Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Steven's new job is awesome! (His office baby shower post)

Steven has good friends at his new job already.  I guess it's not exactly new any more, but he's been there less than a year.  Jennifer and Sarah wanted to throw Steven a baby shower and made it on a day that I could be there.  Then they asked to make sure I was bringing Dylan and Isaac.  I wasn't planning on it, but OK why not!  How thoughtful!  Here we are in the break room with the hostesses. 
 Real quick, here's Steven's office.  I think I need to print some collages for his wall there, what do you think? 
 The room was all decorated!  There was lace on our table and it felt so fancy!  One friend even volunteered to take over the camera for me.  She took lots of photos for us!
 There was pizza, salad, drinks, chips - a feast!
 Here are some of the presents, they went all out, and it was a day when a lot of people work from home (it's a good job), so even thought there were a lot of people there, they apologized for a low turn out - whatever!
 Dylan and Isaac helped open the gifts. 
 Dylan and Isaac had signs they could hold up if it got too quiet.  Dylan's said "Oooh" and Isaac's said "Ahh." 

 I have to say that one of the most thoughtful gifts was not one, but TWO home made flans!  Vanessa's flan is the best Steven or I have ever had.  She knew it was my birthday the next day, so she made it for my birthday too!  She also gave us a big box of diapers.  Wow.

 Isaac wasn't holding his sign, and Steven thought our high chair deserved some extra crowd participation:)
 Apparently it's a tradition to make baby bonnets out of the bows and ribbons.  We participated like good parents-to-be:)
 Look at the huge cake!  It was actually made out of pull apart cupcakes!  Yummy and messy.

 The party planners thought of everything, they had twistable crayons and brand new coloring books for Dylan and Isaac to keep!  What a perfect idea.  They still color them and LOVE their own new coloring books. 
All of the people at Steven's office are so generous.  We're ready for our baby now!!

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