Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MY office baby shower (dinner and pool party)

I've lost count at how many office baby showers Dr. Brayer has thrown.  There are at least two babies born/year there, and I've been there 6 years! 
We played baby shower games.
You know the clothes pin game - you can't say the word 'Baby' or somebody will steal your pin.  Zach got his mom by asking if this was a birthday party.  While preparing the delicious food, she replied, "no, this is a baby shower."  Zach was sooo happy!  Zach also asked if his teeth were adult teeth.  I was onto him and told him they were his deciduous teeth:)  Sorry.  Steven had all sorts of questions for him to ask like if his baby cousin, Alyssa, was a big girl. 
We guessed how many jelly beans were in a baby bottle.  Poor Jason, Dr. Brayer's husband, had counted all 200+ of them.
Each person cut a piece of ribbon to the size they thought was the length of my belly's equator. 
Guess what - Steven was exactly correct! 
After delicious food (quite the spread), we had cake!
The kids really wanted to go in the pool, but because not everybody was going to swim, we opened presents first. 
Key word: WE.  The kids were all over me and the gifts.  Thank goodness Bevin was writing down the gifts for me.  And there were a LOT of gifts! Dr. Brayer got me a sit n stand stroller! I got a ton of other things, honestly. We made out!

Warm pool time!

Kaitlyn didn't want to go to me because she was worried it was a swimming lesson.  The other kids had fun though and Isaac and Lexi were even competitive racing back and forth to me and the wall.

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