Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pass-A-Grille Beach - so relaxing

7/29/11 We hit our 7th beach (out of 10).  We went fairly early in the morning.  I took an umbrella and was wanting to just take it easy.  I had pretty much been in bed so we needed to get out of the house.  Pass-A-Grille is perfect for relaxing.  The parking lot is so close to this big cement sea wall area which has a restaurant, bathrooms, a shower, and this perfect bench where I sat.  And look at the shade from the palm trees!  I didn't need to put up the umbrella or wear my big floppy hat.  My lens fogged up for the first photo.
 Dylan and Isaac did their own thing while I sat and watched. 
 Dylan found lots of sea shells.
 Isaac found some too, but he threw them back. 

 Dylan collected them for me.  They now know what sand dollars look like when broken.
 My big belly and I couldn't have been more content that morning:)
 Then my friend Jolyn came w/ another friend and their kids.  We saw dolphins!  I love the beach.

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