Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dylan's 2nd First Day Of Kindergarten! (and other events of the day)

First, let me explain why/how we switched schools so he would have a 2nd "1st day of Kindergarten."

On Tuesday, I took Dylan to school for his 2nd day at the 1st school down the street.  He was excited that he might get to go to recess for the first time.  (Because on his first day, it was raining so they watched a movie instead.)  I drove him to school on my way to work.  I had heard that they would have the morning car circle duty workers starting at 8:15am.  We parked and were there a little early for that.  The doors were closed and they said we had to wait until 8:25 before they would open the doors.  I didn't want to be late for work, so I showed Dylan where to stand and told him that I need to leave.  He started crying and clinging to me.  He wanted me to walk him all the way to his class again.  I didn't want to cry, so I waited with him.  He walked, holding my hand, right to his class and left me no problem.  So the drop off wasn't a great experience.  Dylan rarely cries and I didn't like that he was nervous for his 2nd day. I dropped Isaac off at Corrie's and got to work 5 min late.  Luckily my patient was another 15 min late.  I would have been so upset if I had left a crying Kindergartner outside of his not-so-friendly school to be on time for a patient who was that late! Anyway, I got a phone call from a random local number while cleaning a different patient's teeth.  Between patients I listened to the voice mail.  It gave me hope - it was a charter school that had a seat open for Dylan!  My mind was racing.  I know we're settling in to the local elementary school on our street, we had after care figured out, had pre-paid for his school lunches, and had given the $8 school supply donation to his teacher, but a potentially better school was now an option!  I looked up to see if the Tae Kwon Do after care class picked up from the new school.  It looked like it did!  I told Steven.  We emailed back and forth our pros and cons lists of disrupting Dylan's schedule, money, convenience, perks, teachers, curriculum, and lots of other things.  Dylan likes to be warned about change.  If I had told him, for example, that morning that I may have to leave him outside with a friend from his class, maybe he would have been okay with that. 

So while I was still at work, the Tae Kwon Do van picked Dylan up from his school and took him to his class.  Dylan later told us that the nice big kids helped him.  I'm guessing they're the Tae Kwon Do kids, not the elementary school kids.  Steven got to the Dojo in time to watch most of Dylan's class.  It was crowded, yet really organized.  We love Master Lee there and are glad we started Dylan there in the middle of the summer.  Steven asked if they pick up at the Seminole location of the new charter school.  They don't.  That's not good.  We had some thinking to do. 

Luckily I had posted to Facebook asking for others' thoughts on the new school and Steven's cousin had seen it.  He and Steven talked.  His son is starting Kindergarten there too!  His wife could be our after care on the two days that I work!  That's perfect because Dylan can still do the Tae Kwon Do class in the evenings when it's less crowded and we can both go to watch. 

On Wednesday, Steven left work early so we could go tour Plato Academy.  Isaac and I went to pick up Dylan from school.  Wednesdays are early release days and Kindergartners are supposed to be out 5 min before the rest of the kids.  Isaac and I parked and got there early again.  But once again, the doors were locked and nobody could go in or out.  Eventually, some kids started coming out.  There was no organization, just kids with backpacks looking up to see if they recognized a parent.  They walked all the way to the crowded car line and parking lot.  Even little kids weren't following a teacher.  It made me nervous.  Dylan's class wears cute head bands with their names on them though and the teacher leads them and she has a system to know when a kid leaves her line.  They have to hand her their headband and she has to see and speak to and recognize the parent.  Well, instead of 5 min before dismissal, I saw Dylan's class 5 min after!  The poor teacher was frazzled and apologized that they were on the playground up until 1:30 even though they are supposed to be dismissed at 1:25.  One annoyed dad asked her if they could cut recess short.  I felt bad for the teacher who responded that that would not be fair to the kids.  I agree.  I just wonder why nobody, not even the teacher, got that memo about when school lets out.  So we got our cute Dylan and drove for 15 min just to get out of the parking lot and picked up Steven at home. 

We talked more about the potential change. 

