Friday, June 19, 2009

A Happy Meal for Daddy

My friend, Brie, from the Gulfport branch mentioned that she's going to do this for Father's day. I was interrested.

Today I had all 4 kids, so before Noah and Malia came over, we went to the store to get the supplies and we baked together. Or, I baked and ignored them and kept yelling for Dylan and Malia to make the babies stop crying and to "JUST GIVE THEM THE TOY, THEY ARE BABIES. . . . THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU GUYS, You are such good helpers, wanna lick a spoon?" They did color the fries holders for their dads.

I was baking up a storm and was getting so hot in the kitchen. I turned the air colder but it kept getting hotter. I figured it was because I was standing over the stove and kept opening it. The kids went up stairs to jump off of that mattress that's still on the ground and were laughing and getting so sweaty. Then I noticed that the thermostat kept going up instead of down. It was 83 degrees and it wasn't even noon! I called my step-dad who is a genious about air conditioners. (No really, that's what he does, he works for an EGG Systems, and also does his own contract work, so call me and I'll get him to go over in a heart beat if you're stuck in Florida heat.)

So Don asked me over the phone to go check outside to see if the unit was on in the back. I said no and hit it to see if it would work. It turned on! The air started comming out cold again, and the thermostat numbers went down! Magic touch! Don came over anyway and checked it all out. He switched something out for me, connectors maybe? Steven's work phone was busy each time I called it in our little emergency. It's nice to have a step-father handy when I needed him. I was happy because I was able to give him a mini hamburger and fries basket for an early Father's Day treat.
For Darren. And it's good to have this picture to prove who colored on my fridge. There are blue and green marks on it and I didn't know who to blame. Clearly I wasn't watching Isaac well enough and instead was taking too many pictures of our creation.

It's like Dylan is blowing out candles.
I got Steven the green tray for Father's Day too. We've been using a caserole dish to carry out the ketchup, mustard, paper towels, utensils, and sides to the pool. We used this tonight when Steven made turkey burgers.
I kept taking pictures. I like pictures:) I just wish I had found my picnic basket. I was picturing it for a prop. I'm wierd.
The frosting is supposed to be lettuce, a tomato, and mustard, then I put a puddle of "ketchup" with the fries. I also added more sugar to look like more salt on the fries.
Steven liked the burger. He really thought I had used the grill 'til he saw the frosting.
I had made Dylan wait 'til Daddy got home. I was expecting to eat them after dinner by the pool, but luckily my camera was right there when they both dug right in.

Yellow cake mix, Publix buttercream icing, food coloring, and a brownie mix box all sprinkled with some seseme seeds with a side of sugar cookies is a good idea that couldn't wait for Father's Day for us. But now you have time! It's seriously easy if I could do it w/ 4 kids, no air conditioning, and nobody napping. The smoke alarm didn't even go off this time! Go to for the real instructions.

Happy Father's Day!


Brie Williams said...

These look GREAT!!! I am going to make mine for our family 4th of july party so I will take a picture then! I am so excited!!!

Jaynee said...

that's a good idea. i've been wondering what to do for fathers' day, although i may have found this a bit late to do it by fathers' day...hmmm..

Marcie said...

Oh my goodness those are SO SO SO cute! I wonder if I can pull it off by tomorrow... hmmm... LOVE it!