Friday, December 31, 2010

ChristmasEveChristmasMorningChristmasDay (it runs together)

We went to Harloff and Bessie's for dinner - home made with ropa vieja and seasoned avocados and home made flan etc. 
 Lots of pictures!
 fighting with Uncle Brent (who loved it)
 Gift time!  Coby liked his mix match superhero book that I FINALLY took away from my kids to wrap up for him.  They loved it too. 
 Isn't little Eddison's face so cute!!
 Gabrielle passed out the gifts as always.
 Hm, Dylan got gardening gloves from the looks of this picture.  We haven't seen them since.  But he has been wearing his Spiderman PJs!
 Isaac asked before each gift if it was ok for him to open it. 
 Let the Cowboy wars begin! 

 The cousins play so well together now.  they're playing hide-and-go-seek.
 Then we went home to read the Christmas story from Luke, bake some cookies, and set them out for Santa.  We think Santa gets enough milk, so we have him OJ at our house. 
 Then Christmas morning, the kids came down in their matching Christmas PJs! 
 Dylan exclaimed: Just like on TV - Santa ate some but left some! 
 When opening his stocking, Dylan said "A BANANA!  AGAIN?!  . . . A TOOTHBRUSH?!  AGAIN?!" 
  Steven organized the game/wrapping paper closet for me! 

 Hand painted chocolates from Santa to me!
 Isaac's apple
 army guys and the water toss/catch game from Uncle Matt and Aunt Hollie and baby-to-be. 

 Slinky, Slinky, it's fun for a boy or a girl.  Steven got it to go all the way down the stairs!
 I hadn't seen Noah yet, so we popped in over there ininvited.  He's doing well ordering his mommy around. 
 Darren had a good christmas:) 
 Isaac cleared an area to try out some break dance moves in his new breakdance outfit. 
 Then we went over to my mom's. 
 Again, Isaac asked if he could open his presents before each one. 
 Kat texted her boyfriend. 
 Then she finally opened her gift.  (remember those livingroom snow angels?) 
 It's a canvas stretched over a 16x16" frame.  And I got her those crocs shoes b/c she doesn't have any flip flops (can you imagine?)
 JT got our family a breakdance how to DVD.  it's on the way, so he showed us the order page. 
 My mom is showing off her new shoes and ear rings while we scarf down the blueberry pancakes she made. 
So that was a fun day!

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betsey said...

Matt and Hollie are expecting? So exciting!

Looks like the perfect Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning/ Christmas Day! Hope you are having a Happy New Year as well!