We pulled up into the church parking lot.  It did not look like a school at all.  This campus of Plato Academy is in its first year and just occupies one wing of a church.  The reception staff was informative, kind, and attentive.  The principal walked us into any classroom we wanted to see including the art and music rooms.  We talked in the church gym where they have indoor PE when it's raining (better than a movie if you ask me) and their lunch room.  We felt relaxed there.  We talked to Dylan's new teacher who gave us a welcome packet, a letter about herself and the school year, and even handed Dylan a little baggie with a note explaining the symbols in the baggie.  Dylan and Isaac wanted the candies and trinkets.  She explained their classroom rules, procedures, and even apologized for the crafts on the kids tables.  I love crafts and being knee deep in projects though!  It was her break while the kids were outside, but she didn't seem rushed at all.  I think she may have sealed the deal for us. 

We decided to hand over the paperwork and sign up!  We thought about having Dylan finish out the first week at Bardmoor Elementary, but then decided that we could go ahead and start on Friday because we may as well not put it off and could give Dylan one day first before a whole week of newness. 

We went right to the uniform store, one place has the monopoly on the school uniforms there.  We spent over $200 and left with a small bag of clothes.  The cost of clothes was a con since we had already gotten Dylan some Target t-shirts using baby shower gift cards.  Oh well. 

On Thursday morning, I didn't have a scheduled first patient, so I was able to walk Dylan into his Bardmoor class for the last time.  It was his teacher's birthday.  I felt guilty for breaking the news that we were leaving her class, but Dylan gave her a card and Steven had written a nice break up note saying it's not her, it's us:)  We did mention that she's not the reason for leaving and was one factor that made the decision more difficult. 

Anyway, at Tae Kwon Do after care, Steven figured everything out with keeping Dylan in the evening class instead of after care and Master Lee was understanding and almost relieved. 

The week had been so crazy already!  Steven seemed to be nesting too since he spent the evenings cleaning the carpets for the baby room while I crammed in photo sessions in the evenings.  I didn't go to a Relief Society (church) meeting on one of the evenings because we had been busy and stressed with school decisions and it really bothers Steven that we didn't have a baby name yet. 

On Friday morning, Corrie came over after dropping Malia off at her kindergarten.  I took another 1st day of Kindergarten photo with Dylan with an updated sign.  Isaac wanted to pack his lunch too, so we packed him a lunch.  Noah went with us while Corrie and Ivy stayed 'til we got back and we left for his 1st day at his new school! 
I wanted time to talk to Dylan's teacher and to turn in the rest of the registration information.  Corrie called us when we were on our way there to ask where my breast pump was because she forgot a piece to hers and would need to pump while at work that day.  She found the part she needed and the day seemed to be back on track.  I parked in the Plato Academy parking lot, and that's where they day got interesting . . . !

I stepped out of my door and felt something.  It sorta felt like having a period.  I looked down and saw two wet spots on my pants.  I hadn't sneezed or felt a baby kick, and haven't gotten any wet spots like that so that was weird.  By the time I walked around the back of the car to get the kids, my whole left pant leg was wet on the inside and I was dripping warm wetness.  (These are the same pants that got soaked when I had to jump in Andre's pool to save Noah.)  I told the kids to climb back in the car to wait for a minute for me to call Daddy.  I took a white napkin and checked.  The fluid was clear and  didn't smell like pee.  My pee has been darker from the vitamins (or maybe I need to drink more water.)  So I called Steven, "Hi, either I just peed my pants or my water broke.  I'm not kidding."  He asked where I was and after telling me to call the doctor, said to call the school to ask them to come to the parking lot to get Dylan from me.  I didn't have the school's number on me since it was the first day.  Steven hadn't programed it into his phone yet either.  He looked it up for me then went to tell his supervisor that he'd be leaving to possibly go have a baby! 

