Friday, November 14, 2014

Isaac the Phoenix Award Winner

Yay Isaac! 
You won this month's Phoenix Award from the principal.
Once a month one deserving student from each grade is chosen to be recognized in front of the school. You were chosen last year too. Steven checked his email luckily this morning to let me know we could go in for it. Good timing because I usually have to rush home to get Clara but she came early. 
This is what your teacher wrote. 

I wanted to let you know that I have chosen Issac as our Phoenix award winner this month.  It is a well deserved award as Issac always tries his very best.

The ceremony is this morning during announcements.  I am so sorry this is such late notice but I have been sick this week and I forgot. Please let me know is you can't make it and I will capture the moment for you:)

Thank you,
Mrs. Mazzei

We had a conference with her for the last grading period. She said you can start out each week with the harder spelling list because you need more of a challenge. She said you are not adraid to raise your hand and pay attention so you can answer her questions. You had a couple of red disruption remarks with the good green ones a couple of weeks in a row but now they are all 100% positive. You are a smart good kiddo. I love you my Isaac. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Doc visit

So Julia started out sitting happily. 
But after 45 minutes, she got wiggly. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dear Julia, You're 6 months old!

Dear Julia,
You're 6 months old! Happy half birthday my baby girl. You went from being a content infant to being a curious wiggly baby. You took your first crawling step with your hand on October 24th. You surprised us right after turning 5 months old by basically crawling. Your tummy came up off of the ground! Your knees started crawling but you would splat down to reach out. On the 29th, you took a bunch of hand crawling "steps." How cool! You started sitting too!

You have been holding on when you are carried. 
You started to reach for food. I let you taste Clara's mango sweet potato amd millet pouch. Then I made you cereal with formula but you thought it was gross. I tasted it and agreed. I will stick to breast milk for your oatmeal. That formula from pouches might be bad. Sorry! Pumping is impossible to do with babies awake and I do not have much frozen milk saved up. So you have had yummy cereal only two or three times. I will start giving you more now because you are fussy more and wake up lots at night now. 
You take a pacifier and expect it in your carseat but do not need it all the time. Recently, it does not pacify you all the time. 
When you cry, you are tired. 
Here you are at your cousin(-ish) Trace's 5th birthday Ninja Turtle party. 
You started needing to be next to me to go to sleep and stay asleep. So I've gotten nothing done in the evenings. I do love sleeping next to you, we both get good sleep that way, but lately you have woken up multiple times at night, and some to cry. It was like you were hurting two nights in a row. Then you cut your first tooth. I didn't even have your amber necklace b/c it was beside our bed and I couldn't find it. You were also stuffy so had a hard time nursing or using a pacifier. The last couple of nights have been better although you still have a bit of a runny nose.
You are crawling officially now. (2 days after your 6 month birthday.) You crawled before, but now you're not intimidated by something being on the other side of the room. You go for it. You are making me nervous because we have to vacuum twice/day now but this also means that you're smart and will be getting into things. You reached the plugs today. At least we already have plug covers in the holes. You are going to be a leader. I can already tell. At least you will not get bored in one place and beg to be moved to another location. That's the good news.
I love you. I love that you grab onto my garments. I love that you have soft hair. I love that you are already a self starter. You're going places in life!
I love you,
love, Mom

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Meet The Mormons Review

So, here's my review on Meet the Mormons.
It's a documentary. My 6 year old whispered "when is the movie going to start?" about 15 minutes into it. It did hold all of my kids' attention though. Well the baby slept. It's not a thriller, and is not controversial. It just shows that our faith guides us in our normal decisions. So it's true. My faith for sure guides my decisions as a mom, as a friend, in my career(s), etc.

Our church is trying to say we're normal people I think. The intro shows how we're made fun of in various shows/movies so that's funny, and it sort of mentions that this movie will dispel some misconceptions. But it doesn't go into that at all, in my opinion. It just follows inspirational good people. I held back tears when it was showing the story about the mom who was in the process of shipping her son off on a mission. That story hit home since I have a brother in the Philippines serving happily too.

Here's a review site showing that it did well at the box office even though it was only showing in a couple of select theaters. (And that the numbers went down on Sunday, showing that mostly members went to see it.) But that's okay b/c most people will watch it on NetFlix later, both members of the church and not. I read some reviews and critics were annoyed that the movie seemed to imply that moviegoers were ignorant to the fact that we come in all shapes and sizes and colors. It said it's not worth it to pay for a movie ticket price for an infomercial. I can see that. But I think the title is not misleading. It is really letting the audience meet some Mormons. That's it! It's sweet and a really good sampling.

But, if it leaves something to be desired, here's a newly released (I think) part of our church website which explains gospel topics. It's good reading for myself too. You know, how repetition is a good teacher or whatever? Simple. So, you can look up our beliefs on a wide variety of topics, even the controversial ones like plural marriages. (Completely NOT a part of our church any more BTW.) So there you have it. If you have the money or the time to be uplifted, then go see it. If you are curious about anything in the church, I'll go again with you, or you can ask me, or you can go to that website, or you can download the scriptures for free as an app on your phone (or read for free online of course) or you can come to church with me. Or to our fall festival the Friday before Halloween with your kids :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Not a full circle

I have a wonderful family. Matt and his girls are here. 
When an action or idea starts, sputters, then ends with an accomplished satisfication and a resolution and reason especially with a heindsight "aha moment" realization for the beginning, it is said to have come "full circle." 
My days are only the first 1/2 to 3/4 of the circle. Then another half-empty day starts. I would like to one day complete a to do list; put a stamp on my pile of started thank you notes; feel like I taught Tyler something; connect with my Isaac; figure out something that Julia likes; make my husband proud; really pay attention to one of Dylan's creations; or style my hair. But I just accidentally end my days sleeping perpendicular to my pillow with dirty teeth then wake up late feeling unacomplished. 
The sad part: I actually try. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

