Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My dad's wedding

So about two months ago, my dad told me that he met an amazing person named Jane. My dad had a girlfriend! It's been over 10 years since he's had a girlfriend, that I know of, that is. He was so happy and excited and couldn't wait for me to meet her. THEN he told me that he was engaged! That's CRAZY, but he's an adult, so what do I say besides congratulations, right?!

They seemed like a perfect match. She has been diving head first into all of his health food ways and he's gotten into her hobbies too. They both have strong personalities, but they're so happy to be with each other and are eager to find out more about the other. They are both serving one another and are always finding ways to make the other happy. I think they are in for a fun adventure together!

They decided to get married on a dinner cruise.

We decorated the car. That was fun:)

This is the only picture we took of just us kids when Kat and Matt were in town. Martin is still on his mission in Guadalajara, Mexico, so he will have to catch up using my blog when he gets back over a year from now. Jane's bishop married them. Matt was my dad's best man. He gave a pretty funny toast, but I missed the best part on my video. Matt started out with "Well, as the Best Man here . . ." (Then I got my camera out)This is the first PART of their first dance. After a while, they split and each grabbed other guests. I wasn't expecting my dad to come over and ask me to dance. I was in the middle of filming their first dance! Steven continued filming as you can see on the web album. It's good to get others up and dancing, but this group didn't need much to get up and dance! There was a live band playing down stairs under that chandelier.The new Mr. & Mrs.
Cheers!Texting family behind my dad's backCutting the cake. My dad wanted a cheese cake as his groom's cake. They didn't smash the cake in each other's faces, in case you were wondering.
There was a lot of dancing. Most people got up and even tried some swing, cha cha, and the electric slide to name a few.
When steven and I were newlyweds ourselves, we took private swing dance lessons. Our teacher was there. Steven wasn't too happy to be tricked into trying out his swing moves, but I was. I knew I would be the rediculous one w/ my big body taking up the dance floor, but it's still fun to get out there. I think Steven is like Jerry Sinfield in that he thinks dancing is totally stupid. He doesn't get why anyone likes to do it. He understands why people would WATCH really good dancers, but that's it. Anyway, we never finnished our private dance lessons b/c Steven had better things to do. Maybe some day (Yeah right).Their cruise ship, the Starlite PrincessLook how happy my dad looks!Matt threw mints, and I actually caught it on camera! Who needs rice, bells, or bubbles?I put the unedited pictures on a web album. It has some videos and the above pictures before I cropped them. The lighting wasn't that good and I didn't think to try to play with my settings much b/c they had another photographer and many other guests were taking lots of pictures.

Well, happy married life, Dad and Jane! Congratulations!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving at Grandma's new house

We always have lunch with Steven's family then dinner with mine. I love not having to fight over which family to spend the holidays with like some couples have to do. My dad and his fiance (now wife) were invited to my mom's too. 14 people were at "Dita's" lunch then 21 were at my mom's.

My mom's goal was to be moved in and settled enough to have Thanksgiving at her house. It worked! She only thought Kat was comming in town, but Matt and my aunt and uncle stayed with her too! That's the whole point of her getting the bigger house, so she could host more people!

She had 2 full dining room tables of guests and pleanty of food.

My brothers have an "indo board." I think that's what it's called. Almost everyone took a turn on it. It's supposed to give you practice for all of the board sports. Uncle Dave says it's a good work out. I didn't get on this time b/c I was in a dress and am pregnant. Two no-nos I'm sure.

my dad had just finnished

Aunt Claudia Uncle Daveeven my mom
Kat posed for this blurry picture
Steven didn't pose for me
Dylan had help from his tios
Then Matt actually did it WITH Dylan - tandem style

Kat was playing w/ Dylan a lot too. He looked so funny folding in half when he flipped like this.

But the ping pong was the best. I LOVE going to my mom's house b/c my brothers take care of Dylan for me. If I'm in the mood to be lazy, they go and take him outside for me. It's what uncles are for, right? Matt taught Dylan how to play ping pong. He was using his left hand and was doing pretty well. I didn't see, but I heard that he almost threw Dylan as an extension of his arm to catch the ball once.

Thanksgiving Day with "Dita"

Steven's mom wants Dylan to call her "Abuelita" (little grandma in Spanish.) Dylan says "Dita" for that and I LOVE it - so cute.

It didn't feel like Thanksgiving 'til I was actually eating Turkey. The Holidays have started w/o me - yikes! I wanted to be more creative and venture into making something besides the usual green bean caserole, but I didn't. I made 3 of them, one for work, one for Maria's, and one for my mom's house. Steven made his famous sweet potato caseroles.

Dylan was sleeping on the WAY to eating Turkey. I tried to quietly put him in his pack and play that Steven set up before I went in, but everybody came in the room to say hi and to greet us. Dylan got nervous w/ all of the people and was so tired that he clung to me awake until he got some food in him. Poor kid only got two 15 min naps on the way to each of his grandmas' houses. Cousins all 1yr old and Gabrielle who's forhead is chopped off
He had lots of fun playing in the back yard w/ his cousin, Gabrielle. She would put the ball on his stick and he would fling it off. What fun.


Kat, Matt, Aunt Claudia, and Uncle Dave came in town for my dad's wedding. They came right from the airport to my house for dinner and relaxation on Wednesday afternoon. I didn't get my camera out to take a picture of us actually eating at our dining room table, but it was a good dinner, Dad. (He and Jane cooked a Curry rice dish and made a yummy salad.) Dylan's favorite part was the pomagranite seeds. I think it was a first for him. His uncles got him to say "uncle" for more. It sounds funny, but they think it's a word for them so they'll take it.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Malia!

Chuck E. Cheese's

I can't believe she's 2 already. Some days it feels like she's the exact same age as Dylan, but others it seems like she's way older.

Dylan and Malia are raised kinda the same b/c they're both either here or with Corrie. It's funny how different their personalities are though. They both like shoes, but Dylan likes balls and Malia has an obsession for dolls and purses. She got dolls for her birthday and loves them.