Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dear Isaac, You're 8 years old!

Dear Isaac,
     You're 8 years old now. It's after midnight so you're no longer my 7 year old. You're so cute, smart, silly, and thoughtful. I like that you still like to snuggle in next to me or Dad especially when watching a movie in our living room. You don't like to draw attention to it, but you don't mind sitting next to us and I'm glad.
     You are playing the piano and the violin now. They both clicked for you and Dylan this year. You just started the violin when school started in August and you were apprehensive when we signed you up for the lessons. You didn't want to perform in front of people. Yet you did a great job and were not nervous at all when your class had a Christmas concert at their church. You have been musical your whole life, but sort of behind the scenes. You like music and sing along with the radio. It surprises me since I don't often have the radio on in the car, so when Dad's driving all of us, you'll start singing along. The latest one was the one about responsibilities. I just looked it up. It's "Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots. I like the part where it goes "when mom would sing us to sleep when we were stressed out." It's funny. When we sing the Articles of Faith on the way to school, I can barely hear you at all, but when you sing with the radio, I see you bouncing and hear you just fine. (If you know I'm paying attention to you, you'll shrink away though unless we're all jamming out.)
     You like to climb. You'd love to do your homework and eat dinner in the tree or at the top of the swing set if we let you. Sometimes we do. When I'm loading or unbuckling kids from the car, you're often climbing the shopping cart return or trees in the parking lots. It's fun and I pretend to be surprised and nervous for your safety if other adults are around, but I know you're safe and harmless. You know not to hurt trees, or yourself.
     You're good at soccer, but sometimes let others do your dirty work. You're pretty content back in goal. But when you get that ball on the field, you're on fire! I'm missing watching you and Dylan play on teams so we'll be starting you two up soon. And you've gotten Tyler excited about it so he'll play his first season soon.
     You're growing. I don't want to say stop, b/c that's what you're supposed to do, but you've worn out many knees in many pairs of pants and are ready for another pair of shoes. You borrow Dylan's clothes now and you two get asked if you're twins.
     You have shorter hair for a longer period of time than before. I think it's b/c we've found a barber shop that you like and trust. You don't like when I cut your hair. I think you said that's why you wanted longer hair. I don't know. You aren't that worried about styling your hair, but that's probably b/c you know you're good looking no matter what your outside style is.
     You like electronics and like figuring things out on your own. You can sit quietly with Dad's phone forever. You wear out its battery then go in to our room with the charger and stay until we send a search party for you. For your birthday, you asked for an ipad. You had asked for one for Christmas and we told you that you were too young, that kids have no need for it, and that it's way too expensive. So you asked for an itunes gift card. We told you that's pointless without a device, but you didn't give in. Those are the only two items you wanted. You said that you know an ipad is too expensive, so you "know" that you're not getting that, but you still wanted the itunes gift card. Poor guy. You know how to get us to feel sorry for you, then you somehow get what you want. Like at the school roller skating party. You were going a great job on the roller skates, then near the end, asked if you could try roller blades. I said no, but you reasoned with me and I gave in. I'm not even sure I know how it happened, but you did go around on those roller blades and enjoyed them. Back to the ipad story. Dad and I thought about your initial Christmas wish. And we still were against it until we started seeing how it could benefit us. You would no longer ask to be on Dad's phone, you can do some of your school exercises on it like the year before when the school issued them, we could use it when we give lessons at church, the Disney camping trip has free wi-fi, etc. We did research and got an inexpensive, relatively speaking, ipad mini for you. We can't WAIT for you to open it!
     You'll be starting cub scouts. This is cool but not that new to you since you've been tagging along for the last 2 years. You're going to love it and the Pinewood Derby is coming up this month! Speaking of which, I blogged that 2 years ago, but not Dylan's baptism. What the heck?
     So, turning 8 is a big birthday in our family. We believe that that is the age of accountability and that you are responsible and have a sound enough mind to be able to make the decision on whether you want to officially join our church or not. You decided you do want to. We talked about the responsibilities and blessings and you really read your scriptures by yourself, say your prayers, want to help others, and are trying to be like Jesus. I'm so well pleased with you and know you'll be a leader your whole life. You're awesome and I love you.

