Monday, August 27, 2012

Tyler's 1st Birthday Pool Party!!

I finally have a summer baby!!! This was the most relaxing perfect little birthday party. Here are all of the long details of how we got to this fun smash cake face. 
We invited just some close family members. Tyler doesn't need presents, and it seems like there are so many parties. I told Steven everybody I wanted to invite, and that list went on and on and on. I didn't really do much planning for this even though I was excited. I didn't do invitations and did an email invite. I hate those, but they're free! I might print something just for his baby book, or maybe the blog book will be enough . . .
I plan on printing something to go out w/ the thank you notes (so if you're reading this, it'll be at least a week but THANK YOU for the gifts!!!)

I didn't do decorations except for a flag banner string in the back. I'm not sure what it's called but you'll see it. I got out pictures from Tyler's album and put them up over some fridge pictures to see how he's grown from 3 squares on the blanket all the way to both edges. I took the 12 month picture but didn't print it yet. I'll probably process and print Wednesday night.
Steven got a bundle of balloons. I put some on our mailbox and was planning on putting some on the big #1 in the front yard. I dressed Tyler in pants and shoes for that picture with it since he doesn't like the grass to poke him. But then Darren didn't end up having time to re-paint it from Ivy's birthday. He had spent the time, effort, creativity, thoughtfulness, and money I'm sure on this cool little truck walker toy. Tyler and I do like it, but I'll probably steal the #1 to get a picture with it since I'm big on traditions. It was so cool when he surprised us with it for Dylan then again with Isaac.
Tyler really pushed it and loves it!

 His 1 shirt
 The day before, he napped from noon - 2pm. That wouldn't work for his party, so luckily I was able to give him a nap from 10:30 until just after our first guest, my mom, arrived. Perfect!
 Steven had the self-proclaimed brilliant idea to order 2 pizzas each from 5 places. He ended up getting 4 from Hungry Howies, but we still got 10 pizzas from 4 places. The delivery guys didn't run into one another like Steven had dreamed, but the Dominos guy did tell us that if we're having a party, they could give us a deal on a bunch of pizzas next time. It must seem odd to see balloons on a mailbox then only deliver 2 pizzas.
 Every boy at the party loved the pizza variety, including Tyler even though he only had one of the Papa John's mini slices.
 The food was there at the beginning, so everybody could eat and swim and play whenever, there was no line or wait and it was so relaxing, I may repeat that, but I'm so happy with our little party.
 I think Tyler was a little hot in his long pants, so we cleaned him off.
 After some pictures of course.

 And it was slip 'n slide time!!
 Darren and Steven even went on the slip 'n slide. (Corrie and I had our own party w/ the kids about a month ago when we went down it.)

Tyler stayed in the pool w/ his grandparents.
 They're both in their old man and old lady hats - bickering over the toys.

 I have a picture of Dylan and Malia like this, except Dylan was more relaxed. My mom was a little protective and gave me a "do you have to do that to my poor grandbaby again?" look when we dunked the babies a 2nd time for good measure. This is the 1st of the two pictures.
 No phase for Ivy.
 Ever since Sea World, Tyler has loved the pool. He'll go back into it any chance he gets. I love that he had time to have his cake and play in the pool too and not feel rushed.
 Scrunch face!
It was finally cake time!! Only Noah and his dad were worried about it. 

 Tyler is blowing out the candle with us.
 Yes, I switched his crown for his hat, and he opened this awesome bib from Ivy's grandma! She had made one for Isaac and I almost asked her to make one for Tyler, but she has Ivy and another grandson the same age and I didn't want to bother her. I was SO excited to open the colorful monster #1 bib!!
 We didn't light that candle, of course.
 He dug right in, slowly at first.
 Kids: Ivy Crew,  Edison and Raphael Serrato, Isaac, Coby and Gabrielle Vallee, Dylan, Olivia, Noah, and Malia Crew, and Austin. Muneca is in the back.
 I moved Tyler into the shade because of better lighting he started getting hot again.
 Scrunch face again!

 He didn't need any help at all. I did turn the cake 180 degrees once.
He didn't make a mess on the high chair or anything b/c that bib is so big. A napkin and a swim in the pool were all he needed. When we started cleaning up, Ivy and Tyler both wanted the same ball. They can both stand up for themselves now, so let the fighting begin. Ivy didn't win - probably because somebody else sided w/ the birthday boy, so she threw a little cute tantrum, by gently and slowly "throwing" herself flat on her back with a pout on her face. They're so funny. 
 We cleaned up some more, changed, and opened presents.
So fun, Tyler loves them all, and so do his big brothers.
 They had fun and Tyler even started dancing and standing and taking steps too.
 Then see the post below for when he reminded me of the Sun Drop girl.
P.S. Today (Monday the no-school-Tropical Storm Isaac-day), Tyler learned a new sign! "More" with two pointer fingers going together. He can already do "bye bye" and "all done."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Drop It, Tyler! (Sun Drop style)

After Tyler's party, we opened presents. I put some baby legs on him b/c I think they're cute, and they protect his knees when he's crawling (and it's easy to change a diaper even when he's wiggly). 
Back to the story, Tyler used his piano from his Uncle Andre and Aunt Barbie to give him the extra 2 inches he needed to push himself up into a standing position. 
 Oh yea, there he goes, up up UP and . . .
 SHAKE IT! Drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot, dance dance . . .
He looks JUST like the Sun Drop girl. The leg warmers and crown top it off. 
Ridiculous yet so funny b/c it's how he's learning to stand up.

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