Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Look Mom, there's a lake in our back yard!"

8/17/11 It was raining.  It was pouring.  There was lightning.  There was thunder.  There was a lake in our street and the water went way up onto the grass.  The boys would jump and point when a big car would go by with it's big waves and lingering wake.  In our back yard, it looked like a lake!  I don't remember ever seeing that much standing water back there.  When the sun came out, it was still there, so I took the kids outside.  We painted hand prints and I put hearts in the middle of them and we talked about The Kissing Hand book.  We did sidewalk chalk on the wet cement.  I think that might have been a first for them. 

 They finally ventured out to the lake to wash their hands.  (Little did they know, they would end up with anything but clean hands . . .)

 I love this jungle boy look. 

 Dylan wants pictures too, but he's too cool to just smile or laugh.  He wants to show off his tough jungle man side. 
 A beetle!

 Dylan: "Should I jump from up here mom?"
Me: not paying attention just look up with my camera
Dylan: [jump, splash, yuck, regret] 
 Me: "You jumped from way up there?! wow."

 Dylan: "Can we please go in the pool NOW?"
Me: "No way, look how dirty you are."
Dylan: "You can hose us off."

 Then they raced across the pool this way and that.  Isaac can win if he doesn't take a breath.  Length wise, they both "cheat" by jumping the gun.  

  I love that they play so well together and are my dirty little boys.
(We did this instead of going to lunch w/ Steven.  It wouldn't have been smart to attempt driving on our flooded road/stream.  Later, Steven and I ate at the Lobster Pot then got some Rita's Italian Ice to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.  Steven also got us all tickets to see Les Miserables next February.  The tickets went on sale that day at noon.  He also got me a box of William Dean chocolates!)


Heather K said...

I love these classic boy! Esp. the beetle one, great shot :)

Silly Gille's said...

You captured a great moment once again! Wish I had your skills. Looks like a lot of boy fun!

That's crazy y'all are getting so much rain. We can't get an inch. We are not water rationing our lawns because the drought is so bad. CRAZY!