All fours

After work on Tuesday, we noticed that Julia got up on all fours like she has been doing for a while. But this time her belly was up. She has been mobile for a while. She still pivots and moves backwards. She is not rocking yet. I took her clothes off to show that her belly is up off of the ground. And her baby leg warmers just came in the mail today. And these are Honest Company diapers. When she had a bad diaper rash, I bought some. 
Today was a long day. All of my work days are. I miss seeing my babies. Tyler did not get a nap then transfered from one car seat to another but not into my mom's house. He asked repeatedly through tears if we could leave. Then he stayed up late. I ran out of frozen milk, my car charger for my pump does not work and although I bought batteries for the battery back up, I did not remember the battery pack thingy. Julia did not want formula. Then I was full so she spit up. But my kids had fun with friends and cousins. I got to see my brother's family and I have the weekend off. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pink Flamingos

I like to run in my neighborhood. It is more of a light jog. I meet new neighbors. I like love the skies, turn the corner, then love the skies all over again. I really stop and smell the roses. (I am not a fast runner.)
Look at this tangled tree.
My hair is out of control! I got it cut 2 days later. 
I love these pink flamingos! This pesticide company is missing the boat though, their logo/website/QR code/or at least name should be on them! I'd switch to a company who put pink flamingos in my yard over one that just puts ugly white ovals or rectangles in it. I might even consider hiring a company although I don't want pesticides in my yard! What a missed marketing idea. There are two houses in my neighborhood who actually have the pink flamingo yard ornaments. I've made friends with both so when Julia sits on her own, I'm going to do a Florida photo op in their yards! It's so fun having a girl. 
Also I love the resources in my neighborhood. I took the blessing dress in front of an abandoned door. I took some slats of a fence that had been disassembled and had been laying by the curb for a couple of weeks and fixed my neighbor's fence where it was missing some. I took some 2x4s so Steven can do a tools cub scout requirement with his Wolves. I am going to do the flamingo silly photo op soon, and I'm loving the resources my neighborhood has to offer! Random I know. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dear Dylan, You're 8-1/2 years old!

Dear Dylan,
You're 8-1/2 years old.
This week, you are the Star Of The Week in Ms. Deming's 3rd grade class!
This means you have a little extra work to do but you LOVE it. You got to decorate and fill out a poster all about yourself. I only helped with the photos.
Which reminds me, ever since Kindergarten, you have loved to color. For your 7th birthday here, you got a sketch pad and LOVED it as you can see from this photo!
There are a lot of things that have not changed over the years. You worry other parents with your climbing and jumping skills. You jump off of high things, are fearless even with roller coasters, and have been an excellent climber. One time for homework, you wrote a "How-To" on how to climb a tree the right way. I remember it included first removing your shoes in the instructions so you could grip better. You climb like a monkey but land on your feet like a cat. 
You love sports. You have many sports that you like and we will try more I'm sure. Your dad coaches your baseball team when it's in season. You can be crazy silly in the dugout but are focused and are one of the few who gets to pitch for your team. You started when you were so small! 

When we went to the beach with your Grandpa Gille, I asked what the best part of the day was and you said it was when the two of you were playing catch out in the water. You have been moving up through your Tae Kwon Do belts since you were 5 and always pass each stage with flying colors. You memorize the basic motions easily. Your favorite sport now is soccer. You play it any chance you get. If we're going to a pool party, you ask if you can bring your soccer ball. If we're going to the park, you ask if you can bring your soccer ball. You took your soccer ball to school until you finally bought one for Coach D and another friend donated one to your class. You are on a team now and run your little heart out! On your first game last Friday, you scored a hat trick which means you scored 3 goals!
That day you played at recess, in PE, in your game, then were ready to play with your friends after Isaac's game still! Here is a photo of you from your first soccer team, the Rams.
You love to swim and have been swimming since you were two. 
 You made the decision to follow Jesus' example and got baptized into our church on your 8th birthday. You pray and read your scriptures and consistently choose the right instead of making bad decisions. 
You are a good big brother. You have been since you were almost two and your little brother Isaac was born. 
You still help him along with your other brother Tyler. 
And I can tell you have a strong sense of duty to helping your baby sister Julia. When she is fussy, you are quick to figure out how to hold her, even when that means that she slobbers on your arm or down your back - yuck!
You used to like superheroes. You loved Spiderman the most.
You and Isaac shared a superhero birthday party!
But now you are into other things like Legos,
learning about rocks and gemstones, and like playing with your good friends!
Dylan, you aim to please. You are quick to say sorry and really mean it if you make a mistake. You are a good friend and include everyone who would like to join you. You are so cute! You care about your hair now and grew it out over the summer. You have your own opinions but understand when they differ from mine and when you have to sacrifice. You would love your own room but when I explained why it's good to learn how to have a room mate now, you have not asked since. I like how you know how to listen the first time I say something. You do not give me resistance in doing homework even when your brother is finished and gets to play. You like being organized. You like the beach. You like going and doing fun things but also enjoy staying in, eating pizza, and having a family movie night. You write your own talks when you give speeches in church. You are giving one in church this Sunday! You take the initiative to create. You create forts in the living room with your brothers and with your friends. You create wall art for your desk area. You created space on shelves for your treasures. You would love to create things outside and are eager to learn new things, like how to crack open a coconut. I love that I can always count on you. Even when you would rather do something else, you will help me, will share with your siblings, will scrub the dishes, will clean your room, etc. Yay for being a star student, it got me to write your half birthday letter a month late.
I appreciate and love you my Dylan.
Love, Mom