Sunday, May 17, 2015

Julia is better

She us not tip top, but no more fever! 
I took her to Dylan's field trip. He and his friends matched! 
Julia was the center of attention to the girls there! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sick Julia

Poor baby girl. 
Doe texted that Julia woke up from her nap with a fever and didn't feel like herself. That was about 4:30. I still had a patient getting an exam who wanted me to clean his teeth. I rushed out of work but still didn't fet to her until 6 something. Doe and Michael had attempted to give her tylenol but since her dever had not changed, they assumed she had pushed too much back out so I should give her more. I was at church for my temple recommend interview right before 6:30. Julia puked as I turned into the church. I think she had gagged on some hair or something. She was breathing. Tyler said she was ok. I changed her burning little body. Steven pulled in with the other boys. They watched Julia while he went to volleybal and I talked to brother/president James. It was quick. By the time we were home and semi settled, I took her temp and gave her Tylenol. She was 103.6 degrees! After a          bit I put her to bed. A half hour later, she was awake. Same 103.6 fever. What?! I called the pediatrician and talked to the emergency answering service who said our pediatrician was on call. An All Children's Hospital nurse called and said that since she is already on antibiotics from her sick visit yesterday that we can just monitor her. Since she was sleeping, she is probably not in pain. Call if it goes up but give it another 24 hours. 
Oh yea, Isaac had a fever all day Mother's Day. Then Julia had a fever that night and some Monday. Tuesday she seemed ok until the evening.
I gave her Tylenol and she perked up. The next morning she was pulling at her ears and had a 102 fever again. Dr. Patronella said she had another double ear infection. She mentioned tubes in her ears perhaps. Julia lost weight too and was 18lbs exactly. 

Julia keeps waking then sleeping on us. 

Her fever went up a tenth. I gave her ibuprofen and the amoxicillin and put her in bed. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


He is singing while on the potty. "Every day i am getting strongerrrrrr. Every daaaaaaay. Every day I get faster. Every day i get jumpy. Every daaaaaay. Every day i get bigger. Every day I gro------w. Every day i could stack." 

[talking:] Mom. I am going to get bigger than Dad b/c I go to Sunbeams. 

[singing:] I am reaaaaadyyyyyyyy. [for me to wipe him.]

Sunday, May 10, 2015


"A child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame." Proverbs 29:15

My mom used to tell me that kids who were not making good decisions just needed a mommy. Or something like that. There were riots in the streets and a mom saw her son on the news and went to the scene and dragged him out of the mess. News cameras caught it. 

My mom would not stand for that either. And she taught us to honor her and our family name. We would not like to cause her heart ache. 

James Ross, before he sat with his kids and got stickered like a goid daddy, gave a Mother's Day talk and used that scripture. He told stories of how he and his cousins, when they all got together, had no brain! They came up with ideas like digging holes and using fire. I will need to keep close to my kids as they grow! 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Update

Sleeping babies. The biys like to fall asleep in our bed then we transfer them. Julia goes to sleep by herself. 

Relief Society visiting teaching motivational message before Steven played basketball.

My first time playing in the pool.
I had the girls make ice creal, a fruit salad, and messes.
Steven worked from home on Friday and bought me lunch. I like the saying.

Because the day before, I met a new friend who made the wait worth it at Tropical Smoothie Café. 
The smoothies were overloaded w supplements and were gross so I took the kids to a different one after school on Friday.
I got to go for a jog and smelled honeysuckles. So I stopped.
My parents took me to a play to see one of my young women perform. Briana was so good!

I stayed up until after 5am to finish a photo session.
The next day, Saturday, Steven took the boys to Soccer practice while I took the other half to Brynlee Vorwaller's 1st birthday party at the beach.

We jumped in the pool before going to Anthony, formerly known as Kyriakos's 1st birthday party.

He didn't taste his cake. He was confused and cute.

The Sound of Music made me want to have one of my own favorite things, "girls in a white dresses  with blue satin sashes."
Ti was a busy day at church. President Emery was released as the stake president and Bishop Bangeter was called to replace him. We parked in a ditch of the nursing home.
Now to make Dylan's litter bug school project...