Friday, August 5, 2011

4th of July 2011 (better late than never)

We had a relaxing day in our backyard.  The boys went canoeing on a raft. 
 Steven grilled hamburgers and corn.  It was his first attempt at doing hamburgers from scratch and they were delicious!
(Yes I cut the mullet off soon after this.)
We went to Gator's for dinner w/ Andre and Barbie, like the year before. 
Then we went to the beach!  We chose the north part of Upham and had front row seats to the beach's fireworks thanks to Darren taking his kids there all day (besides baby Ivy).  They were a bit pink, like the year before.
 Darren already had a big hole.  Andre and the boys dug a tunnel in it.

 I wasn't planning on going in the water, but everybody was doing it, and it was so hot that I did. 

 Then we ate the flag cake I made. 


 This was the place to be!  On one side we had nobody b/c we were the closest to the fireworks, then tons of people were behind us.

Yay for late hot summer nights with friends.

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