Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pregnancy costume

Steven's favorite holiday is Halloween. He loves to dress up.

I wasn't really into it this year for myself since I'm just getting larger.

Then I thought that I could use my big belly as an asset and not try to cover it up.

Since Dylan was Nemo, why not do something like that? The Disney store doesn't cary adult Nemo costumes, so . . .

Why not paint Nemo on my belly?

Ok, so that's a stupid idea and that's not me. I was looking up belly painting online and found this. I had to post it b/c it's so funny and I bet someone believed that I would do it. Here're the other crazies who let someone paint fish on their tummys:
I DID decide to paint my tummy, but I made a whole costume out of it. I was a fortune teller w/ my tummy as my crystal ball. Steven actually painted it b/c my first attempt was just a big white gilttery globby mess. He put a heart and $ sign in there b/c that's what peole would want in their future. I think a four leaf clover or horse shoe for good luck would be a good idea too. A happy face for happiness didn't turn out so well.

Anyway, good job painting, Steven. The skirt was $1 at the thrift store and the other things were from a dollar store or Wal-mart. I wish you could see all of my rings b/c I thought that would add to the costume:)


Our church does a "trunk-or-treat" activity for the kids. Parents decorate their trunks in the parking lot and the kids get to walk around and get candy from people who aren't strangers. Dylan still didn't get the concept. He held his bag (from Malia) but wondered why they wanted to put the candy in there instead of right in his hand. Then he tried eating the candy without unwrapping it. I finally gave in and unwrapped a tootsie roll pop that had been decorated w/ a pipe cleaner spider b/c I thought it would make a cute picture.

taking a break to try to chew through wrappers
I wish I had gotten a picture of this family. They have 3 kids and all 5 of them were dressed up like the incredibles.
The spider sucker
Dylan as Nemo, Liam as the skunk, Dylan as the turtle, and James as the DinoInside they had a dinner and games. Dylan was the center of attention on the stage.


"Trick-or-Treat" I have Wednesdays off but wanted to take Dylan and Malia into my work to show off their costumes. (I can't get enough of showing them off.) Malia didn't come over 'til later so I just took Dylan. Dr. Brayer took her son and Thy took her nephew. They weren't really in the mood for a photo shoot. Zach wouldn't put down the soccer ball so we could see his big "F" to show that he's a Florida Gator. They're still cute.

Pregnancy Update

This picture was taken before Peter and Heidi's wedding reception on Friday evening.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant now. I haven't mentioned much about it, but here are the updates.
I'm supposed to go take the blood test for "pregnancy diabetes" but I've been eating too much Halloween candy so I don't really want to go. Maybe tomorrow.

My face is really showing my weight gain in pictures. This is the season where I'll start feeling fat and white. I can't go tanning and it's not summer any more so there's not much I can do about it.

Dylan will randomly point to my belly and smile and say "beebee." That makes me smile but it's b/c I'm sticking out so much that it catches his attention.

Steven said he can understand why I would want to know the gender of my baby b/c I have a constant reminder that I'm pregnant.
He/she's a part of me and is always moving. My lifestyle has to change. Steven still wants to wait 'til delivery day to find out.
The baby is moving a really lot. Sometimes I think he/she is dancing. It tickles sometimes then other times he/she jumps on my bladder. I'm not uncomfortable yet.
I'm not craving anything in particular. I've been through the fresh fruit phase, the cheese phase, the scrambled eggs phase, the pickles phase, the Subway-vegie sub-with-extra-bananna peppers phase, the Cold Stone ice cream phase, and the sea food phase. Now it's just the munchies. I'm never in the mood for anything in particular meal wise, but I do like to snack on junk food. It's going to be a problem!
On Monday I ate only organic healthy foods and only at meal times. (Plus a little bit of candy.) It's b/c I saw pictures of myself.
I looked at pictures of this time 2 years ago when I was pregnant w/ Dylan and I looked about the same. We went to Washington DC and I definately had a full face by then. So I guess I'm about on track.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Picking a Pumpkin

I took Dylan back to the pumpkin patch b/c I felt bad that we didn't give the church much business after using them as a backdrop for costume pictures. We only bought at $.75 tiny pumpkin when we were there b/c we were exhausted after the pictures.

Liam and Danielle met us there. Dylan picked out his favorite one. We got a different one.

He wouldn't look at me b/c the whole sky was overcast and bright. So I got his sunglasses out.
Once he spotted the waggons, that's all he wanted to do. He pulled Liam for a while, then Liam helped. Dylan pulled our pumpkin around but got SOOO upset when the wheel would get stuck. What a whiny baby!

Pumpkin Carving

I really wanted Dylan to be a part of the creative process, but he liked watching big trucks at the end of our block more. He was actually grossed out by the yuckiness of the pumpkin.

He's thinking about putting his hand in there. But he won't
He's almost scared of the seeds and strings
He likes putting the lid back on. It's like a puzzle!

If I scooped the stuff out and handed it to him, he happily dumped it in the trash
And was quite proud of himself
What's in there now?
He's using a long spoon here to try to fish something out

Dylan took off to see the big trucks. He has been pulling this bug around all over
He was crying that it was time to turn around, then he'd start laughing. He was so moody in the half-block it took to get to our house.
He was peeking over my shoulder from behind me trying not to let me see him. I would turn around to my left then to my right. He was laughing so hard when we'd make eye contact. I picked up my camera to get his big smile.

Loves his pumpkin pal Sweet boy
Such a cutie
Dylan being cheezy. (I said to say cheeze and he over did it)
The real pumpkin and the fake one on the right

The Zoo w/ Daddy

We had nothing to do on Saturday so Steven suggested that we go to the zoo. We do have the pass, so why not?! It wasn't hot out so we went.

We went to a whole different area that I had been skipping. It's Steven's favorite part that has alligators, manatees, spiders, bears, bald eagles, key dear, and a wolf.
Dylan started out in the stroller, but once we got him out to look at the monkeys - he didn't get back in. He insisted on pushing his own stroller around everywhere.
He was chasing some storks down the boardwalk so fast that I couldn't keep up
I think flamingos are great. There should be more around this state
"SNAP!!!!" (what Dylan says for alligators)