Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tae Kwon Do - YAH!

7/11/11 We wanted to start Dylan in Tae Kwon Do before the school year because we plan on having him do that for his after care on the days that I work.  We didn't want him to have too many new things all at once.  We started Isaac in his class the first day too even though Master Lee thought 3 years old might be a bit too young. 
They LOVED it! 
They were in their play clothes for the first free trial lesson. 
They were both really good at listening and doing what Master Lee told them. 
Master Lee is funny, so the class is fun. 
He's not their babysitter though, he keeps telling them, so they need to show respect!

Here's a little background.  The boys didn't nap that day.  Isaac was up in bed for a long time.  He asked to go get water, and I thought it was just another thing to get out of bed so I said no.  It was finally time to put shoes on, so I had them get ready to go.  They were excited!  The class is only a half hour, so I didn't pack water for them.  Isaac was paying attention to another kid or something and missed the ball and didn't kick it.  The teacher asked him to do push ups.  Isaac did, but then came over to me since his teacher didn't tell him what to do next. 
  Isaac wanted water, then was clingy and didn't want to go back to the class for the last thing (saying goodbye.)  He just wanted water.  I think he would have been fine had he been hydrated and had he taken a nap!  Oh well, that was his first and last lesson. 
We signed Dylan up for 2 nights/week! 
Here is one of his uniforms:)

 Isaac doesn't mind being on the sidelines. 

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