I called the school office and told them I thought my water broke and asked if somebody could come get Dylan from our car for me.  Ms. Pam and the principal came out to get Dylan from me.  Dylan left with them just fine - I'm glad he had met them and his teacher already.  The ladies asked if there was anything they could do for me, and I just smiled and nervously told them no.  They said Dylan could stay in after care or to call if I needed anything. They were so helpful and weren't worried about paperwork and were more like normal people than administrators.

I called my OB doctor's cell phone.  He told me he would be in surgery that morning, but to go to the hospital to get checked and he'd check on me. I called Steven, then Corrie.  This was a bigger deal than a breast pump piece, but we figured it out too.  She called her mother-in-law who agreed to watch her kids and Isaac.  I told Corrie I could take them there on my way to get checked at the hospital.  She told me she was still early for work and would take them and how ridiculous I was.  I called my mom, who doesn't like to get personal phone calls at work, and she was so excited!  She told me it probably was my water and to keep her posted! 

At home, walking around with the towel from under Dylan's car seat between my legs, I waddled to help put Isaac in Corrie's car then took a shower.  I was giddy but wondering why I didn't have any labor symptoms.  I called Lacey after my shower to see what I should pack in my hospital bag and why I wasn't cramping.  She said I was cracking her up because I was so happy instead of being worried or in pain.  She said I shouldn't worry about not having favors and a going home outfit, I should just be worried if I would have a healthy baby or not - that's all that matters.  Steven came home and got the car seat and other stuff and was wondering why I was taking time to dry my hair.  He sorta thought it would be a false alarm so he wasn't even going to change out of his work clothes.  I didn't want to put pants on because I kept leaking.  I had a towel there.  Steven told me to put a skirt on and that should be a no brainer.  At least he was thinking clearly - brilliant!

The drive to the hospital was fun, not what I had pictured.  I was planning on laboring at home until I couldn't take it any more and knew that drive would be horrid.  I put make up on instead of double checking the hospital registration paperwork we were supposed to turn in.  We made plans for Don to pick up Isaac from Noah's grandma's house after Don's dental appointment at my office then for him to get Dylan from school.  Thank goodness for my mom and Don and Corrie's family! 

8:20 water breaks
9:45 leave for hospital
10:10 Arrive at Baby Place
10:30 Triage room 5, confirm fluids, 1cm, 50% effaced and high

11:10 Labor and Delivery room 6

11:40 IV
11:50 pitosin

12:20 Dr. McNeill came in and checked me. 1cm, 50% effaced and high
(while waiting) tried to pick between Trey Daniel Feger and Tyler Daniel Feger

12:40 Steven got lunch in cafeteria
We thought of family names and added more to the mix.  That's where the name "Martin" was added.  It's my mom's dad's middle name.  It just so happens that my brother is also named Martin.  Steven asked if he thought that my other brothers would be jealous.  I didn't think so.  I have good brothers and sisters. 
1:25 try to sleep but contractions are getting stronger
3:30 ask for epidural, 2cm dilated
4:00 epidural by Dr. Confident
4:30 5cm!
5:25 I asked to be checked again b/c I was sure it was pretty much time even though it hadn't been an hour yet.  The nurse said "I see him, let's call the doctor!"
5:30 my mom got there and said she was going to cry.  She left her class a half hour early.
5:35 Dr. McNeill got there and got dressed to deliver
5:44 Dr. McNeill, the best OB doctor ever, delivered our baby!
Steven cut the cord, I took the picture.  Dr. McNeill laughed that it was the first time that he had seen the mom take a picture of that. 
I got to hold my baby boy!
kangaroo time
6:26 nursed for 20 min on left
7:00 nursed a little on right
7:15 Steven held him
then my mom held him
7:30 6lbs, 10 oz - my mom guessed the weight exactly!  It's the same weight that I was and that Matt and Hollie's baby, Gracie, weighed 3 weeks ago when she was born.
length 51cm (or 20")
head 34cm (or 13-1/2")
chest 31cm (or 12")
belly 29-1/2cm (or 11-1/2")

