Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear Isaac,

You're 3 and a half years old! 

Here's a story from your Great Grandma Rebeck July 26th:
Another happy moment with GGrandchildren - Isaac was in Sacrament with us. The speaker began with I want to be more friendly...but...I want to come to church more regularly...but....Isaac began to giggle...she continued...I want to pay a full tithing ....but....he giggled a little louder....when asked why he was laughing, he said she said "but". Vicki tried to explain the word did not mean "his but"....but then the speaker said "We need to get off our butts and do the things we should....and Isaac dissolved into laughter, Vicki tried to muffle him but holding him up to her shoulder. We will never forget that talk.
It should also let us know even though they hear, the understand differently.
Sometimes you talk baby talk to be sweet.  You speak normal words, but use a baby voice.  I don't really like it, but I know you're being cute and sweet and cuddly. 
You call the baby in my tummy "our baby" instead of it being mine. 
You want us to name him "Tiger" and will settle for that being his middle name.  (sorry in advance.)
You like to sleep on your tummy - sometimes with a blanket and/or pillows under you.
You help yourself to yogurts, granola bars, fruit snacks, and fruit. 
You don't like cereal but do like oatmeal. 
You can swim across the pool (taking breaths) and I bet you could pass a 25 meter swim test now! 
You love to play a preschool game, ABCmouse, on the computer.  It has puzzles, games, a fish tank, "magic traceables," a virtual zoo, a classroom, books, your own room, a store, and all sorts of things.  You navigate it like a pro for hours and teach Dylan how to "click the blinking Icon" when he takes a turn. 
You have read some preschool books to me.
I don't really know what to do with your hair. 
You know most of the Articles of Faith.
You're a messy eater- always on your hands and mouth.
You play well with your big brother. 
You like to color.
You like to sleep on your tummy.
At bedtime, you ask Daddy to give you 500 kisses then you both laugh until he stops.
In the morning you remind me what I said yesterday that we could do tomorrow, which is today.  You're figuring out those words and have a good memory.  (Although sometimes you make up things that we said you could do and I have to think about it.)
You don't always say the "S" sound if it's the beginning of a word, like playing "I Spy" in the car - you sometimes say "I pie" until you repeat after me "I ssssssss-pie."  Then you get the hang of it.  When you say that you "scared" somebody by leaving a rubber snake in their room, I worry you're saying you "killed" somebody because of your odd accent in saying " 'cared" instead of "ssssss-'cared."  You're good with repeating after me though.
You know how to make me happy and sometimes choose to do so.
You can be a handful if you don't get a nap and are still stubborn when you want to be.  The other evening you sat with some veggie in your mouth for SUCH a long time because you didn't want to eat it.  You wore Daddy out who had to sit with you in time out at my mom's house.  
You like to play at nap time, but do nap if I put you in there later, sometimes.
You like to color some, but took the crayon to bed with you the other day, and instead of napping, you colored on your bed!  You haven't done that before, but I think you're a little old for that.  The next day, you took photos of it and of other random things in your room. 
Then I made you clean it all up by yourself with a magic eraser. 
Luckily it worked, and luckily you're the cutest little baby 3 yr old right now. 
 I love your little feet, always have.
 It was hard work.  I made you do it all even though it would have been easier for me to do it. 
  I love you so much little Isaac!

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Kat Gille said...

What a handsome, silly, cute-footed little boy! And I'm very glad that you made him clean up his own crayon mess. Also, this was on a different post, but I'm excited that you're getting ceiling lights and fans! So nice!