Friday, August 19, 2011

Church night at the Rays game

8/6/11 Our Saturday started out with me volunteering with a lot of other RDHs and studednts from PCDHA.  We gave free dental screenings and fluoride treatments at the Junior League's back to school care fair.  I'm not in this picture b/c I took it.  There's no need to try to fit in this big crowd. 
 Steven took the kids to the St. Pete Pier for some activities.  We met at the Moon Under Water for lunch before I went to a friend's baby shower.  April is due 2 days after my baby is due.  She's getting her girl. 
Then we all went to the Taco Bus for dinner.  I really like the food there and so do the kids! 
 We sat high up in the section that was reserved for members of our church.  There were over 300 tickets sold to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members.  Even the missionaried got to go. 
 Walking in, Isaac tripped and scraped his knee.  He of course took a picture of it.  (Don't worry, I can barely see it either.)
 Because it was so dificult to pay attention to the game from so far away, we took a long walk and waited in a long line to go pet the sting rays.  Both boys really got to touch them!

 They ran the bases at one of the main gates. 
 Then we went back to our seats for a while. 
 Sister Pittman took this and I stole it. 
My feet were swollen and my legs were tired after the long day, but it was well worth it:)

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