Monday, February 1, 2016


Tyler: "Mom, for every emergency, do you call 911?"
Me: If you need the police, a fire truck, or an ambulance, that's when you call 911."
Tyler: "So what about if you need a tow truck?"
Me: Good question, I call Tripple A.
Tyler: "Chick-fil-a? What numbers do you need for that?"

love it.

Isaac will now type a joke.

Isaac:why did the chicken cross the road?



Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kat had another baby girl!

Aubrey Adele Tilby was born after midnight Saturday morning and was 8 lbs, 3 oz. Her name choices were Kaylee Adele Tilby or Aubrey Kay Tilby on Monday.  They were 75% sure it wa down to those 2 choices. Kat and I talked and the idea of using one of the first names with the other middle name came up. At 2 pm, Kat sent out a text to us with her name. Perfect. Adele is Preston's grandma's middle name :)
My mom was there and had been for about a week. Kat was about 5 days overdue. She labored at home a long time, then went in. She is Strep B positive so they wanted her to have 4 hours of antibiotics like I always get. Her labor was too quick so she had to stay in the hospital longer for observation. 
Kat asked for the epidural and they said they wanted to check her first. She wanted hem to order it first THEN check her. She was 8.5 cm and had progressed a ton in that last hour. They wanted to get her to the birthing tub. But it wasn't filling up. So she had the baby 45 minutes later. No epidural! 
Mom was at Kat's with Sadie who woke up to play at 5am. Sadie was SO happy to meet her baby sister!!! So cute. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sick day Stress day

I called in sick. B/c Isaac is sick. (Julia is always clingy and is not all the way healthy either.) 
We just got done with round 3 of the kids alternating fighting with crying. (They rest between rounds in their respective time out corners.) They started when I was bringing in sleeping Julia from the car. (You guessed it, she did not sleep long.) I thought it was handled. 
I went outside to clean the car and came back to round 2. 
Round 3 commenced while I was making sandwiches. So I'm giving up trying to get even normal things done today and will spend the rest of the day right here. (Until the inevitable rounds 4-49 I'm sure.) 
Going to work is way less stressful, but it IS good to cuddle. 
I had to contact SO many people to stay home. 2 babysitting friends, teachers, @dbeckfl who helps w a couple of carpooling responsibilities, an awesome past office manager @kimberlydowdy current office manager, other hygienists, boss, social media helpers since I am missing a lunch event, not to mention my full day of patients. I feel horrible. Thursdays are hard. I am always needed in at least two places at once. Thank goodness I am healthy! (Knock on wood) #oopsithinkithoughtthiswasmyblog 

This morning, Isaac and Julia were so good to one another (before the other kids got here and fought over these little rubber bands.) #rainbowloom #sickday #bigbrotherlittlesister 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dylan got run over by an Isaac

so steven took dylan and isaac towards seminole park one Saturday afternoon, the back way (sorta on the way to OHS) and Dylan passed Isaac on the left. Dylan went off of the sidewalk (headded south away from OHS - ALMOST to the park entrance) and when he was on his way back up onto the sidewalk from the grass, his front tire wasn't perpendicular enough, thus tripping him right in front of Isaac's front wheel. 

so yes, Isaac ran over Dylan's freshly ricocheted (helmeted) head. Isaac quickly got off of his bike, but the blood had already started. There was more fear from Dylan than blood. I got a phone call and went to pick them up. I brought Dylan and his bike home, cleaned the chin w/ H2O2 a little, and let him calm down. I had taken water and ice-in-a-washcloth along with a towel for bleeding. (A washcloth would've sufficed, but Steven requested a towel for "a lot of blood.") 

