Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dear Isaac, You're almost 9!

Dear Isaac,
     You're almost 9 years old! You're an awesome little kid. Well you're not that little. You're about the same height as your big brother Dylan. People ask me if you two are twins sometimes. You two do a lot of things together like go to the same school, both play soccer (but on different teams finally,) both have soccer practice 2 nights/week at the same fields, both have viola lessons at the same time, have piano lessons along with Tyler, and share a room with Dylan. You also share some clothes. You both like the soccer jerseys including the Rowdies jerseys Aunt Hollie made you boys.
You got baptized a year ago and continue to go to church. Last Sunday your Sunday School teacher told me that you have thoughtful answers and didn't participate in the disruptive behaviors of a couple of others. You know when to be crazy silly fun and when to be calm and respectful. You also gave a talk in primary last Sunday and I didn't help you at all except to hold your visual aids. You delivered it from memory!

     When my friend Shalynna asked Julia who her best friend was, she said you! I think you might be her favorite brother. You read to her, play with her, let her climb in your bed and play with stuffed animals with her.

     You like to eat and are okay with being a messy eater. I don't like to sit across from you unless I'm in the mood to laugh at your silly faces and messy hands. You are independent so you make your own lunch. You like healthy foods, but enjoy getting to eat snacks and treats when you get the chance. One day, I had to take you in to my work and there was a bag of assorted Hershey's miniature candy bars from a patient. Dr. Phane had told you and Dylan that you could have some. Dylan's pile of wrappers was small, yours was quite large! You're a growing boy. The other day, you were blowing your nose going through boxes and boxes of Kleenex at Grandma's house. She reported that you might have a cold, but still have your appetite. When we got home after Church, you ate like 3 lunches all at once! You're still growing!
on a mommy date, grilled cheese donut sandwich

after a viola performance

     You like Cub Scouts. You started about a year ago when you turned 8. You had been going as a tag-along since Dad is the cub master, so it was an easy transition.

 You like animals and are good at finding them and bringing them to me. Sometimes I'm grossed out and make you leave, but other times I take a photo. You're good at letting others see what you have.

 You are good at skim boarding and boogie boarding, and you sometimes skim on a boogie board or boogie on a skim board. You sometimes pull Julia on your boogie board too. You love the beach and could stay there all day with your friends.
 Your best friend is Noah. He's been your bud since before you two were born. Everything's better when he's involved. You did Vacation Bible School together and are on the same soccer team too. I think you and he have always been on the same soccer and football teams.
 You love to have fun and I absolutely love your laughing smile. You don't like me to get it on camera much though, so that's annoying for me. You do silly faces instead usually. But that real smile - it's the BEST! I love how you can hang out with people of all ages. You really do have fun with uncles, grandparents, little kids, kids in other grades etc. I think that's important to be able to be friends with lots of people.
 You're brave. You have tried roller coasters and surprisingly don't like them. But you're up for almost any other adventure and dive right in! You're not afraid to bite off more than you can chew. (Literally with food AND figuratively with things like starting a huge puzzle.)

Running the Oral Cancer 5K

1st time riding the go carts at the Grand Prix 

Hatching a baby Alligator clean up

finished puzzle
 You like school and have great friends there. It is wonderful that you can have some of the same friends you've had since Kindergarten, both boys and girls. You're good at helping teach them the many skills you have such as working the rainbow loom, computer/ipad games, finger tricks, climbing skills, soccer fun, etc. You play hard and work hard. You have a ton of homework and it's hard to fit it in when you have so many other activities and want to be able to find time to go outside when it's day light then read when you come in. You do well in school and like your wonderful teacher, Ms. Perdisatt. She and your other teachers and coaches help you thrive by understanding how you think and work. I told you that your report card said you're excellent in everything except for handwriting, because I think you need to care about that!

 We had passes to Busch Gardens this year and you got to go with just Daddy once and with the family more. You like the climbing areas the best - and not just the designated climbing areas either!

     You're a climber. Anyone who knows you probably knows that. You climb the walls, the trees, poles, barricaides, the house, whatever. You're a little monkey!

This year you boys decided to transform our tree into a colorful climbing swinging base. You borrowed tools and old Tae Kwon Do belts and have the time of your lives out there.

 We went to Washington D.C. and you climbed so many stairs and trees and scurried up so many walls and structures and we walked for days. You didn't complain once. At the end of the day you mentioned that the escalators were your favorite parts because your feet were tired. Ha! We would've never known. You had a good attitude and it really helped our whole family.
You're really into scooters now. You and Dylan have been playing in our driveway with the other Dylan who lives across the street. I have taken you to two skate parks and you now would like to go every Friday after school. You watch YouTube videos on how to do tricks on the scooters then go outside and try them. You want a new scooter and a ramp for your birthday. We'll see...

 I love you my silly sweet smart soccer-loving Isaac! You're a leader who plays by the rules while thinking outside the box. You're creative and successful already and I'm happy to be in your family.
love, Mom