Rang Brahm's lullaby doorbell
Got to mom and baby room 16
visitors: Andre and Barbie with a big bouquet of flowers, Darren, Corrie, and Ivy with half of a mango key lime pie, and a balloon, Don, Dylan, and Isaac.
 First of many MANY pictures of these two together. 
Isaac was excited to see him and wanted to hold him. 
 Dylan was a little stand-offish.  The day should have been about him but he had been taken into school by a stranger, picked up by Grand-dad, gone to Chick-Fil-A for dinner, then to Millennium Park, then to their house, then to the hospital at their bed time!  What a stimulating happy day - I wish I could have sat down with him at bed time to talk about his day. 
 For anybody who doesn't live near family - I'm so sorry!  These two are life savers.  My mom helped in the delivery room just being moral support, and Don did all of the behind the scenes stuff.  Then they both had a day of service on Saturday where my mom cleaned the church building, then did her mom's lawn while babysitting for me!  I bet she did more service that day too, but that's all that I know for sure about. 

 Dylan kept to himself with his coloring/joke/activity book from his grandparents. 
 Isaac asked to hold the baby again. 
 Before leaving, Dylan agreed to hold Tyler.  He didn't really hold tightly because he had big blisters on both hands from crossing the whole way across the monkey bars at school that day. 
The visitors left and Steven and I had some alone time with our little guy.  He was sound asleep.  I don't much care for the hospital blankets/hats, but he hadn't had his bath yet so I waited to take pictures of him. 
Then I realized I could convert to black and white later. 
I love that he has the ink still on his feet - he's so new!
I couldn't take not having a cute cuddly picture of my baby, so I put my hat and blanket on him real quick and took a picture of him on my lap.  That's about the time the nurse came in.  She was appalled that I was dressing him when he was still dirty.  Isn't he the sweetest little angel cuddly baby boy ever?! 
Bath in our room - the baby never left our room until the last day.  I like that.  I don't like when they take the baby away to the nursery because what if they're rough and just jaded and not loving to my baby?!
10:15 nursed on right for 20 min
11:45 sleep

And THAT was an eventful day!!

12am woken up for vitals
3am glucose check, low
3:05 nursed 20 min and stared at me - so cute!
3:45 glucose check, 54
4:15 vitals on me
5 brought restless Tyler slept with me in my bed
6 glucose check, 58
6:05 nurse for 10 min on right
6:30 blood work on me
6:45 asked if Tyler ate
7:15 birth cert info - officially Tyler Martin Feger!
7:25 go ahead and ordered breakfast since I keep getting interrupted!  A total of 4 hours of sleep if I add it all together.  The worst interruption was to ask how room service was.  Did they have to bother us for that? 

So that's a long enough post.  Of course my baby boy is so cute.  I love to kiss him.  He sleeps so well now, he eats well too.  Everything is falling into place even though it was a little stressful worring about rescheduling photo shoots, getting the baby room together, finding substitutes for church and work, getting Dylan school supplies and to and from school, etc - but I think this is the way it's supposed to be.  My body was pretty much at done so it is really happy now.  I can't believe he's still supposed to be in there!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dylan's 1st day of Kindergarten

 I woke up to hearing Dylan being excited and asking what else he needs to take in his back pack. I didn't really want to get out of bed. Did he really have to leave? He sounded so excited though.
We took the front door pictures.
I kissed his hands like in "The Kissing Hand" book.  We had made hand prints then I put heart stickers on them.  He had put the cardboard in his backpack the day before - that made me smile.

