Sunday, August 21, 2011

it's a school night.

It's officially a school night. 
Dylan's 1st day of Kindergarten is tomorrow.

His lunch is packed.
His Spider man towel has his name on it.
His back pack is by the door.
He has new shoes and his clothes are laid out.
We've gone over the alphabet, counting, coloring in the lines, his name, my name, Daddy's name, our phone #, his teacher's name, his grade, how many siblings he has, that it's okay to answer questions even if he doesn't know the whole answer etc. 
I still hate it.

I wanted to ask how many days he's able to miss but Steven said not to ask that. 
I feel like I'm not in control.  He missed as many days as I wanted him to miss at his preschool, and he only went 2 days a week at most.  I could go in and stay, drop him off whenever, pick him up whenever, and it was good. 

He has been home all summer.  That felt right. 
I'll miss him of course, but it's more the fact that he'll be with a complete stranger more waking hours than he will be with me.  That's just dumb.  He's only 5.  If I were my mom, I'd home school him (and would be involved in a million activities/supplements with him and other friends).  Well there are a lot of factors involved it's not just that black and white.  I know Kindergarten teachers and know that they know what they're doing, but still.  I'm pretending, to Dylan, that this is the most exciting fun thrilling yet serious thing.

So it's a school night, so I better go to bed too. 

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