Yes the ER doc tried to re-open it, but numbed him first. I imagine with a topical anesthetic. he wanted to see if it would easily re-open and that was the only way. In looking at it now, I think stitches or superglue would've put the two sides closer to yield a smaller scar, but it's on the under side of his chin, and it'll be a fine manly scar in the middle of his beard (which I hope he only grows out once or twice on a whim, not for real :)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's Resolutions

I think the word of the year will be "arrive."
In a conversation, I want to really be present, focused, putting myself in the others' shoes, and actively wanting to be a better person for myself and my family as well as others.

In order to do this, I'll need to do some planning. So I'll be organized. So my mind won't be racing/distracted/cluttered/multi-tasking. I mean I'm sure it'll multi-task, but I'll be in control and aware.

Some things will be to set a weekly schedule. If I were a student, I'd have to do that so I'd get assignments in on time and I learned that the busier I am, the more I can do. By that, I mean that if things are planned for me, and I have deadlines, I make the most of every 15 minute increment.

I should watch less TV. That's hard since I don't even turn it on while on the computer at nights much since it sucks me into the shows and I stop typing/editing. I realize it's unproductive. But I do like to, while Julia winds down, or even after the fight of her going to bed is over, plop down on the couch with my husband. It's quiet no-brainer time.

I've heard, and fully believe, that one gets more recovery time from the stress of the daily grind when being active. Active recreation is better for the mind body and soul than inactive recreation (AKA screen time.) Yet I think it's a mental thing. If I don't get to nap or get to plop down on the couch and forget to do lists, I feel like I haven't had time to recharge. I know that's incorrect, and couch time is counter-productive, so I need to find a way to get out of that habit. Do you know how irritating it is to come in from the living room to find my dirty dishes in the sink still? Why did I reward myself with a movie when I didn't do my normal chores? I annoy myself. My punishment is to leave them for myself to do them in the morning. But that's wreckless b/c then, the kids are up, I want to be present (arrive) with them, but I have my dang chores to do. I enable myself to feel like I've done something with myself in the morning if I have done the dishes. Dude. I could've worked out or read to my kids which would've been way more productive if I had done the dishes the night before! It would've taken 1/3 the time since my 4 distractions wouldn't be awake.

So the moral of this story is that I am going to set aside time to plan, study, meditate, ask the Holy Ghost to be with me and I'm going to take more control of the minutes of the day thus allowing myself to be a better wife, mom, daughter, neighbor, and friend. I'll make enough time and money to do so.

I wish I had bullet points for my resolutions. I'll brainstorm some real quick. My patient, Steven Sherwood, said he does PMS for his. Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

Physical - Um. I'd like to join a gym but that's not going to happen. I'd like it to be after hours or some time when I can go w/ Steven and take the kids there. Maybe I'll run a 10K or something. I want to get rid of my poochy tummy. Gross. I've lost more than the baby weight and have top abs, but the bottom ones are lazy fatty ew.

Mental - meditate/plan/organize/arrive/thrive

Spiritual - I'll really study the Book of Mormon since that's the book of scripture for Sunday School this year.

Oh, I also want to play duets with my kids. I want to play the piano while they play it or the violin. I'll start with the piano. That'll be one way to arrive with their piano studies.

I also want to figure out work. first, Fishy Face Phogography, I got a new website and want to be more awesome this year. Here's a start to my to do list for it:

  • edit about me page
  • general user friendliness and look and feel of website
  • get new business cards
  • send something to all past clients
  • get Rania's proofs to her and order everybody else's and get them sent
  • edit Matt and Hollie's session and Christmas
  • Make a chart system for keeping track of all clients
  • make sure all past client photos are sRGB and re-send galleries out
  • get published somewhere
  • make money
  • set aside a day for ffp stuff (babysitters necessary and/or days off from CSD)
  • buy a flash
  • back up everything
  • welcome video
  • re-direct Thumbtack to my email
  • categorize/tag/SEO my past posts and pages
  • instagram more business images

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

I sure do love that people know that I love Christmas cards :)