 He really was excited and didn't want us to be late. 
 We got in Steven's car so he could go right to work afterwards.  We got there early and had to wait for them to open the front doors.  
 It was a bit chaotic.  The principal told us they would open the doors in 2 minutes but in 2 seconds, the doors opened and people were flooding in. 
 We had Dylan show us where his room was to see if he could do it by himself.  He passed his class the first time so we had him look for his name.  Isaac actually pointed it out to Dylan. 
 He's so cute. 
 Ms. Wilson had 4 stations set up at the tables.  The kids could choose if they wanted to look at books, do puzzles, play with play dough, or color.  Dylan got to color because we were early enough that he got to choose. 
 He drew a picture of himself and of Isaac then wrote his name on the back.  Steven kissed him good bye and told me not to stay too long.  I lingered a little.
 But no other parents were in there, so Isaac and I left.  Here's a picture of his teacher standing across from my little Dylan.  See Dylan's back of his head? 
 I walked to the office to get Dylan's student number and any other information I might need - apparently not.  I have heard about other schools having a "Boo hoo breakfast" for moms of kindergartners, but Dylan's school just had "R' Club" sign up going on in there.  I wish I knew another kindergartner mom who had a kid in Dylan's school.  I feel so out of control. 
 Isaac and I walked back home.  Yes I was a little sad that Dylan is starting his 13 years of school already.  I kind of want a video monitor in his class.  Is that too over protective?  I just want to make sure he's not getting looked over and I want to know how to supplement at home. 
 So Isaac really is my little shadow today.  He's used to playing with his big brother.  He already pretended to call Dylan, Malia, Daddy, and Noah on his pretend phone.  We have read lots of books.  He is sitting on my lap while we go through which pictures to include in this post.  We did a puzzle a couple of times and cleaned out the car.  I can't wait until we start Joy School.  That will be two days of structure for us.  I can't wait to go get Dylan!  We were going to go in the pool after our walk home since he is on the playground for his last part of school but there are dark clouds coming.  I can't wait to find out how his first day went!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Dylan, you're 5 and a half!

Dear Dylan,

You're 5-1/2 years old.  You're like a big man now.  You know how to be the man of the house when Daddy is gone.  You find bugs and tell me not to come near because I wouldn't like it.  You take care of them.  (Or keep me away until Daddy comes home.)  One day you found a big spider and tried to make a trap for it.  You asked what spiders ate and I told you they eat insects.  You wanted to go find one but, not realizing that it really was a big spider, I told you to draw a picture of an ant for your trap.  You were so frustrated that you didn't know how to draw a good ant.  I finally went to the corner to see the huge spider!  That was so thoughtful of you to keep me away, but I ended up spraying it and we waited for Dad to come home to take care of it.  You also make sure that you have enough sunscreen, snacks, water, etc when you go on an excursion with a babysitter.  I like that you know how to take charge. 

You love to play "jungle man."  You have lots of things that you use in your jungle forts and areas.  You get Isaac to play along and you boys know how to entertain yourselves for quite a while. 

Your favorite foods are cereal, veggie wraps, smoothies, and water.  When given a choice of food, you often ask me which is healthier.  You choose the healthy food.  Of course you go for the junk when offered and will never pass up McDonald's. 

You are starting to think about body image and want a six pack.  You ask about other people who you think are strong and ask how they achieved their muscles.  You do sit ups and other exercises on your own while counting to ten in Korean. 

You started Tae Kwon Do and are a good listener.  You always sit up and are respectful.  Daddy, Dylan, and I love watching you.  You're the fastest when you do the elephant crawl across the floor!  You come home and love to practice. 

You are starting Kindergarten tomorrow.  I'm anxious for you.  I want a video monitor on you the whole time.  I know that's crazy, but I'll miss you and want to help you and want to make sure your teacher gives you all the attention you deserve. 

You will start piano lessons in a week and a half.  You're not that excited about it because you do not know what to expect.  You like to be good at things or don't want to do it in public.  You're shy at first.  I think it's important to start you as early as possible in as many things as I can so you will get the confidence that you can do anything.  You really can.  You can jump high and jump low (off of high things). 
You are an amazing swimmer. 
You try new things and tricks in the pool. 
You are really good at coloring in the lines.

You still whine some times and I don't like that one bit. 

You are helpful.  If you know a rule, you usually remember and follow it.  You hang up your towels and put your dishes in the sink.  You usually finish all of your food too. 

You can be funny.

You don't take naps much at all.  You will usually be quiet in your bed (or mine if I separate you and Isaac) until you ask if you can clean or color downstairs. 

