Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 4th - Two Thousand and TEN (better late than never)

I had a busy month of July last year and never blogged our July 4th festivities.  I don't remember much more than the photos, so that's why I took them! 
We started out our weekend w/ a rainy Thresher's baseball game, much like in 2010
 We went to Gator's for dinner. 
We went to the beach to watch the fireworks.  Look how little my boys were!

 Here's our set up.  And for some reason I thought my long shorts looked funny in the shadow.  Notice I go IN at the waste.  Not this year (2011). 
 We played in the waves.  Dylan first,
 and Isaac tries. 
 Here's the pit the Crews had from being at the beach the entire day. 

 Look how little my Isaac is! 
 More fun in the water. 
 And on land.  It wasn't too crowded, so we could play. 

 The sun started to go down, so we started the evening festivities. 

 Noah was nervous (and sunburned) so his grandma held him while Olivia eyed the sparklers and asked if she could have some. 

 Isaac was a little nervous and mainly stayed in his mommy or daddy's lap. 
 While the other kids ran around like crazy. 

 The dads loved their own "Fire in the hole!!" fireworks.

 And Corrie and I enjoyed our annual sparklers too. 
I don't remember being able to see the different cities' fireworks that well, but the beach, as always, was like a battlefield w/ random booms and sparks.  It had been rainy, but was perfect for the evening. 

I'll blog 2011's fun soon.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey See,
 Monkey Do.
 Monkey See,
 Monkey do.
I love beach sunsets.

Monday, July 4, 2011

red, white, and bump

happy 4th of July!

Our long weekend begins! (with a trip to Ikea)

After I had a morning photo session, and we took the kids to Ikea, the kids napped.  Isaac continued his nap inside, thank goodness. 
 We went to a Clearwater Threshers baseball game. 
It seemed appropriate - look at their patriotic uniforms!
 We met my mom, Don, and Paige there. 
It was sooooo hot when we first got there - the sun was beating down on me, and for some reason I was wearing jeans.  (I was happy to find a pair of maternity jeans that fit - bad idea though.)  Steven saved the day with getting us some Rita's Italian ice and I went up into the shade for a while.  Isaac's hair was a sweaty lion's mane. 
 We took the kids to the playground for a little bit, and the sun went behind the clouds and there was a hint of a breeze.  I was happy. 

 We all were! 
 Until, like last year, it started sprinkling and they covered the field.  What a pain!  It didn't even rain that much at all, but they covered it and we waited and ate cotton candy. 
 It was hot and humid still.  I was ready to call it a night, but the kids wanted to stay, and since they got naps, we did. 
 As they uncovered the field, it started to rain again and they were about to cover it again!  Luckily, it stopped and the game continued.  We stayed 'til the bitter end to watch the fireworks!  Isaac was tired and prepared for the light show by covering his ears and climbing up onto my (then Steven's) lap. 
 They were beautiful, and set to patriotic music. 

It was a good start to our July 4th weekend! 
(Even though the kids didn't get into their beds until midnight, then slept in, then went to church without taking a bath - yuck!  I didn't even realize I hadn't given them a bath until they were dressed already.  Oh well.)