Monday, August 22, 2011

Dylan's 1st day of Kindergarten

 I woke up to hearing Dylan being excited and asking what else he needs to take in his back pack. I didn't really want to get out of bed. Did he really have to leave? He sounded so excited though.
We took the front door pictures.
I kissed his hands like in "The Kissing Hand" book.  We had made hand prints then I put heart stickers on them.  He had put the cardboard in his backpack the day before - that made me smile.

 He really was excited and didn't want us to be late. 
 We got in Steven's car so he could go right to work afterwards.  We got there early and had to wait for them to open the front doors.  
 It was a bit chaotic.  The principal told us they would open the doors in 2 minutes but in 2 seconds, the doors opened and people were flooding in. 
 We had Dylan show us where his room was to see if he could do it by himself.  He passed his class the first time so we had him look for his name.  Isaac actually pointed it out to Dylan. 
 He's so cute. 
 Ms. Wilson had 4 stations set up at the tables.  The kids could choose if they wanted to look at books, do puzzles, play with play dough, or color.  Dylan got to color because we were early enough that he got to choose. 
 He drew a picture of himself and of Isaac then wrote his name on the back.  Steven kissed him good bye and told me not to stay too long.  I lingered a little.
 But no other parents were in there, so Isaac and I left.  Here's a picture of his teacher standing across from my little Dylan.  See Dylan's back of his head? 
 I walked to the office to get Dylan's student number and any other information I might need - apparently not.  I have heard about other schools having a "Boo hoo breakfast" for moms of kindergartners, but Dylan's school just had "R' Club" sign up going on in there.  I wish I knew another kindergartner mom who had a kid in Dylan's school.  I feel so out of control. 
 Isaac and I walked back home.  Yes I was a little sad that Dylan is starting his 13 years of school already.  I kind of want a video monitor in his class.  Is that too over protective?  I just want to make sure he's not getting looked over and I want to know how to supplement at home. 
 So Isaac really is my little shadow today.  He's used to playing with his big brother.  He already pretended to call Dylan, Malia, Daddy, and Noah on his pretend phone.  We have read lots of books.  He is sitting on my lap while we go through which pictures to include in this post.  We did a puzzle a couple of times and cleaned out the car.  I can't wait until we start Joy School.  That will be two days of structure for us.  I can't wait to go get Dylan!  We were going to go in the pool after our walk home since he is on the playground for his last part of school but there are dark clouds coming.  I can't wait to find out how his first day went!!


Shannon said...

OMGoodness, you tugged at my heart. This is beautiful, Tiffany. What an amazing gift you are giving to Dylan and Isaac... and soon baby boy.

Love you so much,

betsey said...

This is so tender, Tiffany! I can't believe he is in kindergarten! I love how you are so good at chronicling everything. you are inspiring me to be better! I miss you and wish I lived right next door!


Rachel said...

Tiff, you have such a cute blog. I love all your pictures. Looking through your pictures made me excited for when my twins get older.
I know Dylan is going to do well in Kindergarden. He is a good kid.