You're not that cuddly but will sit next to us and will sorta snuggle in beside Daddy and/or me on the couch or on the church pew.

You want to wear your "super hero shorts" every single day.  They're black gym shorts that came w/ a super hero shirt.  You used to wear underwear over them, but now you wear it under them, thank goodness. 

You are serious about growing up to be a jungle man and might live in Africa or the Weeki Wachi River.  You want a red canoe as your transportation.  I told you that maybe you could go on a mission to a jungle some day, but you do still need to go to college. 

You like to watch jungle shows on the animal channel (Daddy turns them on for you).  When it was shark week on the Discovery Channel, you had a night mare.  Sometimes those shows aren't meant for little kids, sorry!  You like to stay up to watch "one more commercial" after you brush your teeth and are in PJs etc. 

You can read, but are wiggly when we're reading books.  You want to know it all right away so sometimes get stuck on simple words.  It frustrates you that you don't know it all right away, but you work through it then are happy. 

I love you so much!  You know how to make good decisions.  I'm excited for all you're learning now! 

it's a school night.

It's officially a school night. 
Dylan's 1st day of Kindergarten is tomorrow.

His lunch is packed.
His Spider man towel has his name on it.
His back pack is by the door.
He has new shoes and his clothes are laid out.
We've gone over the alphabet, counting, coloring in the lines, his name, my name, Daddy's name, our phone #, his teacher's name, his grade, how many siblings he has, that it's okay to answer questions even if he doesn't know the whole answer etc. 
I still hate it.

I wanted to ask how many days he's able to miss but Steven said not to ask that. 
I feel like I'm not in control.  He missed as many days as I wanted him to miss at his preschool, and he only went 2 days a week at most.  I could go in and stay, drop him off whenever, pick him up whenever, and it was good. 

He has been home all summer.  That felt right. 
I'll miss him of course, but it's more the fact that he'll be with a complete stranger more waking hours than he will be with me.  That's just dumb.  He's only 5.  If I were my mom, I'd home school him (and would be involved in a million activities/supplements with him and other friends).  Well there are a lot of factors involved it's not just that black and white.  I know Kindergarten teachers and know that they know what they're doing, but still.  I'm pretending, to Dylan, that this is the most exciting fun thrilling yet serious thing.

So it's a school night, so I better go to bed too. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Look Mom, there's a lake in our back yard!"

8/17/11 It was raining.  It was pouring.  There was lightning.  There was thunder.  There was a lake in our street and the water went way up onto the grass.  The boys would jump and point when a big car would go by with it's big waves and lingering wake.  In our back yard, it looked like a lake!  I don't remember ever seeing that much standing water back there.  When the sun came out, it was still there, so I took the kids outside.  We painted hand prints and I put hearts in the middle of them and we talked about The Kissing Hand book.  We did sidewalk chalk on the wet cement.  I think that might have been a first for them. 

 They finally ventured out to the lake to wash their hands.  (Little did they know, they would end up with anything but clean hands . . .)

 I love this jungle boy look. 

 Dylan wants pictures too, but he's too cool to just smile or laugh.  He wants to show off his tough jungle man side. 
 A beetle!

 Dylan: "Should I jump from up here mom?"
Me: not paying attention just look up with my camera
Dylan: [jump, splash, yuck, regret] 
 Me: "You jumped from way up there?! wow."

 Dylan: "Can we please go in the pool NOW?"
Me: "No way, look how dirty you are."
Dylan: "You can hose us off."

 Then they raced across the pool this way and that.  Isaac can win if he doesn't take a breath.  Length wise, they both "cheat" by jumping the gun.  

  I love that they play so well together and are my dirty little boys.
(We did this instead of going to lunch w/ Steven.  It wouldn't have been smart to attempt driving on our flooded road/stream.  Later, Steven and I ate at the Lobster Pot then got some Rita's Italian Ice to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.  Steven also got us all tickets to see Les Miserables next February.  The tickets went on sale that day at noon.  He also got me a box of William Dean chocolates!)