Saturday, August 13, 2011

a real luau party!

Dylan and Isaac love back yard Hawaii parties, so they were so excited when they heard our church's party was going to be a Luau with a real roasted pig and real Hawaii dancers! 
 Isaac likes to make silly faces for the camera. 

 My young women put on the opening dance number for the party.  They invited some of the younger girls to join them.  Keia choreographed it and thankfully they didn't have me participate!

 Dylan took a front row seat for the entertainment and sat there the whole time.  The "Hawaii girls" did a lot of dances.  Dylan wanted there to be jungle men dancers too, but they just played the drums. 

 We will miss their last Gille uncle.  He's going away to school soon. 

 Maybe I should teach Dylan the real way to do the limbo.  But then again, at least he's having fun and is participating! 
 The boys played with the missionaries, Elder Moffet and Elder Parker before we left. 
It was a good turn out, and a fun part of our busy weekend.

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