Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

7/21/11 I've already posted about the boring details of my birthday, but here are the photos. 
I woke up to opening my 2008 blog books from Kat and Steven!  I'll spare you the photos of me blowing my nose and of me smiling sleepily w/ my big swollen face holding up the books.  But I WAS/AM happy!

 I went to work, yady yady ya, then went to dinner, with tired sick eyes, but that's ok b/c my mom and Don got me another blog book!!  2009 vol 1!


 Back at our home, Steven had gotten me a chocolatey cake.  Dr. Brayer had gotten me the round one earlier that day, and we got the flan and cupcakes the day before at Steven's office baby shower.  (And I'm wondering how I got sick???!)

 The kids were crazy.  Malia and Noah hadn't been over in forever, and you saw how much sugar they had after being cooped up in a restaraunt for too long!  I thought my headache was from the crazy noisy kids! 
It was a fun birthday:) 

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Kat Gille said...

Yay for lots of blog posts! :)

And yay for lots of sweet treats for your birthday! Funny, they didn't look that big until the second picture, when they're taking up the whole center of the table!

I like your baby belly! Someday when I'm pregnant, can I borrow your wardrobe? :P

Happy birthday, sister!

(And P.S. The blogbooks were totally all from Steven. I just did the online ordering part. And he was SO excited to give them to you. I'm glad he took good pictures!)