Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busch Gardens

7/7/11 Paige has helped me with babysitting while Corrie has been on maternity leave.  Corrie didn't really want my kids over at her house for the first month with baby Ivy - and she'll have her mom here for my first month w/ our baby boy.  My friend Paige has taken my kids to do some fun things on days that I work!  They usually go swimming every day, if it's good weather.  They went to Busch Gardens one day because they all already have passes.  I told her to take a photo of the kids before she left in case one got lost - she'd have a photo of what they were wearing.
 I gave a lot of other protective-mother tips to her, poor thing.  She went with us to Disney and knows Dylan and Isaac, so I wasn't that worried, but then again I was.  I called on my breaks from work:)  They had fun, of course!  Okay, so most of my tips were to drink water and to take lots of photos! 

 They got to see the new Cheetah Hunt ride and saw the new cheetahs! 

Then all of a sudden it started pouring and they had to run back to the car and got soaking wet!  Paige changed them into their dry clothes, but the next day my car smelled like wet rags b/c the stroller was wet.  It's all better now, and they had fun.  I'm so happy that my kids are at the perfect ages for babysitters.  Paige has younger siblings, so she's great with them.

They also went to the zoo, but I must not have packed a camera for her.  It was her first time to any zoo!  can you imagine?

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