the bathroom sink and they watch and wait for it to fill to the propper splashing level. I'm lucky if I catch them before that time. When they aren't plotting together, they are playing together. Here, they are sitting at their little table having tea time with their sippy cups.
They are probably the happiest when I let them go "hide hide" (outside). Malia is fond of the bugs she finds. She mothers them and worries about them when I don't let her bring them inside. Dylan is interested in them, but he wants to squish them. Malia has to be extra protective when he's around!They're good workers too. I got out the broom to sweep off the porch then had to go find another because they wanted to take over for me. Then I was edging with a shovel. Dylan took his shirt off to show me how it's done.
This is the chlorox sanitizing spray. I didn't let them have my spray when we were trying to clean the Rosco paw prints off of the door.
Time for a snack together! They both love watermellon.
Only Dylan likes mango though. Malia prefers to play with her bugs.

When Corrie and were pregnant and hatching or plan to babysit for each other, we knew our babies would either love each other or would hate one another. Well, it's a perfect ballance.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Silly Baby

I wanna be like Jake

30th Birthday Celebration continues

For Steven's birthday, Andre and I planned a fun night out. We got a hotel room at the Hard Rock. Steven and I went there to get ready then Andre got us a limo! It took us to his house where we met up with friends. We then went to the new club downtown for a while. That was fun. It was my first time going dancing since being pregnant. Andre got a table for us and our friends. The limo took everyone back to Andre's and us back to Tampa. Happy 30th, old man!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. Look at my horible bangs! I thought I'd give them a little trim myself. Oops. I was pretty upset. Just in time for me to be an adult with no kids for once. How dissappointing. Look how short they are when dry! HORIBLE! I've had some pretty funny hair dos, but this was self inflicted and not for any $. Oh well.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Steven's Birthday Month

June is Steven's birthday month, so it's ok that I haven't posted pictures from his birthday yet, right?
He had to leave early to take his mom to an appointment so he didn't get to open his presents until after work. I used two rolls of wrapping paper on his one big present (the TV) then the other on little presents and on the big 3-0. A waste, but festive:)
We went to Arigatto's. It's a good place to take kids, I decided.
When they came out with the cake, Steven pointed to Darren who was more than happy to pretend HE was the birthday boy.
Dylan and Malia liked the cake and had more fun than anybody else in the whole place. They were cracking themselves up!
The picture is hazy because I think our vent was broken. It got pretty smoky in there with all of the fire and cooking going on in our table. Isn't Dylan's smile the best?

I'll post pictures of our night out later. It really is a month long ordeal I guess.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Found Feet at Four months

My camera battery was almost dead, but I managed to get these real quick. I only took 4 others besides these total. I LOVE how he has found his feet.